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  1. Solaris is quite nice, but I would recommend FreeBSD. Its very powerful and yet not extremely hard to manage. And you learn a lot from messing around with it. I use it mostly as a shell for irssi and a firewall, but its a really fun OS.
  2. I started out with C++ and it was abit much at first, but it gets easier. I then moved on to Python. If I could start over I would have done it the other way around, so that my advice; python then C++. After you have mastered them, any language should be quite easy.
  3. Exacly what I was trying to say, only shorter
  4. Yes its a good one. Another one here: Swedish documentary, so it might have smaller swedish parts, but mostly english.
  5. SGI

    Found a couple of SGI Indigo2 workstations in school yesterday. We had no root password for them so we started guessing. Still chocked how easy it was; the teachers name... Well afterwards he was quite happy, he had forgotten his password and had been unable to use the machine. We played around in IRIX 5.3 for a while, played some Doom, connected it to the internet. Then the teacher came with three other workstations for us to play with. Only one of them even started, so we took some of the discs and memory from them and built the Indigo2 of doom... Ended up with 250 MHz processor, 320MB ram and 8GB scsi-discs. The computers had original keyboards, mice, displays and webcams Some pics I found of the Indigo2: lots of good reading here:
  6. Doesnt work for me. Sure you werent already logged in as admin? If you are, it works but not from a regular account. Narcissus:/Users/larsrohdin $ passwd root Changing password for root. password for aoeu: New password: Retype new password: Sorry The root account is disabled from scratch and you use the sudo command for administration. Its not as bad as the default admin in win, because you can only change/enable root account from the account with sudo rights. So happy macing, from the Fanboy!
  7. It happens from time to time... That's what makes using windows, so exciting!
  8. OMG She's such a l33t h4xx0r!! The newspaper in Sweden had an article about it, with the topic "Paris Hilton hacked Lindsay Lohan" but in swedish of course...Its just hilarious.
  9. Well, that kinda depends on what you want. Fluxbox sure is more minimal and better on low-memory systems but might not be as easy as XFCE. XFCE has alot more tools and is closer to being a complete desktopmanager. But I agree. Fluxbox is my window-manager of choice. Has been since I first installed Linux. Great that they finally are releasing an Ubuntu version with Fluxbox as standard.
  10. In the latest 2600, they used Windows mediaplayer to gain access to other sites. Play a mediafile on the site(hopefully there is one) with WMP. Then expand the windows so you can access the file menu. Click "tools" then "plugins" and then "download additional plugins". A IE window should appear. Haven't had a chance to try this myself, but would sure like to know if it works. Anyone else tried it?