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  1. Thanks for the info.
  2. I'll preface this by saying, I have little to no computer programming skills (I guess that's how hacking is done). I do however have a unique history that has made me suspicious of being hacked and lax security on my devices because of naivety. So, I believe that my facebook account may have been hacked, my gmail, and possibly my phone. Are there tell-tale signs of this, and if so, how might I be able to provide evidence of such intrusion if devices remain functional (although hindered) and no theft has taken place? Or do I just have a virus? Also, if odd things occurred in the past, is there a timeline for going back and finding the culprits? And might there be "e-investigators" out there willing to go on a cyber hunt? If so, where would one find them? Not trying to sound paranoid here, but I'm just curious and thought I'd ask the experts.