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  1. I run ubuntu linux, but I also run windows XP pro sp2 on another of my machines hard drive partitions (NTFS), I would like to run a windows xp pro sp2 virtual machine in ubuntu so as I can use certain windows programs (and no, don't offer wine to me as an alternative) but instead of using an image of xp i'd like to just be able to use the existing xp install, which is on an NTFS partition which ubuntu can read (but not write - which I assume will be necessary to set if this can work). I ask simply, is it possible to do this? And if so, how? Oh, I'm not out to necessarily do this with VMware, I'll do it with any virtual machine I can. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  2. I've burned iso image sto cd before, admitedly using different software, but I have done it. I have downloaded damn small linux .iso images. One of which was: ftp://ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/distributions...ent/current.iso And I used magicISO (alongside some other programs) to burn it to a cd. It burned the cd and I tried to boot my laptop and my pc from it but it did not work. And I have no idea why. Does anyone here have a link to the latest dsl .iso image? And does anyone here have a link to a good free program to burn .iso images to cd? Because, well, I have absolutely no idea why it doesn't work, except my inability to use software or the fact the .iso images are wrong.
  3. I think I'll go with DSL, because I'm a newb and don't know what half the stuff on linux does, so I'll start with the smallest install I can find and build my system up from there. I don't know if DSL is optimized to run on i686 but my guess is it isn't, but it will still go faster than arch, right?
  4. Thankyou very much. So you think arch linux is a good choice then? Just in case you know of anything supperior?
  5. Yes, I do. I was told: (with regards to lowarch, the arch distro for older machines), is this true?Thanks for the advice regarding the GUI. Any idea of the best swap size? Thankyou very much so far!
  6. Pentium 2 is i686 and arch linux is designed to run on that. Surely using something like DeLi linux would be more complex (?) as it is designed for machines less powerful than mine?. Are abiword and gnumeric capable of opening and saving in microsoft file formats and also in open file formats (forgot the name - open office formats basically). Why use something like fluxbox in place of gnome?
  7. I have an old laptop, which is currently running windows 98 very slowly, I don't want to run 98 for many reasons, and instead want to run linux. The laptops specs: Pentium II 128mb RAM 299Mhz, 6.2gb hdd Speed is an issue with me, and I'd like the laptop to run as fast as it possibly can, without me having to wait, basically like a nice desktop pc or laptop. And I want to know which distro would run best. Id like to use arch linux. I also plan on installing some nice GUI programs, namely open office. I've been told running open office on this machine will mean open office runs quite slowly, are there any better office suites for the job? I dont have many worries regarding the size of the HDD, as linux takes up considerably less room than windows. How much space should I set as swap to optimize the laptops perference but not lose a single unnecersary mb of space? Im not entirely sure how much programs like open office take up on disk, frankly I havent really had to worry about it, so id like to be a strict as possible with my diskspace as I don't want to run out. The laptops primary uses will probably be word processing and not to complex spreadsheets and maths. Some music too and possibly some videos but not really anything too intensive, a standard pc. Thanks for any help you can give me as I realise ive asked allot
  8. http://www.evolutionfx.co.nr/forum It's going to get a hacking section soon I believe, could be really good. Check it out! My post is so garish with the sig image and the above image.
  9. Besides the philosophical it really is just a replacement of "elite".
  10. The incomplete ones are just as long and lareg as the complete ones? Because if they are your really gona have trouble.
  11. Is C++ really the easiet langauge that newbs should learn? I just use C#. As its easy.
  12. Python is an interpreted langauge, it is designed for making web pages, it can be compiled but it's not designed for that purpose. Ruby is also used for such things, you may want to check it out, although php is by far the most popular along with perl and python and ruby are not very popular. I personally like C# (C sharp) theres a great compiler on the msdn site and lots of free ebooks and even video tutorials, visual C# can also produce great windows programs. C# provides a good fundation before moving onto C or C++ and is easier. As well as actually being cross-platform, which not many people realise, unfortunately ive nevr used it on linux. I personally wouldnt start with visual basic as it is less similar to C/C++ than C#.
  13. I use it. Ive never used the links to groups anyways. But it is not that much better than hotmail and it doesnt compare to gmail. It had anoying features such as the fact that to add a contact instead of filling in the email address when you simply type their name you msut scroll through a long list of contact. Its also not as easy to use as gmail. Basically, ms have got soem way to go to compare with gmail. At one point windows live mail had compatibilty issues with firefox losing it mega points, although so has gmail in the past.
  14. Damn small linux?
  15. Ubuntu and I still use it. Because my dad had a disk already and Id read about it being new and good and friendly.