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  1. I have completed a 2600hz whistle for the TRS-80 model 100. It emits 2600hz and has a impressive binrev bbs ansii art. IMG_1335.MOV
  2. That seems very smart, I am going to attempt to do that. I am new to basic, so this will be a challenge. http://sourceforge.net/projects/virtualt/Here is an emulator for model 100/102/200 if you want to try it out. Thanks for the idea!
  3. I ordered a TRS-80 Model 100 yesterday night, and I got an emulator ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/virtualt/) and I found out that you could output sound. So, like a good phreak, I tune to 2600hz, add a cool textart logo, and boom. 2600hz tone on the tip of a button. (This is for Nostalgic reasons, I dont plan on using this) But, once the TRS-80 model 100 comes, I will rewrite the program on that, and take a video. I am new to basic programming, so it is not beautiful, but it does the trick. If any of you guys have ever done things like this, reply to this topic and tell me. I am interested in creating a DTMF Dialer software, but, the model 100's sound output is meant for creating music, not tones, so sadly, I cant just input the frequencies and assign them to each number. [ (EXAMPLE) 2600hz = 940 ] (The model 100 will probably come on the 23.) whixrr [EDIT] IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY TWO TONES AT ONCE (using the "sound (pitch),(time)" commands, please reply.
  4. Oh, Does the TELCOM dialer work with an acoustic coupler? And, thanks for the info. [EDIT] I recall in the manual, they say that the acoustic coupler cannot autodial. But i am not sure.
  5. Post your Phreaking Boxes/Old Telephone Equipment! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •Bell Model 500 desk set (black) (circa 1975)
  6. Does anyone know if the TELCOM dialer needs to be used with the acoustic coupler? Or can it be used with the speakers? Thanks everyone for posting, keep em' comin'
  7. That is pretty cool, why is it more capable than the 314a? The LCD screen? Keep em' comin'
  8. Are there any good toll free numbers to call from a payphone? (Ringback, ANAC, etc) Thanks! -whixrr
  9. On my Ernest D3 COCOT, you can check the current and cumulative coin box totals by letting the phone auto-answer after the set number of rings and entering a DTMF code before the internal modem tone plays. I have the phone on CNET, accessible through one of the CNET gateways. 1-762-0001 After 1 ring, the phone auto-answers. To check coin box totals, press *123456 after beep but before modem tone. Press * again for cumulative total. May or may not work over VOIP due to poor Asterisk 1.2 DTMF handling. D. Thats pretty cool! I tried it.
  10. Nice esquire replica!

  11. (THE STORY) I recently ordered a TRS-80 model 100 and I have been waiting for it to come, (probably going to come on 3/23/15) I started creating a DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) Tone Dialer. And I noticed that you cannot just input frequencies, you have to enter the weird musical code, so I found the musical code and converted freq to code (example: 2600hz = 940) If anyone has knowledge on how to play two tones at once, please reply. (THE QUESTION) If anyone has knowledge on how to play two tones at once using the sound command, please reply. (The sound command uses the musical code, then timing. (For example, 2600hz for 3/4th of a second = SOUND 940,100 ) whixrr
  12. And, I am using an emulator to test these things. This project is hacking/phreaking. http://sourceforge.net/projects/virtualt/ whixrr
  13. I know, I made a 2600hz single tone generator for it, and 2600hz for 1/2 seconds = 10 sound 940,75 Why was it not possible? I know, I made a 2600hz single tone generator for it, and 2600hz for 1/2 seconds = 10 sound 940,75 Why was it not possible? I can find the frequencies, but I cannot play two tones at once.
  14. I know, I made a 2600hz single tone generator for it, and 2600hz for 1/2 seconds = 10 sound 940,75
  15. Wow! that 314A is pretty awesome! Where did you get it? Also, I have seen your blue box videos online, pretty cool! I am planning on getting an arduino soon so I can make something similar, but anyways, good job! It makes it even better that its cased in a bluebox... Heres a vid
  16. Yeah, I am probably going to purchase a cassette tape drive. And by the way, I an new to BASIC and I want to ask you something. Do you know how to play two different tones at the same time using the "sound X,Y" command? Because I want to make a DTMF Dialer software, and I cant figure that out. But anyways. Thanks! whixrr
  17. Thanks! Ill change it right away.
  18. I'm sorry... your estimated date is wrong by 13 years. Touch-tone was invented in 1963. •At&t 210 (dark brown) (1980) Are you sure it was made in 1980 because this set must've been made after 1984. The AT&T logo proves it. Oh, Thanks! about what year would you think that the red and black pushbutton desk set is from?
  19. Radioshack TAD-716 Answering Machine 430-0716 (circa 1995)
  20. •Beige box •In Line coupler •Rj11 splitter
  21. *RadioShack Pocket Tone dialer 43-139 (1979)
  22. •Generic Pushbutton (red and black) (circa 19??
  23. •At&t trimline desk phone (dark brown) (1985)