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  1. Torrentspy Acts to Protect Privacy Sorry, but because you are located in the USA you cannot use the search features of the website.Torrentspy's decision to stop accepting US visitors was NOT compelled by any Court but rather an uncertain legal climate in the US regarding user privacy and an apparent tension between US and European Union privacy laws. -- thoughts?
  2. i *think* this is a parody Redmond, WA – In response to customer demands Microsoft announced that instead of patching bugs and improving features of Windows Vista in the next service pack release, they would just install XP. "We're focused on giving the customer what they want, and want they want is to just go back to XP," said Microsoft Development Chief Greg Elston. Elston said not only will the move improve customer satisfaction with Vista, but will allow the company to focus resources on the next operating system instead of the flailing Vista. "We can move people off of Vista development now, and move them to Windows 7 development," said Elston. "That should allow us to only delay Windows 7 by thirteen months past its scheduled date instead of the planned eighteen." Customers have had many complaints about Vista, so it wasn't surprising the response to the move was mostly positive. "Ever since I install Vista I've wanted to go back to XP," said Trey Sportia. "I'm glad Microsoft has given me an easy downgrade path." Some customers complained about paying for Vista when all they'll end up with is XP which they had already. Elston said that "if people read the license agreement they'll see this is perfectly within our rights. Anyway, we're calling it Vista XP, so it is new in a way." Elston also added that if people complain too much they'll just revert to Windows ME.
  3. Skype worm Published: 2007-09-10, Last Updated: 2007-09-10 22:14:13 UTC by Maarten Van Horenbeeck (Version: 3) A worm is currently spreading which is specifically aimed at Skype users. Known as Ramex, Skipi or Pykspa, it abuses the chat function of Skype to send a short message containing a link to a seemingly benign JPEG file to other users. Users that click on the link will download and run a copy of the worm, and start to infect others. The binary is not packed and easy to dissect. It contains code to turn off several security applications, and alters the hosts file to disable the downloading of updates. It then uses the Skype API to send the following messages in Lithuanian/Latvian, Russian and English, depending on the client's user interface: pala biski :S as net nezinau ka tavo vietoj daryciau. matai geras ane ? patinka? kas cia tavim taip isderge ? =]] cia biski su photoshopu pazaidziau bet bet irgi gerai atrodai cia tu isimetei ? zek kur tavo foto metos isdergta (mm) kaip as taves noriu ziurek kur tavo foto imeciau esi? labas what ur friend name wich is in photo ? this (happy) sexy one u happy ? oh sry not for u oops sorry please don't look there :S you checked ? (rofl) (devil) really funny now u populr haha lol look what crazy photo Tiffany sent to me,looks cool I used photoshop and edited it where I put ur photo your photos looks realy nice look how are u ? Skype's heartbeat has a brief entry on this new malcode which contains manual removal instructions. Samples of the worm have been gathered and are currently under analysis to improve anti virus coverage. In the meanwhile, you may wish to educate your users not to click on these appearingly benign links. -- Maarten Van Horenbeeck
  4. All Plans Include · PLESK Interface · Spamfilter · Webmail · Forwarding · phpMyAdmin · PHP Support · ASP Support · PERL Support · CGI-Bin Support · SSL Support · Flash Support · phpBB
  5. Ok here is the deal I listen to a radio show, and have been using the same link, same version of winamp, had not made any changes on my system. One day the stream stopped working. VLC will not open it, and I get this message from winamp (see pic) so attempting to resolve this issue I first had others verify the stream was working ok the stream works for you I bet so next I tried VLC... no good there either I can stream just fine from somafm for example, and I can listen to the live feed of the show, but that has a different address. ( so I reinstalled each program, with no luck. Tried installing a previous version of winamp and an older version of VLC. nothing uninstalled winamp, deleted the directory, and downloaded the newest version, installed in fresh directory, and nothing. so now I guess I will pick out a couple more players, and try them, oh and I am installing teh xp codec pack as well. Can it be only my problem? Its not the stream providers fault if the stream works, and its not winamp's fault since the stream also is not working in VLC... clueless for the fail! ok the XP CODEC did NOT WORK I might try to reinstall windows, I am past my 6 month or 6000mb which ever is first OS change...
  6. yeah.. at least he took the ripped pic down from his myspace and replaced it with one from A scanner darkly.. I didnt like having a ripped guy being my only friend the forums are nice, now I can post some of my own material without having to email it in to tips plus you can ask questions during the show, that might get answered on air live lolz pics btw
  7. shhh... next thing you know the mods will be making tin hat jokes, but yes he can be really out there, the worst is when he breaks down sobbing... theres nothing worse then hearing a fat man cry. Have you seen the new forum?
  8. actually I did end up trying to get the stream from shoutcast and it works from there. I'll try your .pls hack later after I get some coffee and see what happens.. THX
  9. "no its true i read it on one of the trackers i visit ...utorrent 1.7 sends your ip straight to a RIAA database" I am not trying to argue with you, I want to inform others. btw
  10. someone said-- "apparently they were bought out by a website that has ties with the RIAA ...btw stay away from bushtorrent . com and dont use azureus vuze or any version of utorrent higher than 1.6 ...the RIAA have infiltrated those programs aswell." is this true?
  11. omg idk lol tla wtf... all i can has is blinky ddp pics? oh and Its not browser specific
  12. Thank you stank no sarcasm I noticed that my siggy is still the DDP logo.. seeing as how I am not an official DDP memeber, (afaik) I suppose I need to change this. However I am thanking you because I use teh same siggy img on another forum.. and the head mod msg'd me 5 days ago asking me to change it due to its large size. I happen to be working on an important project for that forum, and would not have noticed the message had this not happened. I would like to keep my current siggy here, (as I have received a couple of private complements), and I will of course change it elsewhere. (I had linked to my binrev gallery location of the img, so it is showing up as teh DDP logo there as well) I really dont understand all of your uber leet haxxor computer machine techieness that is causing this, but thats why you're the dawg. (mild sarcasm mixed with dry humor and compliment) I did think I was a little crazy this morning, and ended up deleting stuff, and checking for spyware/virus/rootkit/possible nervous break down etc. I am glad to know it's not my box, and I can move on with my life. srrsly thx k bi Clueless (adam)
  13. watch out.. this ring has entered the 1337 binrev haxxoring community! beware or be pwnd! Computer Hacking Ring This ring is from the personal collection of the late Madame Doerin. This ring has an Hacking spell attached to it. It was cast by Madame Doerin for a believer of hers. This has been worn by the believer until it was no longer needed. The ring was then returned to Madame Doerin. Her believers trust in the power of her spells so much that they do not to waste it by taking it with them to the grave. Madame Doerin then rejouvinates the spell and keeps them in her personal collection until someone else needs them. All of these items are documented in volumes of journals and kept at her estate. After Madame Doerin passed, she willed her estate to me. I have been a very close freind and confidant to her for many years. Before she passed at the age of 104, she told me that her time was coming and that I was to take care of her estate. She explained to me all of her items and the journals that describe the spells associated with them. There are tens of thousands of items in the basement of her estate. The documentation of these items fills a library in her home. I have chosen to the most powerful items to keep for myself. The remainder is to be offered to people who need them. Madame Doerin told me that these items will only help believers. This is a newer spell from Madame Doerin's collection. She didn't do too many technology based spells, so this is a very special opportunity. This spell will allow you to hack into computers. You do not need any prior computer experience. This spell will give you the knowledge of a seasoned hacker. This is a size 8 1/2 ring. I was very interested in this spell when I found out of its existence. I made a connection with it almost immediatly. It was great. I placed it on my computer and went to work with it. I started simple. I was able to get into my friend's email account with out knowing his password. This would be very useful if you wanted to check in on your spouse's suspicious activity. I was also able to hack into a security camera network and maneuver the cameras to see what I wanted to see. The possibilities are endless with this spell. The best part of the spell is that it allows you to hack in unannounced and undetected. Please understand that this is a tested, powerful item. This item feeds off of your energy. Please bid ONLY if you are a serious believer. This item has a serious power to it. It can be dangerous in a non believers hands. About Madame Doerin Madame Doerin was a World renoun spiritualist, Wiccan, and proud leader of the Trabuli circle. She had been in the circle for 40 years. She had followers all over the US and has studied and practiced in Ireland, Jamaica, and New Orleans. She had a unique power that is part Wicca, Voodoo, and other magical beleifs. She was known for her ability to meld these beliefs and practices into a style that is all her own. She had studied under the one and only Preistess Portulo from Ireland. She had looked to the future, granted believers great fortune and crossers great turmoil. She was a trained Wiccan that knew her spells and blessings. Legal issues: I have to mention that it can not legally be proven that there is a soul / blessing / spirit / fairy / or blessing attached to this item. Because people are diferent, and absorb things differently, I can not take any responsibility for any actions or lack of actions tht occur from acquirring this item. It is not a toy. It must be used in a professional manner or else. These spirits and spells are not to be fooled with by nonbelievers. They are to be respected and cherished.
  14. lol I bought the ring for 13.13 and I havent left feed back yet I guess I should, i always forget. I am super uber leet now, and I pwn the continent thx srrsly pics to come when I am not busy pwning It is a nice pinky ring, its even hand stamped and metal
  15. I found a couple of good PDF books on thepiratebay HTML & XHTML the definitive guide WROX Professional CSS Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design
  16. NOAA weatherstations are supposed to be located away from sources of artificial heat. Some guy decided to look into this, and discovered they were in places like.. next to burn barrels, and by the runways of airports, and tied to chimneys. So he went around and photographed this, and then a bunch of other people got in to doing it as well.. When the they finaly approched NOAA about it, thier response was to remove the list of weather stations from thier site. Ive never messed with google cache, so I was sure that some expert here could easily find the list (and mirror it somewhere) so the weather station pwnage can continue.
  17. thats what got me started on this thogh it was on some AM show like savage or whatever last night so I only caught part of it i dont seem to have a problem finding the sites.. though I don know what kind of information was there before this happened
  18. This smells of something that I can't put my finger on... Also, you're fucking with the Gov man......good luck! Wtf? He's asking people about how to find the google cache verson of a page. How is that "fucking with the government"? trying to "PWN" the NOAA....not wise.....its like fucking with the FCC or the FAA its dangerous........he may be asking for google cache info....but you obviously overlooked the end intent on this EDIT: nor am I condemning it...only to be aware of the dangers that may be involved in trying to expose anything ANY Gov agency is doing....regardless if you are right or not I'm just trying to retrieve some information that was available to the public until thier shady practices were revealed, and they started a cover up....
  19. I cant wear jewelry it turns my skinn green and itchy.. funny thing though. I havent even got the thing, and already my reddit karma is going back up, and ive been given a hacker job today (might even pay $$)
  20. Dang-it, I wanted my fairy. (btw, he mentioned blessing twice ) EDIT: This reminded me a LOT of the TV series 'Friday the 13th'. I forget who posted the link first... someone in IRC lol I remember watching Friday teh 13th series when I was a kid
  22. must of had some "serious" case mods then.... I keep an open box, now the motherboard is screwed to teh wall behind the monitor..... Havent we all played around inside a hot box?... Dont you put your hand directly on teh psu first? ... I though the system board ran at 12v's.... did they mean 380 amps? I really really doubt that.... oh but he was sweaty, but "didn't want to turn the air conditioner off"?.. both.. and the "sweat" caused the current to shock him everywhere at once.. you're right... he probably got accidentaly electrocuted when his huge asian penis hit the mobo.
  23. heres some highlights Cybercrime refers to criminal activities that specifically target a computer or network for damage or infiltration. For example, it can be a crime to access (“hack into”) a computer without authorization or to distribute viruses. Cybercrime also includes the use of computers as tools to conduct criminal activity such as fraud, identity theft, and copyright infringement. Computers significantly multiply the criminal’s power and reach in committing such crimes To protect networks and information against cybercrime, organizations and individuals implement cybersecurity techniques such as access controls (passwords) and firewalls. In addition, they use monitoring devices or intrusion detection systems to detect incidents that could potentially be criminal intrusions A key component of cybercrime investigations is the gathering and examination of electronic evidence that can be useful for prosecution. Using cyberforensic tools and techniques, cybercrime investigators and examiners gather and analyze electronic evidence. If available, cyberforensic laboratories may be used to extract the electronic evidence and present it in a court-admissible format. The evidence could entail analysis of terabytes of information on multiple electronic devices, the electronic path taken by a fraudulent e-mail, pornographic images stored on a hard drive, or data stored on a mutilated but later reconstructed CD- ROM. The ability to gather electronic evidence and the assurance that cyberforensic procedures do not compromise the evidence gathered can be key to building a case and prosecuting cybercriminals. The annual loss due to computer crime was estimated to be $67.2 billion for U.S. organizations estimated losses associated with particular crimes include $49.3 billion in 2006 for identity theft $1 billion annually due to phishing according to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission report, Chinese military strategists write openly about exploiting the vulnerabilities created by the U.S. military’s reliance on advanced technologies and the extensive infrastructure used The Secret Service official stated that the service is expanding its Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program and will have approximately 770 trained and active agents by the end of fiscal year 2007 150 million U.S. citizens are connected to the Internet Approximately 88 percent of all e-mail processed at service centers is classified as “junk.” From September 2006 to March 2007, Postini collected over 60 billion pieces of spam totaling 537.7 terabytes of data. Between July and December 2006, spam constituted 59 percent of all e-mail monitored. Through 2005, hackers most frequently targeted the telecommunications and health care sectors, where almost 80 percent of all e-mail traffic was spam. Between July and December 2006, an average of 63,912 active, bot-infected computers per day were observed, an 11 percent increase from the previous reporting period. Between July and December 2006, 166,248 unique phishing messages detected, a 6 percent increase over the first 6 months of 2006. An average of 904 unique phishing messages per day was reported for the second half of 2006. During the same period, over 1.5 billion phishing messages were blocked. During 2006, U.S.-based businesses were the most targeted organizations of phishing e-mails, accounting for 71.37 percent of all phishing e-mail. In addition, more than 55 percent of the world’s phishing attacks fabricate company Web sites that are hosted in the United States. Between January and June 2006, approximately 2 million of the 4 million computers cleaned by the malicious software removal tool had at least one backdoor Trojan horse. 43,000 new variants of malware were found in the same period. In 2005, close to 40 percent of the financial services and banking industry sector suffered the most Trojan horse attacks. Director of Central Intelligence (1996) "Hackers, terrorists, or other nations could use information warfare techniques as part of a coordinated attack to seriously disrupt electric power distribution, air traffic control, or financial sectors. " DOD officials stated that its information network, representing approximately 20 percent of the entire Internet, receives approximately 6 million probes/scans a day. Further, representatives from DOD stated that between January 2005 and July 2006, the agency initiated 92 cybercrime cases, the majority of which involved intrusions or malicious activities directed against its information network.
  24. I know earthlink requires a special (prefix) i believe attached to the username if you're not using e-link.. it could be some similar problem.. I was having trouble connecting to earthlink using kubuntu.. and had to do some research on the subject... in the end i had to modify the username and a edit specific file (though I dont remember what it was atm) .. vague, but hth...