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  1. I use the Samsung A990, mainly because of the camera (3.2MP). Pretty good for the states.
  2. Thanks Strom. The second I realized there was a typo I knew you'd go nuts. I deserve it though.
  3. EDIT: My bad. I can't speak proper English and messed up the title. Stupid me.
  4. I'm definately going to try to make it to this. Or defcon. Or both.
  5. I knew them too. Both of them seem to have dropped off of the face of the earth, however.
  6. That was pretty cool, as always, Doug. Makes me wanna go to defcon even more than I do now.
  7. Do you have two hard drives, or just one?
  8. Just a comment on LOTR: the extended version of ROTK will be 4 hours long.
  9. That is friggen leet. Congrats guys!
  10. They recorded one that they aren't going to release for the 22nd and they lost the one from the 15th.
  11. oooh i'd totally prank call ppl
  12. Just got done listening. EXCELLENT show guys!
  13. Just out of curiosity, what didn't you like?
  14. It depends on if you are getting a 4th generation iPod or a 3rd. Your store may still have the third generations [for cheaper!]. With the 4Gs, all that comes in the box with the 20GB iPod is the iPod itself, earbud headphones, AC adapter, FireWire cable, and apparently a USB 2.0 cable. The 40GB iPod has a dock as well. With the 3rd generation iPod, the USB 2.0 cable must be purchased separately, and a dock was included with both the 20 and 40GB models, since there was a 15GB model as well [with no dock]. Although not listen on Apple's site, I assume that the 40GB 4G also comes with a remote and carrying case. I have a 3G 20GB, and I highly recommend the iPod! If your store has both the 3G and 4G iPods, make sure to try out both before buying...personally I like the 3G better, but thats just because I'm used to it. I'd also recommend getting some extra headphones if you have the money. The ones Apple gives you are pretty low quality. The Sony EX51LP's are pretty popular, as are the 71s.
  15. New design's looking good doug.