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  1. Here is the line going silent awaiting a number (recorded at 4PM). Its about a two minute recording (sampled at 16000hz to stay small). I didn't hear any crosstalk, but if anyone does I'd love to know. PS: @ramsaso I am refering to the switch, not the recording setup linewaiting.wav
  2. My recording setup doesn't involve AC adapters, I believe the hum comes from the computer, as I had to set the gain pretty high. As for the phone I'm using, it is wired. The lack if crosstalk may be due to me living in a residential area with above ground lines. Also I AM taking requests I'll get to them as soon as I can between school finals week PS: if anyone has a recording of a fully digital switch I would like to compare recordings
  3. The first recording is a normal call to a local milliwatt. The second call is also to the milliwatt, however, I dial the first 9 digits, then A B C and D, then dial the final number. This leads me to believe that the switch does not recognize them as numbers. Milliwatt.wav ABCD.wav
  4. Will try the fourth row. What/when do I dial with the ABCD keys in this case? PS: the interbox I ordered is supposed to arrive today, I'll see about posting some recordings
  5. Fort Worth FTWOTXWACG0
  6. 10-288-0 your call cannot be completed as dialed. if you are calling a five digit code, it has changed. 950-0000 line busy noise 817-950-0000 cant be completed as dialed 101-0110-0 your call cannot be completed as dialed 214-040-1152 your call cannot be completed as dialed 208-045-1810 your call cannot be completed as dialed. please dial a 1 or a 0 blah blah blah 1-208-0450-1810 your call cannot be completed as dialed 101-0333# your long distance service has been temporarily discontinued. please call customer service for assistance I dialed only the numbers given (i didnt add anything on) if i did it wrong, I apologize and I'll try again PS: what are carrier access codes, and how would i find mine also, dialling # or * does hold up the line, i even dialed ten #'s and it wouldnt treat it as a number. However i was unable to hear crosstalk
  7. Wow! Thanks for all the info. I have just ordered the box you suggested and I will do my best to post some recordings as soon as I can. Regarding MF tones and the 2600hz; when you say there are a few exceptions do they include 'real' phone switches/systems that are still run by a telco (as I understand it, Project MF is a simulation). Also, in a typical switch today, can MF tones still do anything or have the been completely phased out so that they aren't even recognized as dialing/user input? Thanks again!
  8. I'm new on the phreaking scene, so bear with me. Anyways, I was looking through the forum and saw a list of remaining 1AESS switches and noticed that there is one in my city. I dug deeper and found out that it happens to serve my POTS line (what were the odds!). In short I would like to know if there is anything special I can do with the beast.