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  1. I liked Irongeek's video for truecrypt, but that has to be installed I think. Here's the Vid anyway...Its SWF format. Watch it for a general idea if you haven't seen it before. I'll have a look around for you btw. [edit] http://portablefreeware.com/?id=199 This tells you how to make truecrypt portable You still need administrator rights to get trucrypt to run
  2. Cool thx, i was wondering when that would show up.
  3. My first install was Fedora, ut i delidet the day after and installet Slackware and it was a dream come true
  4. Hey I got 2 questions about a asterisk box I am going to setup now I watched a TechCentric episode a while ago and saw it again I registered on freeworlddialup.com and when I tried to register on ipkall.com I got a problem What’s a SIP Phone number and how do I get 1? My guess is that it’s something I get when I setup my asterisk box but I’m not sure And I can first setup my box in 2 weeks so I just wanted to be sure And have done some of the work when I install the box Ps. First topic here so don’t kill me ;D if anything is wrong.
  5. Thx ;D just the info i needet
  6. If shipping to Deenmark wasent so "coasty" then i would order alot of books
  7. Nice site thx ;D Remindes me of this site http://www.phenoelit.de/dpl/dpl.html But i like youres better
  8. I just fast checked what some flash cards cost in Denmark "in a shop" I know but the shop isn't the cheapest so you can probably find some cheaper another place. Kingston CompactFlash Elite Pro, 512MB 35$ Kingston CompactFlash Elite Pro, 1GB 52$ Kingston CompactFlash Elite Pro, 2GB 85$ Kingston CompactFlash Elite Pro, 4GB 190$ Kingston CompactFlash Elite Pro, 8GB 430$ But hey danish computer prices are high.
  9. I wouldn't recommend it, cause if you use an HDD insted of a flash card you can "bang your memory into pieces" meaning that the harddisk isn't as solid as a flashcard and I have had an external HDD going bad for moving it every week 1 time, and that's not alot, and surely not as much as you would with an mp3 player. The only time i would make "if i could" an mp3 player with an HDD would be if i made a backpack with it built in with a lot of support and foam not to damage the HDD.
  10. Hmm does anyone know if its realy free if say i was gonna order 1 to denmark? like no fee for shipping or anything
  11. Great Episode, keep the good work up!
  12. Yep its realy good, have seen all the episodes. Can only recomed it
  13. Nah i dident, Come on the guy dances whit Crocks
  14. Its sad that hes dead, and in sutch a unusual way, killed by a approximately 2 meters long Sting-Ray.