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  1. Yes, nyphonejacks - not a good piece of communication equipment to have, but I am intrigued by the challenge to fix this fault. Notwithstanding the poor build quality, I guessed there would be a utility to change/update the MAC address as reset doesn't probably work if the EEPROM chip that stores the MAC is corrupted. Polycom is the way to go after this I agree.
  2. mSparks thanks for your reply. I inferred that the MAC address is corrupted because the flash chip that stores it has gone bad...Sorry for sounding like a 'newbie' but does your above suggestion mean I could have same MAC addresses assigned to 2 or more phones but unique IPs configured in the Call Manager and the phones should still work fine and not produce any conflict on the network? Is there any software utility that helps re-assign/update MAC addresses on the phone a.k.a. reset?
  3. Hi I have an old faulty Cisco IP phone 7960 that has an assigned MAC address (also visible on the sticker). Since CISCO has discontinued support for it, I tried to debug the problem with it myself. I figured out that the mac address of the device is most likely corrupted. Is there a way (or a software program) that I can use to reset the MAC that is apparently stored in a flash chip on the phone PCB? Appreciate any quick help on this.