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  1. I found this one, I didnt take it
  2. Hmm, I wonder if 9108/9 is the standard arrangement for loops on Redcom machines? Wawina (MDX384) has a loop on those extensions as well. Should look up some others some night and try that pair on them. Yep, basically attenuated ringing voltage being sent in the reverse direction. Or in this age of T-carrier and packet networks, a binary representation of the sound of attenuated ringing voltage being sent in the reverse direction. (I thought the standard was 20 Hz?) ORCHWA01 also still has its old "city ring" machine in use, with the original superimposed ringback sound from the crosssbar days. Mistman the Magnificent has a recording of it in action on 360-25x that you can hear on http://mistman.pdp10.org/pub/phone/audio/5xrng_5e.7z observed through an inter box (since it is 5E you don't hear it going in the reverse direction, only the PTP ringback). I have also observed it on my 72x and 88x lines in that same office. If it still works why dump it? They still have an old city ring machine still in service? How old would something like that be? supposedly at 19:25 a power ring is heard here (going by a comment someone left, I have no idea if it's accurate) but it sounds different from the recording from mist man. mist man's recording almost sounds similar to my home phone line on an incoming call with the phone on the hook, lol I was almost expecting to hear the CID burst after the first ring. Did it sound this way originally or is this due to all the use over the years? Sorry about not answering this. Heh. So, the best way I can describe "power ring" is the audible equivalent of the electrical signal the phone company would send down your line to make your ringer go off when a call came in. Audibly, it sounds most like a 60Hz square wave. Iknow that's not it, but it's a "best fit" to my ear. I know Evan Doorbell has a recording out there that one of the calls has power ring and regular ring in the same placed call. If I find it, I'll link it. No problem, Thanks for getting back to me. Is the recording you were talking about the one I linked to? It was the only thing I could dig up.
  3. Could it be modem equipment for programming fire panels? "Accessories...DCP dial-in programming modem" - http://firequench-fire-alarms-nyc.com/fire-alarm-systems/communications-panels.html http://haineselectricsf.com/library/579-350.pdf or https://securecs.azsecurity.com/resources/7794_Manual.pdf ? I don't really know why that would dial out after it thought you disconnected though so maybe not.
  4. There are still step by steps in operation? It's amazing if that's the case. How old must they be by now? (715)564-6999 (715)564-6000 Are these on there you think? These are the only things I found after a real quick search on that exchange where the call sounds scratchy, and the numbers are not read off evenly, if that means anything ,Not that I claim to know..
  5. Why do all ringing or SIT numbers stay on the line for 3 minutes on 615-650? SIT messages keep in a loop for 3 minutes, numbers that ring out do so in 3 minutes. Does it have anything to do with being an older switch ? (The other 1AESS's I tried out didnt behave like this tho.. ) **Edit: Now I realize other errors and ringouts I tried in 212 behave the same way, except it's a different (far lesser) amount of time that the switch disconnects and I get sent to reorder (but uniform amongst different numbers I dialed). I guess I'm just looking for oddities that aren't there sometimes.The unending looping errors on 616-650 are really cool though and uncommon (for me), usually it's two repeats if any and straight to reorder. Is the blocked call recording Jane Barbe? Also, what tone is it that plays in the AIS that reads the number back? 2200Hz? Also, in your scan, what was that 2200Hz signal for on 9843,9833? 615-650-1.wav 615-650-2.wav 615-650-3.WAV
  6. Keep in mind that this was before AT&T was bought by SBC; it was strictly a long distance company. But yeah, you totally could replace the 4Es if you wanted to; AT&T was planning on doing that ten years ago. I'm guessing the reason they decided to supplement the switches instead had something to do with how flexible it was as a toll switch. Some Allstream guy on a mailing list said something like that, and if you look at how the 4ESSes serving intra-LATA traffic have fared (there's maybe a few left, if even? DMS-200s pretty much own that game), it makes sense. Thanks for the info! This forum is the best. (that mailing list is pretty fkin awesome as well..) *Edit: I saw that Allstream email yesterday, Pretty cool to have some inside insight.
  7. I think I read on wiki they intro'd the 4e's to replace the 4XB (crossbar number four) tandems for long distance. BTW, Thanks for the info
  8. Do they, have they, or would they be able to ever use a 5ESS for long distance tandems if the reverse case was true and they had excess capacity for local service? This is a downgrade in role for a 4ESS no? Edit** BTW theres another local one in Baltimore I believe (I think it is belonging to a CLEC). Pretty sure I saw it yesterday on telcodata but it was pretty late.
  9. Yeah DTRTMI = Detroit Michigan OKCYOK = OKC, OK It's taking up alot of time discovering stuff on the phone network but it's alot of fun and I want to experience these things before they're gone forever. Believe it or not, I get alot of interesting numbers using quotes and the inurl parameter on google, it's amazingly powerful. Edit**: Killed rant.. **Edit: What does the CG0 as opposed to DS0 (Digital Signal 0) stand for? 0 is for 64k lines, at least DS0, That much I think I know, what about CG?
  10. WASHDCSWDS8 301-821 is served from this switch and is AT&T local according to telcodata 301-821-9999 sounds like 4ESS tandems I have heard. Why would they have local service on a 4e?
  11. from searching "1aess" inurl:"telcodata.us" on google: https://www.telcodata.us/view-switch-detail-by-clli?clli=DTRTMIHGCG0 DTRTMIHGCG0 In Detroit DTRTMILXCG0 DTRTMITECG0 DTRTMITWCG0 DTRTMIUVCG0 DTRTMIVTCG0 FTWOTXJECG0 in Forth Worth Texas OKCYOKWICG0 in Oklahoma city from searching "1ess" inurl:"telcodata.us" on google: ABLNTXORCG0 WECO 1ESS Hi Lo in Orchard Texas (https://www.telcodata.us/view-switch-detail-by-clli?clli=ABLNTXORCG0) No idea if any of this info is up to date, depends on telcodata,which is usually pretty good (I think..).
  12. Cool, Thanks for the info, that clears up alot. That's a great one!
  13. I might have been a bit to excited and messed up on a few counts, But I will be mindful of this. Sometimes I get overly enthused.
  14. 615-650-0000 615-650-0001 <--- stays on the line for 3 minutes in a SIT loop 615-650-9999 <--- stays on the line for 3 minutes 615-650-0099 *6716156506666 <--- blocked calls not accepted error, stays on for 3 minutes 1AE
  15. Check this out ,unless telcodata and localcallingguide has outdated information http://www.localcallingguide.com/lca_prefix.php?switch=NSVLTNINCG0 https://www.telcodata.us/search-area-code-exchange-by-lata?lata=470 NSVLTNINCG0 NASHVILLE INGLEWOOD in TN is apparently still a 1ae Sorry NSVLTNINCG0 was listed....But in 2011..Im shot.. 615-650-0000 615-650-0001 <--- stays on the line for 3 minutes 615-650-9999 615-650-0099 I'm thinking (theory) all numbers of the same error type on the switch get pooled in one or a few "conferences" (most likely with voice filtering) with the AIS playing the particular appropriate error on repeat forever and any call (whether it is ringing or erroneous) disconnects at 3 minutes on that switch if it isn't supervised...am I right in assuming this is the reason these error numbers stay on the line for so long? If not what's the reason? EDIT**: *6716156500230 rang out for me and gave me a re-order at 3:00 into the call! All of this being opposed to a 212 switch where error messages will give reorders after 2 repetitions, and ring out takes 2 minutes. In any case the scratchy ancient sounding recordings, and the fact that the call does not disconnect until the 3 minute mark for every number I've tried in 615-650 confirms telcodata's,etc. data I would think. Somebody get some recordings if they can, I will try to as well when I get some downtime. NSVLTNINCG0 Switch name: NASHVILLE INGLEWOODSwitch type: 1AE