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  1. Ugh i cant stand damn iPhone mean yea it's cool and YES i like APPLE gear. But when you cant have a user replaceable BATTERY and NO MEMORY CARD Slot come on! Have you seen the HTC TOUCH DIAMOND ?? Is 3G iphone VGA screen or QVGA ?? Myself I've grown to hate none physcial key phones if anything I just use a 3G phone tether'd to a Nokia Tablet or umpc/mini-note whatever if you want to try and throw the BSD OS out there vs Windows Mobile (which sucks, right above palmOS for a phone OS) just wish USA had more Symbian 60 based devices or Nix OS phones
  2. I think the whole problem facing a good wardialer is HAYES command set <> with the RIL ugh, would anyone be interested in a BT DTMF keypad haha (handscan with a cellie)
  3. Anyone ever get a pocketpc (wm2003~wm6) wardialer/handscanner app made? I'd love to use all my wasted FREE LD minuites for some scans or anyone know if there is actually a HAYES modem socket/layer/app? that will talk with the RIL so can use stuff like pocketdos and tscan/toneloc (heh ahh ol'dos tools)
  4. 740-389-1972 I get a FAX on this number. Maybe thats why it wont connect
  5. If your looking for a hackable fone then i strongly suggest staying away from PocketPC devices (sorry mates, pocketpc isnt crap when vs the following (and i own a treo 700wx ugh)) Go with either a LINUX based phone (seeing how you have or had a zaurus you'd be very happy with this) or a Series 60 (or not sure how strong 80 is gonna be in the future (p900, SE w900 thingys)) Moto A780 runs under or around $200 mark GSM+LINUX Series 60 devices are all over the place since theres different REVISIONS os series 60 #3 being the newest All depends what u want and need (GSM, CDMA, just voice + data??)
  6. How's about a nice old DecServer prompt with all the fixin's (show services, host, HELP etc.. )
  7. Yes i have to agree there also, PalmOS is useless nowadays (# of developers turning quality apps out vs symbian/wm/cB is sooo low) unless your just looking for a SUPERPIM device then its fine, but dont expect it todo too much more then that. I currently have a 700p and it's crap for anything beyond a pim as i said before, just ordered a 700wx so def. should be a improvement (web browser alone is worth the upgrade (pocketIE or opera vs blazer hah))
  8. Was trying to looking stuff on Aerial but everything on my end is comming up down (server, dns, idk) but i did see that they merged with voicestream aka t-mobile . That phone in question might not be tagged for ROAMING (either by the carrier or by a phone option (i've seen companies turn off employees roaming options to save money)) As far as figuring out who owns it (since backspoofing didnt work) try calling the main t-mobile voice mail # and dropping in that 10d number and getting results that way?
  9. GPS theres alot of options for WM5 just do a google search, The only issue you'll have to worry about is the memory requirements of the application since the 700W is on the low side of system ram (ugh 32 megs, have a upgrade for this (im to lazy to check)) and the non-standard 240x240 display
  10. The treos phone side doesnt require any use of the touch screen as does the VX6700 you pointed out, you can use the number keypad on the treo when in phone mode as a dialpad hense no need for the touchscreen (and thats without hiting the "numlock" on the keyboard (aka shift))
  11. do a search on google "bellsouth zipconnect" listing from view as HTML seems the .DOC page is invaild but you can still get some when you select html page has some info (not sure if you have it already)
  12. Any ill effects with wardialing complete exchanges still via automated means (non-stop 2-3days) ??? As far as calls from local belco, gov, etc. (i've only gotten calls before from gov when scanning mass 800's heh) but yea this question is for local exchanges