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  1. 355 is a DMS-10, yeah. But 309 is a mix of companies. Think my TWC service is probably some virtual switch, but... I guess it's more of an education practice than anything? Heh.
  2. The voices are definitely different. The ANAC sounds Pat Fleet-ish, but I don't think it's her. The 800-555 sounds kind of like the standard recording for the area here, but I can't be confident in that. I'll be at home all day tomorrow, so I'll try to get some recordings early. They'll be rough, because I have no in-line recording equipment, but I'll do my best! Also, I'm going to listen to that Evan Doorbell PSR tape, see if my switch is anything like the DMS-10 in there.
  3. I'll happily start running through this particular switch to see what's there, trying to bother as few people as possible. Heh. Basically at this point, I need to get a general plan together. -XXXX numbers that tend to drop info, tests, etc., special quirks about the DMS-10s to look for, maybe outside numbers to test against for differences. I know some of this has been put out there throughout the forum, but I want to gather everything in one spot to have offline... Especially if I do any wandering around this holiday season. I won't say "phone trip", because who knows if I'll actually be going anywhere. Heh.
  4. I think the TelcoData data may be less weird, and more useful, than we think: 1) The thousands group listed there (309-4) does actually coorespond to the fact that the service I'm using is indeed through TWC... But oddly, no CLLI is listed. Everything has to go through somewhere, right? 2) Pulling up the info for both CLLIs... The Elyria switch (ELYROHXAPS0) has nothing listed for it, other than the fact that Windstream is served from it out of the 309 exchange. The LaGrange switch (LGRNOHXA355) has the 3 exchanges (including 309), the companies that are served out of it (to include TWC), and actual switch data labelling it as a NorTel DMS-10, etc. It makes me wonder if that Elyria switch might not be a remote or "virtualized" switch that homes on LaGrange. Also leads me to believe that TelcoData might be a good resource, save for a lack of listing possible test numbers.
  5. Funny enough, that's not the CLLI for my exchange, according to the site I checked: 440309 - LGRNOHXA355 Mind if I ask where you got your info?
  6. A few more... So I found out that the CO that serves my current Exchange (309) also serves 307 and 355. By my research, it's a NorTel DMS-10, but the switch type may be incorrect; I didn't have many CLLI searches to go off of. It's apparently owned by Arch Wireless (307) and Alltel both, with a MW (6 second) on 355-9882. Trying 9883 gives me another 9 seconds on, 1 second off MW... As does 9884, where I was hoping to find the verification recording. 309-9884 doesn't work... But the subscriber's outgoing VM message is humorous. 307-9884 is a "call can't be completed as dialed" recording with no SIT, which I find odd, but might just be me.
  7. Is it typical for a switch to have 2 slightly differing MW test numbers? 440-333-9882 and 9883 are both MW numbers, but 9883 has a 9 second on, 1 second off pattern ad infinitum, while 9882 is just 6 seconds on, then silence. Also, 440-333-9886: "Please enter the 7 digit telephone number to forward, followed by your PIN number. Telephone number to forward, followed by your PIN number." Not sure if the second part is intentional, or some sort of recording quirk, because it almost sounds like it just went back to that part in the original statement. No, i did not enter a number, nor a PIN. Yet.
  8. Sadly money is only an object because the wife is already paying for the TWC bundle... With the home phone service included. Heh. I'd just be looking for the phone line to do my dialing on, so I don't possibly botch up our actual line. Military service has made me paranoid, and not without reason.
  9. All-mighty Google search for Al Bernay... Heh.
  10. Some things on the last post there, TP... So here's how my particular phone (through TWC) handles permanent signal: Pick up phone, 15 seconds of dial tone, 30 seconds of reorder, 60 seconds of off-hook tone, with about a second or so between each... After that is just silent termination. I let it sit in that condition for about 3 minutes, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. So there's no actual recording at any point. I tried that 202 number you suggested... I get the 3 broken dial tones (like the ones I get when I have voicemail on my line), then the line kicks into a ringing state for one ring, then a reorder for about 30 seconds. The reorder ends with an audible 'click', then about a half-second later the line seems to drop into the permanent signal pattern starting with the 30 second reorder, off-hook, so on. Revisited my 216-397 number from last night... Found that the silent point after the 5 rings was 30 seconds, then dropped me into the permanent signal pattern at the reorder. Trying to dig up some kludge of equipment to test my wall jacks and see if they're 'live'; I'd just pull my current phone out of my cable setup, but my cell phone was KIA, so... Need to have something available. EDIT: Oh, also... I know the 'one off of MW' wasn't a tried-and-true thing that you were saying. I've just learned that special stuff tends to clump in one area, so I figured that maybe going around -any- MW might produce some results.
  11. Nice... I could be convinced to be bored enough to make one one of these days. Heh.
  12. ... So I'll bite. What's an inter box? Heh.
  13. Not sure I'd touch many of those with 10 feet of cable pairs myself... Heh.
  14. Kinda bizarre one I found on my old college's exchange... Tried the "add one to the MW test" trick. 216-397-0833 - This starts out with one ring, then a single run of the standard "number disconnected" recording. It then goes to reorder... Which trips after about a half-second into a standard ring, a total of 5 of them. At that point, the line sounds like it supes, then nothing but silence (with faint background hiss) for about 45 seconds before going to reorder again. I didn't try talking on it or anything of the sort because my little guy and wife were around. Migth be worth a revisit.
  15. 440-333-9884 - "Rocky River 3-3, New DMS-100, 4-4-0 NPA" - Repeat 1x, then to reorder Thanks for that TP... Very cool.
  16. Thanks for your insights, TP! After a little bumping around, I found out that my local ILEC happens to be Windstream (Public Utilities Commissions websites are useful, it seems!), but I'm within a few miles of both AT&T Ohio AND CenturyLink, so I'm wondering if I might find some of their 'castoffs' through some searching. Now, according to Windstream's site, they'll offer me all the bells and whistles for home phone service for $45 a month... But something tells me I don't need it all. Is there stuff I should / shouldn't ask for (like, I don't know, All-Call Blocking)? Particular department I should ask to speak to? And it's funny you mentioned Mister Doorbell... He's kind of to blame for getting me here in the first place. I listen to his tapes all the time, and I heard a lot of mentions about Al Bernay on the second (I believe) SoCal tape on the site... So one internet search later brought me here, and seeing a forum called "Old Skool Phreaking"... To quote Evan: "Far-bleeping-out!" So... Now I'm hooked. Heh. I'll definitely peruse the texts, and I might have to call that number when I get home... Unless it's one of those that's only POTS-reachable?
  17. Thanks for the little tidbits, y'all. I may just have to plug my phone into the wall socket and see if there's some life. Heh. Anyway, to help steer things back on the rails... How do you folks find these numbers? I'd be sincerely interested to see if anything fun is dialable in my local area to start, but I wouldn't even know where to begin. Any pointers / starter tips?
  18. Heh. Yeah, I hear ya with the price gouging... But it's good to know that I can still have a little fun with the phone despite my lack of POTS. Speaking of... Can I ask how people still have POTS? And damnit, if I want it, how can I get it?
  19. Wondering if the OP has anything more on this? I'm still intrigued after over a month. Heh.
  20. May be a dumb question, but do you need a POTS line to really get at these, or are they doable off of cell / GV / the phone service I get through Time Warner?
  21. I think my wife would kill me if I started putting together a step-by-step in our garage...
  22. Heh... I'd say not dead, but comprehensibly changed? It sure isn't the same as it was in the old Group Bell / "Bernay's Boys" days. But it seems (if the forums are any indication) that there's still some interesting things to find, even in the modern phone system.
  23. Hello, I come in peace! Heh. Anyway, the name's Jeff. I'm 37, work in the computer field... But was turned onto phreaking about a year ago hearing tapes done by some kid named "Evan from Malverne"... Heh. So I'll most likely be found in the Old Skool Phreaking forums, but might peek out elsewhere on occasion! Pleasure to be here!