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  1. I've modded a few xboxen. If your can't afford a modchip, lookup how to do the softmods (it seems xbox-scene.com is still the place to find tuts). IMO, xboxmediacenter is the way to go. You can stream videos/music over your local network (great for torrentjunkies like me), and you can ftp into it and stash files. But yeah, I'll agree with Alk3, it is quite time-consuming. I took extra time to be extra careful because there is a signifigant chance you'll brick your xbox.
  2. I'm going.
  3. I'm typing this post on an Averatec laptop, the 3225HS or something like that. It's in the ultra-portable class of laptops. I got it as a gift (I asked for an IBM, but got this instead). The battery failed within 6 months, but I was able to claim manufacturers warranty. When the manufacturer got it, they replaced the battery, hard drive, and power supply. Not long after that, the machine would heat up so bad that it would shut down. It was no longer under manufacturers warranty, but the person who bought it shelled out for the big-box extended warranty so it took one more trip to RMA. But this time, it didn't go to the manufacturer, it went to a different repair center, and when I got it back the spacebar won't space if you hit it on the right side and there fucking crumbs on the keyboard. It still heats up, but not to the point of shutdown, and it is a pain in the ass to completley back everything up and then DBAN every time I have a problem. So unless your getting a really good deal, or the person your buying it from has already had problems with it, I would save your money.
  4. Well now we know what kind of barcode the scanners are looking for, provided the venue is using scanners for that event.
  5. Yeah the RAM and CPU are soldered onto the board. If memory serves me right, the form factor for the board won't fit into a standard atx case, same with the PSU. That and the proprietary power cord for the dvd drive is pretty short as well.
  6. You can find python scripts for xbox media center that will let you browse things like launch.com, comedycentral.com, and some others. You can just watch the videos, no ads or anythings.
  7. Why doesn't someone call and ask? 18 or 21 to rent a room?
  8. I dunno about the how and why, but I've covered my debit card magstripe in scotch tape to stop card read errors. Then again, theres a few gas stations that I don't go to because thier card readers are crap.
  9. ah, undernet, the scum of irc.
  10. I think shmoocon attendees got a copy of this. Downloading now
  11. Yeah, everyone has a different answer for this because everyone is looking for different things. I use debian on my desktop but it seems like a *bsd would be more suitable for server use.
  12. There are a TON of student record/grade keeping applications. Usually you can shoulder surf the name of the app they use and research from there. And no, they are usually not accessable via an outside network, unless your school has a very brave/stupid sysadmin.
  13. This has been out for awhile - I'm still kinda sore about the xchat team charging for windows binaries.
  14. I know Dell motherboards won't fit into off the shelf cases. I'm not sure about the other OEM's.
  15. I remember theatres used to have a thing before the previews reminding people to turn their cell phones off. I liked this, because sometimes I would forget and this would remind me. But they don't use this tactic anymore (at least in my local theatre), probably because they used that time to run commercials. However, I'm one of the people that thinks this is a good idea, as long as they let people know that their shit won't work past a certain point in the theatre. Also, they need to lock that shit down so people don't crank up the signal on it (or whatever) so then people in the parking lot can't use their phone.