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  1. I thought kde did but I wasn't sure since I don't use it, anyway to mount it you have to have the cdrom device in /etc/fstab and type in the terminal "mount /dev/cdrom" , it may be different mine is /dev/hdc
  2. linux itself doesn't have a built in auto run but I think kde does. even if it doesn't it shouldn't be hard to find software that does it. also did you mount the disc?
  3. thebroken did that? I thought I was the only one that missed it
  4. I almost want one of these but I don't want to carry a computer and a video camera around all the time
  5. its microsoft you know that they will get a patent for it, then they'll try to say that it was an idea that was stolen from them during the source code leak. The general public buys it and everyone that knows the difference is screwed
  6. was thinking the samething, other than that its great. has nice eye candy and still has quick loading times
  8. Kevin Rose probably doesn't even know how to solder. Wouldn't surprise me. Also on tech tv when he was giving his "dark tips" about menuetOS he admits to know NOTHING about programming. I saw thought but menuetOS is written in asm so i just thought nothing of it
  9. tell me that Ramzi is just a bad joke, and what is with these guys and destroying laptops? yeah that modding scene was crap, they could have atleast said more about the "secret files" or actually put a chip in one of th other systems
  10. its out, get it now
  11. IE may suck but there is a lot of IE only sites
  12. I think it was actually ported by mainsoft who appear to be the source of the leaked code. So I'm thinking that a great deal of the leaked code could be compiled using mainwin
  13. anyone know about this? there is unix port of IE 4 made by microsoft. I just found this out
  14. yeah but they opened with </p>
  15. I've been waiting for the new season but then after awhile just forgot