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  1. Google is finally doing something with Grandcentral, and I'm really excited about it. Google has out done them selves with this one. The interface looks similar to gmail, and they have added several new features. I see some 2600 articles coming on this topic. It's so much better than before, it's like having a simple asterisk box that I don't have to manage. I can think of a few things google shutdown when we tried it, I'd bet they forget to block some actions during the transition, could be an opportunity for exploration. https://www.google.com/voice/about
  2. I'm assuming you're not dealing with any CLECs (small telcos), the rules don't apply to all of them. If you live too far away to be able to request the number on a land line, than you live to far away to port the number to your cell. It's called LOCAL number portability. Now assuming you still live in the same LATA, and could have the number, your problem will be getting the number back. Most telcos don't like giving vanity numbers for regular local exchange numbers. If you're using a different telco than you are SOL, unless you can get your buddy to do it for ya. If you think it might still work, let us know what carriers we're talking about. To find out what LATAs are involved go to bell's mind and look up your old number, and the your new neighbors number. If the LATA numbers are different, than forget it.
  3. I've been on the road a lot lately with a new job. But, I've been coming up with this idea that if we get enough people will really bring it back (hopefully). I'm going to run some stuff by thoughtphreaker. Anybody else that has some time that they would be willing to donate give me a PM and I'll tell you what I'm thinking about. It's the right time, the holidays are coming up, last year from a week before thanksgiving to just after new years the scene was going crazy with all the people. Hopefully we can harness and maintain that power this time around. So be alert stuff is going to happen this winter. But, don't wait get some guys together and scan out an entire exchange. Don't wait for other people to do something, do something and expect other people to try and catch up. Don't say you can't think of anything to do if you haven't scanned for a while, you're bound to find something fun to play with (Faceman inc. does not advocate playing with anything).
  4. Here is a web based one that I has always worked for me. http://www.dialabc.com/sound/detect/index.html
  5. samo, where ya been man, haven't heard you from ya in a while. still alive?

  6. So... Where is it?
  7. Just to clarify feel free to ask questions. just don't ask for anything on a silver plater.

  8. You seem to ask a lot of very fed like questions. 1. This is not the want ads. 2. regular text works just fine. 3. STFU and stop asking for shit.

  9. let the phreak games begin
  10. Ron Paul didn't help any, he didn't vote at all.
  11. best damned avatar ever.

  12. I'm sorry i don't know what you mean by CDRs. No caller ID is not illegal because if the end office receives a privacy bit from the originating office then "blocked" is sent instead off the CID info. By forwarding the line to an 800 you're are eliminating the privacy bit from the call. Now, i'm not a lawyer, but the way i understand it, if you receive a call with a privacy bit, and you get that number any way other than the CID failing to block, you just broke the law. Now it's slightly more complicated than that, both the legal aspect and the tech portion, but i'm not in the mood to right it all out when i know for a fact that you can search these forums and find all this information.
  13. I was just telling somebody yesterday i wanted to lease a phone from at&t. I'm highly considering signing up for this. how cool would that be?
  14. yeah it works, it's also against federal trap and trace laws. I would highlight section 3121 sub-section "d" which states the following: "Whoever knowingly violates subsection (a) shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both." It's commonly referred to in the scene as a CPN trap. It used to be called an ANI trap until everybody got the idea that the ANI isn't being trapped, the CPN is. You can look at the stickied thread in Old Skool Phreaking by strom for more information about the terms.
  15. Some stuff happened. We'll get it back, just not sure when.