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  1. If anyone knows of similar active sites, I would like to share tricks. I don't know how they fit in to this group. I call what I do Living Freegan-Punk, it's a mix of manufactured pts to endless gift cards, manufacture-spend, collective of getcreditcard site 30day webs, combined with free hotel, free travel, free everything trix. I'd like to find and build a brain trust. It's mostly playing with systems than illegal stuff, but the limitations spark imagination. Just how much can you get for free. I have yet to see the cap. I have a very personal brain trust... family and very close friends, but I'd like to expand a bit. Find me.
  2. New Here, Not New to living off the grid for free. If there's actually activity around, I'd like to share. I've been doing this long enough to maybe start giving back. Cheers to all,