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  1. Hey guys, hope everybody's alright.. Anyway, back to the point.. After scanning a couple of IP's, I've found 3 open ports (161,123,53).. Now I've done a bit of searching, and the only thing I've learned is that they're UPD ports.. Im just wondering if anybody has experience with these ports? Exploits? How can I cause some damage!! Appreciate any help or references.. thanks for reading.
  2. Is it possible to actually pull off the stereotypical "hack" into somebody's "Hacking" into somebody's computer, opening up their C:\ drive as you would your own, stealing files, deleting files and the rest of it.. Or does it need to be done with command lines/any other method (If any at all)... Just trying to answer a question for a friend.. Thanks.
  3. Some guy said he could hack my computer... and cause me "serious amounts of damage".
  4. Hey guys, Im wanting to move into the "hacking" scene, purely because I love to learn and I really do find this stuff fascinating... To start me off, I've decided I want to work on a little project involving a prank on friends etc.. Keylogging. I dont know why I picked this in all honesty, just seemed interesting at the time.. At the moment, im working my way through a c/c++ tutorial, with a little python background, In hope that I can write things like this for myself in future without help.. and basically, I'd just like a few pointers, or tips so-to-speak. Ill start off by saying what it is im trying to create: .I want to be able to write (with help/pointers, or have a simular project presented to me, so I can read the code and figure out whats happening) a keylogger I send to the victims computer. .I want the programme to execute itself (hidden) and record input (like a normal logger) and somehow get those results back to me on MY HDD (Email? I dont know how) or atleast be retrievable? (Is the only way of getting these results to gain access to the victims computer?) If this sounds a little too unrealistic, please do say.. After all, I'm here to learn and learn is what I want to do.. so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, take care.
  5. Thanks alot mate, appreciate the help.
  6. Hello, great forums, look forward to spending many hours on them. Learning lots and lots