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  1. You will have to reset (button on back)
  2. What kind of router <i.e.> DLink,lynksys, iptables? You say you can't access the router settings? What happends ? does the page timeout 404 error? little more info plz.
  3. Take a look aty these and take your pick. http://www.roseindia.net/linux/linux-iso.shtml I would suggest burning a LIVECD of your choice and try it out before you download the full OS. good luck --zer0dB
  4. It is to keep moisture out. Sometimes called ickypick.
  5. Make/Model/Year of vehicle?
  6. The only thing i can think at this poiint is to take it out of the registry. You will also have to find the file that is being executed. Check under regedit: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run This is where you find things that run at boot also: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run Delete anything that looks suspicious but be careful. Make sure you only delete things in those two directories. I suspect you have multiple virii and you antivirus program was disable by one of the virii. I myself spent 4 hrs trying to get one stubborn virus off a friend box. She only had 40 virii/trojans. eth0enigma is correct you may have to do this manually in safemode
  7. try spybot
  8. 813

    http://411.binrevmeetings.com has all the info
  9. Im not so sure that you will find a definitive answer on the web. I f I was to answer the question I would say BOTH & NONE . The windows environment is better in some places that *nix is not; and *nix environment is better in some places that windows lacks. I wouldn't be quick to say one is better than the other. For example not many gamers choose *nix to play there games on( atleast for right now). I think the major problem facing Windows is the price. I know of no where that you can beat FREE. Vendors do a pretty good job of putting out software for windows that help a lot of people in there daily lives. On the flip side if you want an OS that can perform the best from a networking point of view on a limited budget, then Linux would be the thing to do. Open source == Free (as long as you can find it or make it). Networking tools are readily available such as sshd, webserver, DNS, ect... Some are afraid to use Linux because you have to learn alot of things all over again or there jobs don't require it. Yes, the learning curb is steep but it is not hard just different. I would suggest you install Linux (any distro) and see how you like it. There are many to choose from. Try, Ask, Learn and Live. We all started somewhere. I use both and they both hold a place in my life. So, I wouldn't so much compare the two becuse they are apples and oranges; They are fruit however they taste different. Good Luck
  10. absolutely...
  11. try as root : tail -f /var/log/syslog or cat /var/log/syslog tail -f /var/log/messages or cat /var/log/messages **Note if you 'cat' the file the logs maybe very long use editor to view it. dmesg Check all of these you may find something.
  12. Hmmmm, The only thing I can think of, I had a situation with my laptop freezing turned out to be battery not connecting properly. Do you have anything running at the time it locksup? Is it the same program each time? How long before it happends? Is it the same time each time? Does the laptop go into hibernation or screensaver? and freezes when you wake it up? Does it freeze at anytime?
  13. When I herar of 'zones' I think of DNS. Zone files are files that the DNS server looks for to translate domain names (i.e. binrev.com) to an IP address (i.e. 123.456.789.0) Here is a zone file EXAMPLE. $TTL 86400 ; 24 hours could have been written as 24h or 1d $ORIGIN example.com. @ 1D IN SOA ns1.example.com. hostmaster.example.com. ( 2002022401 ; serial 3H ; refresh 15 ; retry 1w ; expire 3h ; minimum ) IN NS ns1.example.com. ; in the domain IN NS ns2.smokeyjoe.com. ; external to domain IN MX 10 mail.another.com. ; external mail provider ; server host definitions ns1 IN A ;name server definition www IN A ;web server definition ftp IN CNAME www.example.com. ;ftp server definition ; non server domain hosts bill IN A fred IN A Im not even sure that this is what you are asking about but ...... For more info and understanding try to get Orieilly's "DNS and BIND' or search the web. GoodLuck
  14. I'm gonna leave it open so we can find out who is interested in having a meetup. Im in.
  15. 813

    When you all are ready email 411@binrevmeetings for your free 813.binrevmeetings website. -zer0dB