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  1. I also have it if anyone needs it.
  2. Looks like Kevin Mitnick will be guest hosting Coast to Coast AM this Sunday. If you don't have a radio many of the affiliates stream the broadcast. I'll have mp3's of the show on Monday. If anyone wants to host the files let me know.
  3. For future reference, you only have to pay for the stream if it's through There are dozens of AM stations that stream the broadcast for free. KOGO and KSTE to name a few.
  4. There was a pro skater in the late 80's/early 90's by the name of Natas Kaupas. He used to skate for SMA. The guy was completely insane. In an old skate video he ollied onto a fire hydrant, spun around on top of the hydrant a few times, then landed on the sidewalk and skated away. He made it look like it was the obvious thing to do to fire hydrants. Slightly cheesy but very original. At the time I thought he was god. skate or be stupid :rockon:
  5. I can email the June interview to whoever wants it. PM me your address. I can't find the March interview but I do have 021004 and 102102. They are large files that can't be emailed and I have no off hosting them. I got them off of emule.
  6. It was a short interview. The file is only 4.2Mb. If anyone wants it let me know.
  7. Kevin will be on Coast to Coast again tonight, but this time with George Noory. From "First Hour: Computer security expert Kevin Mitnick will comment on a hacking effort against US military networks." It'll be posted at in the morning but as a backup I'll be recording. If anyone wants to host the file let me know.
  8. #!/bin/bash mkfifo audio.wav mplayer $1 -ao pcm & oggenc audio.wav -o c2cam.ogg
  9. If your radio is like mine and doesn't pick up the local broadcasts of Coast to Coast very well, you can listen to a live stream on many of the affiliates web sites... thats what I do.
  10. Kevin will be on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell this Saturday. I'm looking forward to it... it should be interesting.
  11. Here
  12. Tanks got it. This can be seen in comparing shortwave and FM radio frequencies. Shortwave frequencies (3-30MHz) are capable of spanning the entire globe while FM frequencies (88-108MHz) are not. I had a really good 900MHz phone that worked in my friends front yard that was about 1/2 mile away from my house. My latest Motorolla 2.4Ghz phone craps out on the 3rd floor and it's base is only 2 floors down.
  13. mass_parallel, I built my own wireless router/AP/firewall out of a old Dell NX1 Optiplex. The only interface it had was a power button.. no floppy/cd bays. I went the Linux from Scratch route and used only what the NX1 required to function.. nothing less nothing more. So it was compiled specifically for the Dell and it's rock solid and quick! It boots up in a few seconds. I compiled the proper drivers for the video card, nic, and the rest of the Dell hardware, as well as acpid, iptables support, etc... The box has an internal bay where you could put a hard drive. Once I got iptables w/nat, dhcpd w/mac authentication, wireless card in ap mode, pppoe, and everything else running exactly the way I wanted the router to run everyday, I created a bootable cd... since I compiled ramdisk support. I put a cd-rom drive in the internal bay instead of the hd. Now the box doesn't consume as much energy and if there are any problems I can just reboot. I also configured acpi to gracefully shutdown when the power button is pushed. The thing functions just as good if not better then any AP you could buy at the store. So to make a long story short if you feel like getting your hands dirty, having some fun, and learning, go the do-it-yourself route with Linux from Scratch. And if you're real hardcore and have too much time on your hands you can find other projects within this project like writing all the startup scripts by hand(the reason mine boots in a few seconds) and s*&^ like that... Good times! I hope this helps. BTW I bought the NX1 for $10.00 on ebay and a Netgear WA311? at Staples for $20.00 on closeout item. So it was cheap as well.
  14. I'm way too lazy to start my own meetings... so I'll try to make it to a few of yours. keep us posted.
  15. I'm in Northeastern CT. I'd go if the meetings were in Manchester, Norwich, or New London. I think our best bet is the Crystal Mall... probably equal driving distance for both of us. I know at the least 4 people in my area that would go... plus I'm right next to Eastern and Uconn, both of which have pretty decent CSC curriculums... I'm sure they'd be good for a few members. I could post some flyers at both of the campuses. I may be wrong but I think the boys over at are located in the Norwich/New London area as well.