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Status Updates posted by lattera

  1. IRC's back up.

  2. IRC is currently down. We're looking into it.

    1. StankDawg


      IRC is back up @ ! Just a little hardware problem, nothing major.

  3. would like to congrat the Stankiest Dawg ever.

  4. it was. I just brought it back up. Sorry for the extended downtime... I was on my honeymoon.

  5. just bought a T-Mobile G2.

  6. is wondering when the TSA became a terrorist-fighting organization.

  7. is getting back into the groove, expect some forum posts from me soon.

  8. has lost in four days half the weight he gained in three years due to being sick.

  9. is debating writing an ebook on runtime process infection and self-publishing it on Amazon.

  10. is prepping a vuln-dev lab.

  11. "Roses are red, violets are blue, if I go to jail, so will you."

  12. admits to having written ugly code today.

    1. unity


      tell me about it. the company I work for still writes code in Visual Foxpro

  13. is working on libhijack.

  14. is figuring out how to segregate his employer's network.

  15. is hoping to get a full IllumOS solution in the works tonight.

  16. loves having Froyo on his Droid X.

  17. wants to name his first kid "Ulysses S Grant, 18th President of the United States."

    1. Seal


      What would be her middle name?

    2. lattera


      His middle name would have to have a silent number in it.

  18. just released BinRev Radio Remix Episode 2!

  19. is preparing the next episode of BinRev Radio Remix

  20. is chilling at the airport, waiting for his flight to Defcon

  21. is stoked for Defcon.

  22. is enjoying his newly-rooted Droid X.