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  1. Geting the albums is easy, just find a picture that is on a myspace or some website, copy the link location and take out the last url of the image name. That's how I do it, so In know where all the pictures are but I still need the name, bu in some cases the pictures are IMG00001, and the chances are that there will be a picture that is IMG00002, and normally there is, but I know there are other pictures with differen't names. And the seacrh box on photobucket only works if the persons account isn't passworded.
  2. I have Ubuntu but I'm having a hard time getting it installed on here and the live cd doesn't work.
  3. you could just use cURL or wget to get the whole series of images ex: curl -LO[001-999].jpg Could you give me a more indepth explenation of that and how to use that with photobucket profiles?
  4. I did try google but I'm not exactly sure what to be searching for although I did try several links of peoples photobuckets, but I never got anything.
  5. I'm not wondering how to hack into Photobucket, I'm wondering how to look at peoples pictures without logging in, the only way that I could figure out was to just guess as to what their pictures name is at the end of their url, so something like IMG0001 would be a picture, so I would just change it to IMG0002 and so on, but that gets annoying and takes a long time, I was wondering if there was an easier way of looking at peoples pictures without guessing the URL every time. Any ideas?