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  1. /me walks by and burps /me then tries to find the "add reply" button... /me found it
  2. "Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix." -Christina Baldwin
  3. Aren't they dead?
  4. Ooh, me rikey.
  5. I hate when people say that. Don't you? In other words, Staaaank where you at? Don't act like you don't know me and I can't spam ya board
  6. How the hell did our crappy show make it onto I'm honored
  7. Any and all knowledge was purely unintentional.
  8. Well you know...can't let folks think I Gogganed out or anything
  9. You're too kind. We're hoping to have a one shot soon. I think we're well past our Hackermind years, but once a hacker, A L W A Y S a hacker.
  10. Wish I had an interesting story to tell to explain my absence...but alas, nope. Yours truly has been a systems analyst for the past year. On top of that, I've teamed up with a new tuners if you can believe it. Already got chased away by cops for having my ride parked in a lot with about...*cough* 40 or 50 others lol Thanks to Stank's advice I got an '03 Hyundai (shaddup) Tiburon. It's a 5 speed 4 banger, but I'm working on getting an Alpine turbo in yes, once again, I'm doing a lot of reading. In the computer scene I'm still going strong. No shows or anything, but Dash and I are determined to bring Hackermind back for a one-shot (at least). Thanks to work I've been able to dig into Pro 5 shit and can finally use my computer skills for evi--er, good. I'm lucky because my employers know what hackers are and happily let the stickers stay on my new lappy and love my 2600 articles (so it's official, 3 people like them). But regardless, they pay like shit so I'm finding something else lol Anyway, that's about it...oh, Dash is a Reserve Sheriff (AKA PIG), yes, that's right lol but that's all I got to say for now.
  11. Call me Bobby Fischer... ...ya know, without the anti-semitism and generally psychotic behavior
  12. Taught the old man everything he knows lol
  13. Yeah Stank, God damn!
  14. I'll be looking into it later. Doesn't look serious though, I still have access to my account on there.
  15. Just to add my $.02, I too have often found phrack rather tedious to read through. It's not that I don't enjoy the subject matter, it's that it gets so detailed that you're left struggling to sort out the main facts from the added fluff. Honestly, there have been tons of GREAT articles in there...but unless you're the most obsessed coder on the planet, I doubt you want to pore through 23 pages dedicated to a single function. Then again, phrack IS geared to programmers (at least it is now anyway, there was a time when they had phreaking articles, and plenty of lame anarchy stuff...but just like Kevin Bacon starring in Friday the 13th, they like to forget about that now). If you're just starting out, you won't find phrack to be of much help. Once you've moved past the basics of programming, you'll find it to be a wealth of information...but like I said, sometimes it's a bit too much.
  16. I just got a brand spankin new Nortel Networks IP Phone installed in my office, which links me up with the corporate office and the rest of IT (I can even hear their intercom system over there). So the boss calls up, and says "Hey, since this system is new, we'd like you to just play around with the phone and see what you can find." For those that know me, you know my inspection was quite thorough I think they're still wondering who that was on the intercom over there lol
  17. Just wanted to shout out everyone I saw at The Fifth Hope, and I'm sorry Dash and I decided to leave so early. After getting placed on the 13th floor(!) things seemed to go downhill...we couldn't see the panels we wanted (security guards decided it was time to enforce the fire laws they'd been ignoring for every other panel when Kevin came on)...Emmanuel basically rolled his eyes at the idea of getting a picture with Dash...Kevin was too busy to realize that Robert Steele was trying to get a picture with the three of us in laptop's power cord decided to stop working so the network room became pointless...ah the list goes on. Fortunately, Dash still has tomorrow, and we intend to hang out and cause plenty of chaos. I hope others managed to see Kevin and Woz, and had a great time. And regardless of this one bad experience, you can bet your ass we'll be there for the next one. mut3 - Always cool seein ya, and I loved the greeting "What's up, mutha fuckas?" Sub - Nice meetin ya, sorry we couldn't hang out some more. Stank - Come on, you know I couldn't just come out and say it was me Nice meetin ya, hope we can grab a beer someday. Grammar - Wish we could have gotten back to that network room, and sorry I stole your cat5
  18. Get pissed at the FDNY? Is that allowed? I mean, they have those hats all around the city.... lol I was never upset with any one security guard, but I found it ironic that everytime I tried to do something security was there keeping me away. Thank god for Robert Steele and his pushing back, that's all I'm saying. Stank - Dick? Dude, you were the nicest guy I met... ...but don't let that go to your head, we still gotta flame the hell out of each other lol (but between me and you, I loved those Bin Rev's )
  19. I'm referring mainly to the guards that decided to suddenly kick people from the aisles when he gave his speech, even though sitting there was allowed during every other panel. It pushed me 300 feet back, and since I couldn't even see him from there, I decided to leave. Never did get to hear him speak. But also, I managed to get a snapshot of my buddy Dash with Kevin and Robert Steele, that was cool...until security started trying to keep us away. Thankfully Robert Steele pushed THEM away, and let me get up alongside Kevin for another shot. Of course, some asshole had to start talkin to Kevin so he wasn't even aware his picture was being taken again. *sigh* After such a great H2K2, The Fifth Hope was a major disappointment for me I hate that, I waited so long and strived to have a good time...and then my god damn laptop crapped out on the second day...ooh I could go on and on. Thankfully I came back and had a great time with my buddy. We drank, played video games, fought off robbers...and like I've said before, I'm not kidding about any of that lol
  20. You sure missed: Asshole security guards not letting people see Kevin. Crowds that would leave you five hundred feet away from the panels you wanted to see. An empty network room. Panels that were depressing as shit. And my personal fave... Emmanuel Goldstein acting like an asshole for a photo request.
  21. /me bounces off the walls Fifth HOPE! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sorry, calm now
  22. I'm looking forward to an hour long choo choo ride right into Grand Central
  23. *sigh* Putting them on slashdot will not only DoS the living fuck out of them, but also get about 7,000,000 ubergeeks emailing them lol
  24. Come on now, be the very least someone should mention these guys on slashdot. :devil: