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  1. Who's your cell service provider?
  2. I'm not suggesting that you do it over VoIP. I'm suggesting that you have somebody call in with Skype to the talks and then host a conf on Skype. Thus people can connect to that conf on skype and listen in. The voip sound quality issues will only be on the listeners' end. And you will need to keep the listeners muted. toning or no toning people will be listening in from cars, households with young children (or babies) who will cry and yelp and scream. You'll hear pets and weird alien abductions. That's going to seriously cause problems with the talks being heard clearly.
  3. Why not pipe it into a Skype conf? That way people won't even need to dial U.S. numbers.
  4. Despite your best efforts I will be there. I had to dodge the sniper's bullet and the assassin's blade but..wait...what? Yeah, I'll be there. Plane should be touching down at 11pm on Tuesday. Should I get a room (if any are still available) or does anybody have space available?
  5. Yeah, it's a virus in one of the ads on that site. People, don't surf the net without active AV protection (well, if you're on WIndows I mean) It seems to me that the most common delivery methods for viruses these days are advertisements and comments on web sites. My AV (Avast) blocked viruses on such diverse web pages as Mininova, the Guardian (UK paper), and some other places which I can't remember at the moment for some reason.
  6. df
  7. Moving this to the Hardware Hacking section
  8. Why not just post it here?
  9. Moving this to the phreaking forum
  10. Which versions of the client do you both have?
  11. When Skype was free and everybody was messing around with it it was noticed that the blocking of which numbers you can and cannot dial was client-based and not server based.
  12. Hey, why don't you guys move all the political "discussion" over to General Chat? It might get interesting. Just keep it out of Hacker Media.
  13. Okay, here's the story behind the video: The guys in the video basically were re-enacting the movie "Hackers" as a prank on MTV. They copied various scenes from the movie including meeting a guy in a limo in a dark alley to give him a disk in exchange for something. So what happened? Editing. The show was edited to death into a horrid writhing mess of badness that you are now witnessing.
  14. You're not bored. You're just an idiot sheep. (By that I mean that you're somebody who is easily tricked into doing things for other people.) Anyways, Hembree, how do you know that the call was coming from a military base?