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  1. Was going to say -- is it still 10PM @ 503-416-1155 these days? I might jump on this weekend if I'm still awake, if anyone's up for tales from the retail front
  2. ArubaOS is the OS running on any Aruba wireless controller (like how Cisco has IOS). It's nothing special and it isn't the only way to fingerprint a host. Some good info how an Aruba controller can fingerprint is here: https://community.arubanetworks.com/aruba/attachments/aruba/Aruba-VRDs/26/2/ArubaOS DHCP Fingerprinting.pdf
  3. Yeah, confirmed; apparently while I roam on the border on Telus, I don't get the recording. Flipping back to WiFi calling and in turn T-Mo's IMS core, I'm getting the recording.
  4. I just tried it from my GearS2 on T-Mobile on Simple Choice for Wearables and I didn't get that recording from T-Mo -- just the FreeConferenceCall recording as normal. Unless it's because I was roaming on Telus?
  5. I need to find some spare time to dive back into Retalix and FastLane/SCOT again. Or find a way to buy one of the two Remote Attendant stations on eBay right now.

  6. We were tossing (as in... straight in the e-waste recycling closet it went) old MiTel SX2000 Light gear at my old job when a coworker clued me in our local maintenance vendor has to resort to buying spares on eBay to service our system. I suggested snagging the parts and waiting for a part to fail and selling it back to the maintenance vendor at overly inflated prices...
  7. I haven't seen two-stage dialing on Inmar. I'm not sure who Inmarsat routes through if only because they're a UK-based company. I do see that my data connections go through an APN at Stratos Communications here States-side in Florida despite Facebook believing I'm logging in geolocated to India... I did come across this document - http://www.inmarsat.com/support/carrier/- which mentions something curious for the new GlobalXpress platform: Calls to these numbers should be at no more than US$0.15 per minute retail fee, thus offering a reliable and inexpensive way to contact Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) customers. Too bad GX will probably be too expensive for me to get near...
  8. Funnily the cheapest service I've seen for a "local" DID was SatCollect; a company who charges $10/month for the number then $1.35/minute for inbound voice calls. I looked into doing an Asterisk call-back style setup but I can't find any VOIP carriers that will come close to touching SatCollect's termination rates. And if it costs me less to call out than to receive in, it's easier for the caller to just send me a text via <number>@message.inmarsat.com on their cell. They pay for their SMS, then I just take the ~$0.85-ish a minute. As ThoughtPhreaker puts it though, for international calls it's one price per minute no matter the country (except for, of course, BGAN to other satphone calls - interconnect rates between Inmar and Irid are upwards of $10+ a minute outbound!). Anyone got some North Korean numbers to call?
  9. Sadly my Explorer 300 doesn't have ISDN support as it's a low-end BGAN. I have the options of data streaming though (a dedicated 32k or 64k IP channel), but my SIM isn't provisioned to use BGAN Streaming IP - if I ask my provider to switch, I have to lose my remaining precious ~100 voice minutes left. Inmar uses a "units" system: 1 unit per minute of voice, .5 unit per outbound SMS (inbound is free - including email-to-SMS), and 9.1 units per megabyte of data.
  10. I've tried the data calls. I can establish to Seattle Community Network and it works - though I get a lot of dropped calls. Same with Direct Internet - got TCP acceleration kicking in in a VM and was able to surf over Iridium. I didn't know about the 8816 number for the test number -- Iridium strangely tells users to just call the +1 468 number and it'll be airtime free. My Iridium number is 8816-325 and it's a prepaid account. BTW -- it is an RS232 data connection to the phone (Iridium 9505A) running into a USB-serial adapter. I'm going to dig a bit more deeply into Inmarsat though as I move along -- Inmar airtime is surprisingly cheap (less than $0.90/minute and 2 year expiry versus Irid's upwards of $3/minute for 90 days!). I'm on the 870 77 prefix - 77 for BGAN. And the BGAN was a steal -- $375 for an Explorer 300!
  11. I managed to pick up a fairly cheap Iridium and Inmarsat terminals on eBay - and got them activated. Anyone here phreak with satphones?