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  1. Distributing live malware could be viewed as unethical and illegal and is not permitted by BinRev.
  2. I'll be getting in on the 3rd and leaving the 8th. I'm speaking on the 5th at 3pm about Runtime Process Infection, the talk is called Runtime Process Insemination. On twitter, I'm @lattera. My Google+ profile can be found at
  3. IRC's back up.

  4. IRC is currently down. We're looking into it.

    1. StankDawg


      IRC is back up @ ! Just a little hardware problem, nothing major.

  5. what is it that you're trying to find? Im willing to bet no one is going to give up their password for their msdn account I need a Admin MSDN account. I will buy if need be. Thanks. Thread closed and account banned due to illegal activity and requests thereof.
  6. We don't do that here.
  7. would like to congrat the Stankiest Dawg ever.

  8. Virtualization is great for developers. It allows us to test different scenarios, keep organized, and maintain a safe and sane environment. I only develop inside VMs. I hate cluttering my main OS install with non-production-ready code, especially if I'm dealing with touchy things like the kernel. Virtualization in the enterprise allows for server consolidation, cloud hosting, failsafes, etc. I use virtualization heavily at work. I use multiple computers and multiple VMs on each computer for a vuln-dev lab. If virtualization wasn't an option, My employer would have to provide me with over ten servers if virtualization technology didn't exist. However, virtualization isn't the end-all-be-all solution. Sometimes you need to test your project on real hardware or in real-life situations. As with all decisions, evaluate your needs and see if virtualization is a good option.
  9. I tend to use the OS that fits the job best. On my laptop, I run OSX. On my workstation at work, I use Solaris 11 Express. On my vuln-dev lab, I use a mixture of Linux, Windows, and Solaris. I'm more biased towards Solaris because of ZFS, Dtrace, Xen, and Crossbow.
  10. Is FAT32 your only option? Seems like NTFS is the way to go these days. My biggest gripe about FAT32 is that you can't store files bigger than 2GB.
  11. Hacking is very much alive. Take a look at full-disclosure. Take a look at the industry. I would be considered a whitehat hacker--I get paid to hack (legally, of course). I think you just need to know the scene. The scene is much broader these days, encompassing groups of script-kiddies who somehow get their hands on 0days to very talented individuals. You'll find varying degrees of expertise and maturity in all hacking communities. It's definitely hard to pinpoint a definition of hacking. Is it merely finding vulnerabilities and writing exploits? Is it using developed exploits against others for profit or fame? Is it limited to the digital world? I'll leave the definition up to you; but suffice it to say that whatever hacking is, it isn't dead.
  12. it was. I just brought it back up. Sorry for the extended downtime... I was on my honeymoon.

  13. just bought a T-Mobile G2.

  14. We don't permit illegal activities in this community.
  15. You've mistaken us for the wrong type of people. We don't do that here.