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  1. us cellular which sucks
  2. The main problem is there is no web browser, they only have one and that costs $5 a month just for soft ware,also no aim client i know of and i meant more than just changing what you can change normally.
  3. run a web browser maybe or mainly customize
  4. If anyone who has this phone or is good at software modding where do you get started trying to mod this cell phone. yes i have google search bringing up absolute shit. there is a micro sd card slot and a usb attachment for it. so any help would be great full.
  5. Would you mind taking a screen shot?
  6. This seams intresting does any one know how this virus runs. If you are wondering why, i just thought it is very interesting.
  7. RAR Password Cracker 4.xx is shareware
  8. Does any one know of a open source .rar password cracker?
  9. I was thinking maybe that concert green.
  10. Count me in. Damn wireless keyboard.
  11. What are some of the hacker projects for this summer.
  12. Sweetness, progress has been made!
  13. does anyone know what company made these kick ass business cards