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  1. just released BinRev Radio Remix Episode 2!

  2. Version


    Live show from Defcon, including important announcements regarding the future of BinRev and its awesome community. Show notes were lost due to a stupid problem with Lattera's mouse in OSX. Show notes will appear later on. We said during the show we would write in the show notes who won oCTF. Vand won and received a few great prizes. I (lattera) will be detailing the announcement in an official document to be posted in the forums.
  3. is preparing the next episode of BinRev Radio Remix

  4. I would do a forensic backup. Copy the disk byte-for-byte. All formatting does is set up the inode table structure. The actual data should be intact for the most part. Some of the data might be overwritten. But there's actually a good chance of getting bigger chunks of data back if you wanna spend time with a hex editor and data recovery tools.
  5. These are the talks I'm going to. Let me know if any of you wanna meet up.
  6. is chilling at the airport, waiting for his flight to Defcon

  7. is stoked for Defcon.

  8. Life is about the enjoyment of fixing mistakes we've made. Looks like you've made a couple mistakes and are looking to move forward. Welcome back to BinRev, dude. We're happy to have you here.
  9. is enjoying his newly-rooted Droid X.

  10. I agree with what zandi said previously. Granted, I haven't read all the slides. But from the twenty-four slides I have read, it looks like it's just diving into the psychology of hackers. It describes who we are (or could be), a history of hacking, and our motives from a criminal investigation point-of-view. I don't think it's trying to profile hackers in a manner similar to what we call "racial profiling." I haven't read the whole PDF, so maybe I'm wrong.
  11. That's pretty tight. Can you set a password on that VNC server? It'd be even more useful if you got it running as non-root.
  12. gives props to @seabass

  13. I'll be there Wednesday - Monday as well. I'll probably be attending a few talks, but other than that I'll be free.
  14. is gearing up for some massive pwnage.

  15. Where I work, OpenSource is creating work for us. I just finished setting up and installing a brand new OpenSolaris server to use as a NAS. We're now using jQuery in our web app and it's taking us a while to convert the IE-only javascript to jQuery. We're switching from a proprietary PDF generation library to an opensource PDF generation library. For us, opensource is creating jobs/work rather than taking them away.
  16. would like to have a moment of silence for NinjaVideo.

  17. is enjoying the final build of Froyo on his Nexus One

  18. We do not discuss these types of things here. Please read the rules.
  19. is pwning the Internets, one tube at a time.

  20. is chillin like a villain

  21. Nice show. i really like it. Good job and keep it coming.
  22. If you pay attention to the notice at the top of every single page you load on this site, you'll read the following: "Forums upgraded: The forums were upgraded on 06/23/2010 with many new features so check them out and report any problems to the moderating team. You can now easily post our content to your twitter account, facebook,, or any number of other places. Spread the joy that is BinRev! NOTE: Most problems are related to the custom skin! Switch to the default skin and you should be fine until we get the skin updated." Please be patient as we work with those involved to resolve any outstanding bugs. If the bugs continue to bother you, you can do as the notice suggests and switch to the default skin.
  23. File Name: BinRev Radio Remix - 001 File Submitter: lattera File Submitted: 16 Jun 2010 File Category: Binary Revolution Radio Remix Original Release Date: 16 Jun 2010 Hosts: Lattera, Zandi Show Notes: Introductions Show Overview Scheduling/next show information News - Google Wardriving - Hackers Wanted Documentary Leak - A new type of phishing attack - Froyo and Google TV Interview with PurpleJesus - How he got into and out of phreaking - Current research Interview with Livinded - Preparing for the administration of oCTF Goodbyes and reminders Click here to download this file
  24. just installed CyanogenMod 5.0.8 on his Nexus One and loves it.

  25. Thanks to Aghaster, I'm a big Solaris/Opensolaris fan. I love how powerful zones are, especially when combined with crossbow. In fact, my site,, is running in a non-global zone. I think your setup is a bit complex. Zones make isolating services easy and secure. However, there is such a thing as too much. Administrating all those zones would be cumbersome. Keeping each up-to-date would be next to impossible. (well, okay, it'd go something like this in the global zone: zoneadm detach zoneName1...N && pkg image-update && reboot -f && zoneadm attach -u zoneName1...N).