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  1. Wow thats awesome! Looks kinda old though they were talking about win98. Notice they both have huge grins on thier face!
  2. There is a project out there called freesco. Its not an emulation piece of software, but if you have an old box lying around you can throw freesco on it and you now have a cisco router in your home!
  3. Does anyone know if outbreak zines are still hosted anywhere? Im looking for a copy of the cronjob article I wrote for like 13 or 14, if anyone knows where I can get it please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. Just though I would announce my triumphant return to the DDP forums, or binrev forums or whatever Ive got tons of free time at work now so why the hell not!
  6. Anyone got an extra gmail invite ot throw my way? I wanna get an account before all the cool names are taken!
  7. WHAT?!?! You havent missed one since I started going, possible ever!!! You had better have a good reason!
  8. I am definately in favor of this and would be willing to help get things organized. I think this would be a blast!
  9. In case anyone wants to know how to do what he originally wanted I have a script that does just that #!/bin/bashPID="`ps -aux | grep [s]ystemlog | awk '{print $2}'`"kill $PIDyou can change it to grep whatever you want, the [] keeps grep from matching its own process, if more than one process matches the string it will kill them all. Also you could expand on it more taking command line arguments for what process to search for and kill and how long to wait.
  10. I cant seem to get to this page, anyone else having problems?
  11. anyone got a copy of the picture that was taken?
  12. Am I the lone gentoo user or what?!?!?! Come on I know im not the only gentoo fan here!
  13. Yeah that is a chick, she showed up and I thought she was with someone, and then like 15 minutes later she was just gone, to bad it would be nice to have some chicks around the 2600 meetings
  14. Okay this went un-noticed to me for a while, but apparently my webhost shut my mirror down. Anyone who tried to get something from them would have seen the reason, for those of you who havent here it is ... "The domain was being used to distribute illegal, copyrighted, adult or other material that we did not find acceptable." Obviously RFA is none of those, but I decided not to fight it and moved all the RFA files back to my own web server so it is back up. I'm going to be moving this weekend so it will be down for a few days, possibly more depending on if cox has any problems getting us set up with our connection.
  15. Oh man, this is the best, I just got a message from active web hosting on my voice mail, im gonna do my best to get a recording of this so everyone can hear it, it is hilarious!
  16. stank answered kizzles question pretty well So ill just stick with that
  17. The host is ... it came highly recomended by white raven a while ago on another post, it would make a great file host if they investigated the files that were being put on thier servers before jumping to conclusions. They actually have an automated system that sent me an email the second I uploaded the first .mp3 file, it could have been anything, I wouldn't be surprised if an automated system shut it down in the first place.
  18. quite a few of us hang out in #hackermind
  19. I'm not seeing enough traffic on this post ... come on people, worship me!!!! Seriously though, thanks Mad props/thanks to slip for letting me come on his show I love talking tech!! Its so much fun, even on 3 hours of sleep!
  20. I would buy a t-shirt too!
  21. go to google, type in your phone number, and guess what comes up, you will never guess, your adress, the name the phone number is registered under and 2 handy little links with FUCKING MAPS TO YOUR HOUSE!@#!@# COME ON!@# This is absofuckinglutely rediculous and it should be removed ASAP!!! The people at google aren't completely stupid, and you can remove yourself from the list if you want, just click on the little phone next to your name and scroll down to where it says remove me from the list, it only takes 48 hours!
  22. does anyone have rfa69 archived yet? I haven't gotten a chance to listen to it yet and i wanna hear!
  23. In a nutshell, wine acts as a mediary to run widnows binary's on the linux kernel, like an interpreter, it is definately NOT an emulator.
  24. yeah listed numbers only, this was really shocking to me I never heard of anything like this before. Just seems dumb to have it right there on google available to anyone no matter what thier intentions are.
  25. the xf86config file isn't distro specific, xfree86 will use either of them, it searches for XF86Config-4 first, then XF86Config.