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  1. Interesting to see a negative rep point on a post... Wish I knew why. Heh.

    1. tekio


      Just speak your mind and let the haters hate.  This is why I don't like likes. makes people worry too much about what other's "like" or don't like. 

  2. 40 is the new 21, right? Then how come it feels like 100?

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    2. ThoughtPhreaker


      Er, did I say months? I meant weeks. Heh. I'm not *that* old ;P

    3. tekio


      What? 25? mid-20's should be the best times of your life. Young enough to be able to screw up. Old enough to drink and make some money. 

    4. JCSwishMan33


      I <3 you guys. Heh.

  3. We're sorry, but the number you've dialed was lost in the 70's. Please figure out time travel, then try your call again.

  4. Time to start some new research... Yay!