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  1. And there are plenty of ways to prevent packet capture utilities and libraries from ever seeing your inbound and outbound packets.
  2. Way freaking cool. That's a way nice find. I'm gonna try it this weekend on an OpenSolaris host with VirtualBox 3.1.4.
  3. You mentioned it's a Time Warner email account. Have you tried calling Time Warner or contacting their support online?
  4. not really the apple machines are usually horrible i mean for $2000 you can get a quadcore i7 laptop or you can get the apple dualcore one. i mean your only paying like $500 for macosx on that deal. + i wasnt even tlaking about their computers i was talking about their phones iphone, iphone 3g, iphone 3gs, considering all of them are slower than the first 3g (kaiser), and thats in the special $829 ipad or w.e. for that price could get a snapdragon and have like 17mbps on a totally overpriced unlocked phone. the only nice thing is alot of storage and it probably has the majority of the system ram for video which is probably why a majority of the applications are useless guis, like being able to shake the iphone and have it google restaurants in your area using the gps. they probably dont want programs in the background because it would probably be pretty obviously slower if you ran any "intensive" program I used to own an iPhone 3G. I loved it and still do. It's a great, solid product. By the way, why is it that when I reply to you, I always mention how horrible your grammar is? Also, please don't criticize products you obviously know nothing about.
  5. I'm glad to see technology progressing in this field. Tablets have long been a niche market. Apple will hopefully open up the tablet market as they have done with the media player market. That said, I'd be tempted to buy one if it could run third-party apps in the background. It'd be really nice to have Pandora in the background while reading an ebook. If I ever get a tablet, it'll probably be running Android. Before anyone starts trying to explain to me that the reason why Apple doesn't allow third-party apps to go into the background is because of battery life, let me explain why that argument is silly. Who would buy Apple products and not be near any type of power source at least once per day? The power source could be: computer, wall outlet, or car. I highly doubt there is a single person in today's society that would buy an iPad and not be near a power source at least once per day. Yes, it can be annoying to have to plug in your electronic device; but it's completely doable. The argument of backgrounding apps draining the battery is moot.
  6. Locking this thread for a few reasons: We don't participate in illegal activities We're not here to do your work for you. Asking questions like "is it possible..." are not the type of questions that should be asked. There is not a system known to man that is 100% secure against all attacks. Do your own research, then ask "I notice when I do this, something happens. I think I might be missing a piece of the puzzle, can anyone point me in the right direction?" Hacking is learning. Hacking isn't stealing from your local cable provider.
  7. We now have stats! Here is the stats page. Next feature will be an official quotes engine.
  8. Hoping to put this pointless banter to rest, I would like to point out that you are arguing "slightly tangential points" as well. I think we should be focusing on bettering the community by sharing our knowledge, not arguing over stupid points that are correct in your eyes and incorrect in other's. To reiterate what I said in my previous post: whatever your definition of "reverse engineering" is, if learning it meets your goal, then by all means do it.
  9. To answer the original poster's question (whether learning to reverse engineer is a waste of time) in a generic way: learning is never a waste of time. It depends on what your end goal is. If your end goal is to create a competing product that is cross-compatible with the reversed program or protocol, then reversing probably won't be a waste of time. If your goal is to simply learn how the technology works, then reversing is definitely not a waste of time. If your goal is unrelated to reversing, then it is a waste of time. Learning different things will keep you balanced and will add to your current toolset. Knowledge is power. Do what makes sense.
  10. I wonder what will happen to Android in China.
  11. That's actually not true at all. The feds will not come after you for anything less than $250,000 USD in damages. I know this very, very quite well from experience on both the defensive side and the offensive side. Also, you're not going to get thrown in jail for dialing a certain number. Thinking that is not only ridiculous, but also paranoid.
  12. It depends on what country you live in at who you're targeting. In the USA, for example, authorities (both local and federal) aren't going to even think about prosecuting if there isn't at least $250,000 lost. Never target large corporations with money in their pockets, the government, or companies that have ties to the government. But that's only if you're going after live targets. I would suggest running VMWare workstation and setting up different real-world scenarios with multiple virtual machines. Running your own vuln-dev lab is 100% legal and worry-free. You just have to have a computer that can run all the VMs at the same time.
  13. Might be you're firewalled out. Send me a message with your IP. We've been having issues with the firewall illegitimately blocking peeps.
  14. Is it spam day today?
  15. We don't do that kind of thing here.
  16. Locking thread. We don't publicly discuss illegally cracking proprietary software.
  17. I have no experience with the Intel Core i7. However, I've been using AMD Phenom and AMD Phenom II for well over a year and I love it. It's been great. I'd only go Intel if I were building a Hackintosh. AMD does have a history of running a bit warmer, though.
  18. SSL is now enabled on port 6697 of Come join us!
  19. My guess is spam. Notice the user registration and thread post dates.
  20. Why do you need Solaris 8?
  21. I haven't the slightest idea what compiler you're using, but if you're using gcc, pass in "-fstack-protector" as an argument.
  22. Hmm.. *snoops around source code* Looks pretty neat! Here, I added a configure-script to libhijack libhijack-0.3.tar_.gz I hope that didn't break anything. You can now .. ./configure make make install .. in the distribution root directory Way freaking cool, dude. Thanks a lot. I've been using pmake, simply because it's all I know and have focused more on the code than the Makefile. I'll take a look at your additions tonight and might release 0.3.1 this week with that. Thanks again.
  23. Pretty satisified. There's still tons more work to do, but it does all it's originally designed to do. It's public, you can find it on my site (Retoros, linked to in my sig).
  24. In the fifteen minutes of spare time I manage to scrap up every week, I work on my tool that makes runtime process infection easy.
  25. I'm actually really excited for ChromeOS. Google is working heavily on its Google Apps to compete with Microsoft's Office suite. Using ChromeOS and Google Apps will allow me to write papers, do homework, etc. without worrying about where I stored the latest copy (thumb drive, file server at home, desktop at home, laptop, etc.). With Google Wave, I'll be able to coordinate easily on group projects. ChromeOS and Google Apps will completely fit my school life. I don't think dismissing an operating system (or, in this case, a linux distro) simply because it's owned by Google is valid. ChromeOS isn't targeted for the average programmer/hacker. It's currently targeted for students and on-the-go people. Not being able to program on it isn't an issue when you understand who ChromeOS's target audience is. Google is trying to make the point that the browser is the OS these days and we shouldn't need to write any more desktop apps. We should be focusing on the web. Thinking as a regular consumer rather than a geek, I would completely agree with Google. Thinking as a geek, I'd rather castrate myself without anesthetic than be forced to write web apps. Disincurge, ChromeOS as well as Android can run Linux apps. All arguments you give are nullified by the fact that they aren't valid. If you were to read the documentation (and maybe your ability to understand what you read is similar to your ability to write coherent sentences), you would know that ChromeOS allows local storage. The Chrome browser does cache. It also is HTML5-compliant, which means web apps can store data in a database on the client's computer. Chrome also supports Gears, which allows offline caching of data (so you can read email, news, etc. when not online). For the benefit of the community, please do your research and, while you're at it, research grammar and punctuation.