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  1. That's an ex-Centel office in Hillsborough, NC- just north of me in Chapel Hill. That's interesting about the 4ESS though, but... 919-562-9999 is an ex-United/CT&T office in Wake Forest. I seem to get an intercept from an unknown source with it- the recording does not have the insane Southern drawl that office had when I had a line on it 10 years ago. Oh, Jane Barbe: 919-304-9999. That's a Stromberg-Carlson DCO in Mebane, NC that once belonged to a hole in the wall independent that morphed into Madison River Communications, then got bought by CenturyTel around 2006. It's the only thing CenturyTel ever had in NC.
  2. Interesting. Did you notice it also has independents in it too? HLBONCXBDS0 is in there- that's the CenturyLink CO that the numbers in my last post are on.
  3. 919-643-9999. Intercept saying you must dial the area code first. This switch also has bizarre handling of out of service numbers. Try 919-732-9999 (same switch), it's not in service. You'll probably get a reorder tone, endless ringing, or an intercept from your telco. Maaaaaybe this switch will give you its intercept if you're lucky. (If you hear "zero two seven C", then you got lucky)