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  1. All of the issues mentioned above can hold true. One that I am surprised anyone has mentioned are companies that have simple WAP or unsecure networks set-up. The risks to a company can include criminals stealing your financial data, customer data or worse healthcare information on your clients. For example, I was doing an audit not too long ago for a doctor’s office and was surprised they were running a WAP enabled wifi network. The days of HIPPA or SOX compliance and not having to provide notice that your networks have been breached are over. The costs associated with a network breach can be very costly.
  2. Also the memory you purchased could be bad or incompatible with your system. It's fairly common for memory to fail and throw a blue screen. If you have access to another machine that takes similar memory I would check to see if you have the same issue.
  3. Kevin mitnick / and thanks to the FOIA a FBI manual on gathering intel has been released Which may be what you are looking for. ** Warning: The Digital Dog Pound, nor I am responsible if you use this information in a criminal manner. If you are not sure what the laws are, you really should NOT use the techniques until referencing a manual such as or Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Joe
  4. Jfalcon & Beave - since it's public information now. You can contact AT&T's fraud/ telecom harassment guy. Louis Carpenter PPS. Since its past my 1 year mark when he initially gave me his business card, and the fact that he was crazy enough to commit illegal interrogation techniques and have my previous manager countersign a written report which is illegal in terms of Human Resources Law practices. Also- he really needs quality productive work, rather than chasing honest employees such as ME that brought the company their largest wireless deal in 5 states, over 500% of the quota for the 5+ member team I managed and helped to developed. Louis Carpenter PPS Telephone Harassment/Fraud Investigator +1.847.248.2418 AT&T Inc. 2000 W Att Center Dr Hoffman Estates, IL 60192-5005 USA
  5. It comes down to IT departments and Chief Information Officers being overburdened with staff-cuts; simply many of these organizations and people have a hard time just keeping systems up and operational. I'll give you an example; a recent undisclosed telecommunications provider I worked at - wanted me to personally release my mainframe password to a Vice President Administrative assistant at the company. Umm Excuse me A) I don't know you from eve with my password and username you can access all systems across the organization and company C) why would you think I am being a little paranoid? Hmm. I even copied the companies IT security policy verbatim and sent a STRONG message back to this individual. And received a kind response back: 'Well I am the individual that set's up password, ect.' (Hmm... well if that is the case, why don't you just reset my password?? Oh wait that goes back to the fact that I brought up earlier - you have not been properly trained by any of your bosses to protect sensitive information or are indifferent and the sad ironic truth is you are one of the many Vice Presidents that directly result in security and data leaks).
  6. Very good point Stankdawg; since I have known many of the members of this cooperative effort between the Federal Bureau of Investigation, government, and the private sector… and there fundamental mission to protect the nations critical infrastructure. Overall despite the commentary on the forums many of their events are open to civilians that can demonstrate that they have a need to know. In order to become a official member and gain the benefits of receiving early warnings, collaborate with a number of officials from the department of homeland security, department of defense, fbi, telecommunications providers, et al. You must undergo a security clearance check by the fbi, and must demonstrate that you can protect classified documents. Also, I would have to second the warning not to mention these forums or other 'H' sites you may participate on, until you have had time to establish a mutual respect level and trust level that you feel comfortable with. I am sure Stankdawg and many of the moderators here can attest to the attention our group has gained in the past and even suffered from, because individuals that were members had posted information publically that honestly they shouldn't have. I will not mention specifically what information, but recently some members are being prosecuted for using 'Da__'s, and injuring a number of people in the process. I am sure I speak for the entire community, that we do NOT need another incident and people being slapped by the long arm of the law, simply because a young child or adult finds information that shouldn't be disclosed as is (proprietary information). With that said, I find it funny how people tend to make and draw conclusions on organizations they do not fully understand. For example, I have had people come up to me, and make all kinds of silly and funny off the wall comments about some of the fraternity's/fratoritys that I am a member of. I generally have to take a step back and really question and think "did he/she really just say that we are some sort of conspiracy organization"... With this new ‘age of government transparency’ that the president has taken upon himself to establish, perhaps many of the skeptics will be put at bay. BUT please understand that some INFORMATION for the safety of the country and world needs to be kept classified or secret. This is no different than your rights as an employee to not have your salary information disclosed, be reasonable protected at work, ect. Here are three letters that should hopefully help you out from the CISSP exam CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability)
  7. Ah, irongeek I wasn't sure if you were referring to that article or wikipedia in general. Seriously I want to cry every time I get professional report by a graduate student or corporate executive that actively references Wikipedia. I was at a well known library the other day, and loved the fact that I could pick up a book from the early 1900's - yet the sad fact was the entire library was on the computers. Sorry I just do not get it, when did a library turn into a cyber cafe and are we training the next generation of student's to believe everything they read online or in newspapers?
  8. The whole “shoot to kill” article was probably some member intoxicated at a bar that likely bumped into a reporter or it’s just some sensational new reporter clamoring for attention. One media report out of several hundred should NOT constitute facts. The fact that one person believes that he has the right to 'shoot to kill' is an outright LIE, and infragard has even put out an official press release to address this.
  9. :
  10. You can find a hosting company that will allow you to backup, chances are your not going to be able to upload 40 gig's (storage costs money). I've heard of many people including myself backing up to Dreamhost via rsync. However, they have since changed their policies to prohibit this activity.
  11. It appears as though the hardware tests ran slower on the Hackintosh's (which were more powerful) than genuine Mac's.
  12. Is crazy mark back from the pla day's going to be there :ranaway: or did he totally leave the scene?
  13. I bid 4.25
  14. Sprint PCS CELL TOWER LOCATOR: For all you sprint users you can find out your nearest cell tower, including pictures!! (NOTE: you will need to register first be for you can access the site, but they don't veryify any of the information other than the email address you have to use must be valid).
  15. whitesword ** loved the rock music today** you should put a single out