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  1. That browser did not work with usb ethernet? I have a memory of using it with one before. I know I played Tony Hawk online with that adapter.
  2. I am not sure but I think if you are able to trade a file with the name in question you will be directly conected and be able to get its IP address.
  3. Just wanted to mention Torrent Flux. It is great for a dedicated torrent box. It is all web based so once it is set up it is very easy to work with from anywhere. It is also great if you need multiple users.
  4. yeah 9 bucks a year may just break the bank
  5. You said it "appears to not be working" what have you tried to see that it is not working? Check your logs and dmesg. Check lsusb. Check lspci.
  6. They may not be ignorant about someone else being able to use the internet but may be ignorant about people sniffing the traffic on the network.
  7. the GRand Unified Bootloader
  8. When I first decided I needed a good book to explain shell things to me I got Linux Shells by Example. I always have this book on m desk because it go into detail not only the bash and tcsh shells but also grep, sed, and awk or gawk. I totally recommend this book for anyone that wants to really use the command shell. I forgot to mention that on Amazon it is only 6 bucks used. I spent about 45 on it.
  9. you could do it with this sed 's/,/\n/'g daynumbers.txt | sort | uniq -c | sort -r > counted.txt the reason it goes to a file is because that is a long list. You could always put that in a bash script also. #!/bin/bash if [ ! -e "$1" ] then echo "$1 does not exist." exit fi if [ $# != 2 ] then sed 's/,/\n/'g $1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -r else sed 's/,/\n/'g $1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -r > $2 fi with this code either call it with just the name of the file you need counted to print to the terminal or call it with the file you need counted and the name of a file to store it in. Just remember that it will overwrite that file. I always find that kind of stuff easier to do with all the cool unix tools.
  10. I always make sure ethernet over firewire is not set in my kernel because on most of my systems it will show up as eth0 and I don't thing I will ever use it that way anyway.
  11. Your link is retarded. I think the first part of that is the radical part. If you know anything bout the film you would know that Kaiser is a big target so a study by them may be a bit bias. Not saying his film is not bias, but that when a film attacks an insurance company and the insurance company provides it's own study to prove it wrong may be even worse. I do not know what he had to gain than another big box office from this film by attacking the insurance companies. This whole part kind of sickens me. I do not get why anyone should be condemed to death with out proper care just because they do not fit the proper mold to be "insurable". We are human and should help each other whenever possible. In the U.S. we spend a whole lot of money on health care only because we do not want to spend it to keep people healthy, only after they get sick do we care. Not all governments suffer from "cash shortfalls and ballooning budget deficits". The U.S spends more money in war than anything else. In my opinion it is pointless war and that money would be way better spent on healthcare for everyone. No one ever said that private insurance would be outlawed. This is a ridiculous argument. I do not think any American would be against private health care along side a public system. This paragraph also says that the same surgery was declined by both private and public systems so I do not see how private wins on that one. So many things in government are destroyed by conservatives in office trying to get private business the "business" . You only need to look at schools with the underfunded "No Child Left Behind" program to all the standardized testing that make some group of tests more important than actually knowing anything. Some people may not agree with how I feel but just remember that when you let cooperations run the world you will only get as good as the last guy needed to get his bonus before he takes off. I need to let you all knoiw I was drunk while I made this post so it may or may not reflect my views on assholes
  12. That is probably a problem with how you burned your cd.
  13. just being the same computer does not make it have the same ip. Like I said earlier can you reach in from inside your lan. If your Gentoo box has an ip of say then can you get to it from another computer using that address from another box on your lan.
  14. What distro do you use because the easy way would be to use your distro's driver for the ipw3945.
  15. This could be caused by many different things. I would first test that you can reach it from another box on the local network to rule that out. If you are sure that it is not your port forwarding then this should also not work but if it does work than you may need to make some changes to your router. Another thing you can check is your configuration file for apache. Look for a line that starts with Listen. if it is set to only listen to the loopback interface you would have this problem. All you have to do is remove the IP address from the Listen line but do not remove the port number. That will make it Listen on all interfaces.