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  1. Please i'm new with hacking, linux and all this stuff...all i want is Knowledge becuase Knowledge is power and power is what makes the difference ! ! ! Since the age of 5 i was interested with PC's and all the tecnology and stuff...( sorry for saying stuff to many times )....i'm 17 now and i help ppl with their windows os boxes and help them repair, configure and assemble hardware..but i want i've said i want more Knowledge...i want to lear linux programming cracking hacking all ...but i know it's impossible and i want to concentrate myself with something good...i'm not very patient and that is a big i need help....for now i just want to know a good linux distribution that runs directly on Windows a program or something...cuz for now i can't install linux on my pc...i need a good distribution that runs directly on windows that can help me lear the basics of hacking and the basics of linux...any suggestions???...thank you for your help and patience with me ! ! !