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  1. I always recommend leaving the hostname in (unless of course it's just one box) just due to the fact it gets to be a big PITA when you have multiple terms opened to multiple boxes. Oops. I ran reboot on the wrong box. Just a sysadmin pov. So, how long did it take you to type all that out?
  2. That's a good point. I don't mind if my users try to 'break' something. As long as they inform me that they are trying things out. I appreciate the results that I get from them and it offers some learning for them, but I don't like it going on without me knowing (Meaning that I know, but I was not told beforehand). Doing it this way has rewards for all parties involved. But, if I am not told about something that a user is doing and I catch it, then that's it. They're gone.
  3. You can set your hostname in the /etc/sysconfig/network file.
  4. Two things to try: One, run it with the whole path. ie: /path/to/restart. If that works, then you've got some weird system problem. Two, it may not be complaining about not finding the script itself, but maybe something within the script, put a -x after your bangpound ie: !#/bin/bash -x (the -x works with sh and ksh if you're using those instead of bash. If you're using csh/tcsh for scripting, you should be slapped ) The -x will put it in debug mode and you'll see what's missing if that's the case. hth.
  5. No, this is my <insert company name here> Federal Credit Union.
  6. haha. no doubt. So that's why I put a friends address and an email that routes to /dev/null.
  7. I agree. Credit Unions suck. Though, IMO, it's easier to get a loan from a cu then it is to get one from a bank. But that's about the only good thing. WTF? This has absolutely nothing to do with the difference between a credit union and a bank. EVERY place, whether it is bank or credit union, relies on computer information, and both would be just as fucked if someone managed to walk out with their main computer. And I gretly prefer credit unions. I like to earn interest on my savings accounts =D You are right, the ability to steal a computer has nothing to do with the differences of banking between the two. My statement about them sucking was meant as an overall view. I was not thinking about the theft of computers as being a difference. Earning interest is nice though
  8. I agree. Credit Unions suck. Though, IMO, it's easier to get a loan from a cu then it is to get one from a bank. But that's about the only good thing.
  9. Good point, but that is not the case. I asked a few other people (5 total) about it and sure enough, they all received the same call and their credit cards have been cancelled also. I do have to say though that I wish I knew where the box was so I could go snooping around. :devil:
  10. Well, I don't have an account with my company's credit union. But, one of my coworkers got a call from them this morning telling him that there was a problem with his credit card. Turns out that somebody stole one of the credit unions PC's. Also turns out that his PC stored all the information for every customer. Credit Card information, personal information, SSN's, etc. So how scary is that. Now the real fun part. Our credit union is in our building, which is protected by security guards at every entrance/exit. I would love to know 1) How they managed to get the PC out of the credit union in the first place and 2) How they managed to get it out of the credit union _and_ out of the building. I would say the possible culprits could be the cleaning people, but they do not have access to the credit union afterhours (unless somebody has a key ) Anyhow, they have cancelled all credit cards and are reissuing, etc. I put this in hacking due to the fact of what you could do with the information on that PC. I never did like our credit union.
  11. CERT sent out an email about how they are parterning with NCSD and how the cert alerts are going to contain much more information from other organizations and such and will provide much more technical details, etc. But, I don't know if I have much faith in any government organization at this point, especially one that is a part of Homeland Security. Like USA today said yesterday, We weren't _all_ wrong..
  12. I'm not so much 'anti-windows' (even though I come across so), I'm just tired of hearing the same shit come out against it and all Microsoft does is try to change the perception of the people that it _is_ getting better. If they put out a decent, secure product that would not have my damn parents' calling me for support every week or telling me they think they got infected by some lameass virus, then I'm more than willing to support the use of windows. I don't think windows needs to be a server OS, but as far as desktop use, fine. Just fix the broken shit!
  13. Yes, this is true, but having a dominant OS is not the problem. Having a dominant OS that is run by a company of trained monkeys is the issue. Let's say that mac did r00l the planet and they coded somewhat securely, but they conformed to already written standards and were timely about their patches and their patches worked. I don't think we'd be having a conversation similar to this one. It'd be more about things like, "I can't believe they didn't include this feature" or "I can't believe they implemented that serial number bullshit" or even "I can't believe it's not butter" I don't know where that last one came from.
  14. #1. You can't look at it under a microscope. It's windows. That's illegal. But... Less websites? It was posted in another thread that if people were not able to use Windows, then they would be forced to use something else, therefore forcing companies to build applications for whatever that 'something else' is. So, you say less websites, I say bullshit. Linux would not be as good as it is -- I don't know if I should even respond to this one. Linux did not come about because of Windows. It came about because he wanted something more than what minix had to offer. Linux would be good no matter if windows was around or not. It's stable, can be made secure easily, and is open. All of which Windows is not. Less programs? Refer to my Less Websites response. It's all about marketshare. If every windows user were to quit using windows and switched to mac/linux/solaris/whatever then you think all the companies aren't going to switch to. I'm going to have to find that other thread. Microsoft has changed the internet, like I said in my original post. They changed it. For the worse. Sure, hackers/crackers abuse the net. Let's take the ratio of windows users and hackers/crackers. I won't play like I know those stats, but I'm willing to bet that it's around maybe 5 or 10% of the windows user base. So, abuse at that point is very slim and wouldn't cause a hiccup like it does these days. The only reason the net gets abused by hackers/crackers these days is _because_ of windows. The ability to set up a botnet of 24,000 windows hosts by a single hacker/cracker is pathetic. That's abuse. What was the root cause? Windows. Ok, so schools and such are using computers. Nothing new. And they can get that same wealth of knowledge using something else. And no matter what, the information would be out there, because like I said, if people are forced to change, then they will, and the knowledge would transfer over. And especially now that people have had a taste of the internet, that change would be even more rapid. 10,000 plus years of learning at your fingertips. Exactly, not 10,000 plus years depending on your OS. No matter what, it would have been there. And uh, UNIX was geared for the internet and vice versa. If it were geared for microsoft, we'd all be running around trying to find out about netbios addressing. People learned about linux by reading stuff from other people that were using Linux, not from people that were programming/running Windows. Jeez. Yes, it all made sense. You have been brainwashed by windows update.
  15. fluxbox.