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  1. Sorry about not answering this. Heh. So, the best way I can describe "power ring" is the audible equivalent of the electrical signal the phone company would send down your line to make your ringer go off when a call came in. Audibly, it sounds most like a 60Hz square wave. Iknow that's not it, but it's a "best fit" to my ear. I know Evan Doorbell has a recording out there that one of the calls has power ring and regular ring in the same placed call. If I find it, I'll link it.
  2. It could be set on a schedule, and (stupidly) doesn't look for carrier first?
  3. Damn... Was a nice thought.
  4. Peeking around, I found these exchanges: 620-397 and 620-398. Why are they interesting to me, you ask? According to Telecodata, they're on a WECO Step-By-Step: https://www.telcodata.us/view-switch-detail-by-clli?clli=DGTNKSXADS0 EDIT: Found a couple of exchanges that look like they might be going through XYs? 715-564: https://www.telcodata.us/view-switch-detail-by-clli?clli=BNWDWIXARS0 715-873: https://www.telcodata.us/view-switch-detail-by-clli?clli=GLSNWIXADS0
  5. Ahh, the 419. Used to be there in '95-'96 at Bowling Green.
  6. Heh. TP and I were actually going back and forth about this on the IRC. http://www.telcodata.us/search-switches-by-city-state?city=akron&state=oh Anything listed with a Bowyer St address was probably affected in some manner.
  7. A lot of what we've been doing has been through the boards here... TP and I are on the BinRev IRC on occasion. I'm personally going to start peeking at the chat on Bernay's Phone Trips site on occasion as well, see if anyone shows up there ever. Heh.
  8. I just tried redialing our mystery 660 number to confirm the recording ID... And am now getting a reorder. So that's odd. And trying it again, I got a recording... Still kinda crappy quality, but no delay / echo / whatever. The recording ID changed. It's now 075T, which is Phoenix according to TP's list? A third call goes to a reorder again. Fourth goes to recording, ID of 084T (Sherman Oaks). I am now officially confused.
  9. Since we've diverted to T/T numbers momentarily, I figured out that 216-931-1212 (WEather-1-1212) still works. It's run by the NBC affiliate in the area (WKYC), has ads, the time / temp device is unfamiliar (doesn't sound old, doesn't sound like a Cog device... Actually has two different voices?), and is on a 5ESS If I remember what I read last night correctly.
  10. Thought we'd said something about that being the LD gateway out of Cleveland... Or was that 074T?
  11. Dear God that was a cacophany of noise! If I didn't know better, I'd say that was something akin to "power ring" (but digital), mixed with a really shitty trunk. The lady in your recording doesn't sound like mine. One of these days I'll manage to get some recordings...
  12. Sooooo... 660-879-9999 called from 440-309 gets me a CBCAD of poor quality with echo / crosstalk / delay / something of the same message. Has a recording ID of 071(D/P/T). TP can remind me where that recording ID corresponded to, because I know he and I have run into it before. So obviously I didn't get to hear what that number actually was. Heh.
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speaking_clock#United_States Maybe this is one of those throwbacks to the old system... Wondering if the whole exchange in some areas might just be set up some weird way. Some findings of my own: POPCORN dialed just like that gives me a CBCAD, not from my switch. 1-440-POPCORN is the same, including same voice... 440-767 is apparently a non-existent exchange. 1-216-POPCORN gives SIT, disconnected number... 216-767 is a DMS-100, SHHGOH92DS1... Which has a tandem, CLEVOH620GT.
  14. I'm actually listening to the Wawina voicemail series now... Wow. Some awfully impressive stuff, and makes me wish I would've picked this stuff up back in the early 90's when I was a bored teen. Heh. Lots of BinRev mentions, which is awesome. And I'd like to think I wasn't the only one laughing at the people trying to whistle / play whatever it off, going, "too high, too low, too soft"... Heh. Sorry for the quasi off-topic. Carry on.
  15. Sorry for the lack of activity from me... Beginning of the year catch-up at the office, and the wife starting a new work-from-home job. Speaking of... She needs to have a POTS line for her job, so that's interesting. While I won't be able to use her line for my purposes, I should finally get a contact to get info on getting a line for myself... Hopefully they could run another line into the house.
  16. So would C5 be considered "next-gen R1" (at least back in the day)? Because from TP's description of it, that seems like it would be a response to the phreaking phenomenon by changes and additions to the signalling arrangement.
  17. Nice, pure milliwatt... Odd cadence... Double ring with a tone I've never heard before... And some really bizarre MFs there at the beginning. I have no familiarity with C5 signaling, but this is pretty cool.
  18. TWC Yep... My TWC service does the same thing.
  19. "Responds" seems like a strong statement. From what I can hear, you get an occasional echoback of your DTMF. Then there's a random, loud and rapid DTMF of 55555 back at you. I thought there was a pattern to how many DTMFs it took to get that response, but there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it.
  20. So after many fanciful discussions with fellow forum-heads, I decided to get down and dirty for some phreakish phun. ... Okay, enough of that. Heh. Basically this is stemming out of trying to identify my particular switch, if it's attached to another switch, yada yada. This'll be an ongoing project for me, but I wanted to share in case other folks wanted in on the fun, or could help ID some of the numbers I couldn't. Any questions, complaints, or compliments can be shot to me. I'm a grown-up and can handle it. So, without further ado... ----- 440-355-98XX Dials (from 440-309-4, TWC subscriber line, with *67 active): Standard intercept seems to be a Pat Fleet recorded message 9800-5: Intercept 9806: Business Sub: Nationwide Insurance 9807: Subscriber?; Old-School Answering Machine? 9808: Fax? 9809-15: Intercept 9816: Subscriber 9817: Intercept 9818: "The person you have dialed can't take your call now." - Different voice than Intercept 9819-21: Intercept 9822: Ring Ad Infinitum 9823: Fax? 9824-5: Subscriber 9826: Intercept 9827: Business Sub: Howard's 9828-32: Intercept 9833-4: Subscriber 9835: "Privacy Status" Intercept 9836: Intercept 9837: Subscriber (robotic VM when called) 9838: Subscriber 9839-41: Intercept 9842: Subscriber (robotic VM when called) 9843-8: Intercept 9849: Subscriber 9850: Intercept; SIT and text different than standard, includes readback of the number dialed 9851: Subscriber 9852-3: Intercept 9854: "Privacy Status" Intercept 9855: Subscriber 9856: Intercept 9857-8: Subscriber 9859: Intercept 9860: Fax? 9861: Intercept; SIT and text different than standard 9862: Ring Ad Infinitum 9863: ~2226Hz Tone for 28 seconds 9864: Ring Ad Infinitum 9865: Modem? 9866: Ring Ad Infinitum 9867: Ring Ad Infinitum 9868: Modem? 9869: Modem? 9870: Ring Ad Infinitum 9871: Ring Ad Infinitum 9872: Intercept 9873: ??? (First call sounded like long-haul carrier noise with maybe a 1300Hz tone for about 15 seconds, then reorder. Subsequent calls sounded like silent termination for about 15 seconds, then reorder) 9874: Intercept; SIT and text different than standard 9875: Intercept 9876: Ring Ad Infinitum 9877-8: Intercept 9879-80: Ring Ad Infinitum 9881: Intercept 9882: 10 second MW 9883: MW, ~8 seconds on, ~1 second off 9884: MW, ~8 seconds on, ~1 second off 9885: ANAC; will read through Privacy Setting 9886: Intercept; Text different than standard, includes readback of the number dialed 9887-97: Intercept 9898: Busy 9899: "Not Accepting Calls" Intercept
  21. Oh. Yeah, that's right... Heh. I ring corrected.
  22. ... I didn't know reorder had an actual spelling.
  23. Hope everyone had a good holiday. I plan on getting back to this soon. Just been spending time with family and whatnot. After doing some talking with TP before, and finally getting it to repeat for me, 9873 is an occasion bit-robbed carrier for about 15 seconds, then switch reorder. TP was able to get it to repeat on each call, whereas I've only gotten the occasional repeat (like 1 in 15-20 calls). There's no response to poorly-whistled 2600, nor response to touch tone. No, neither of these really surprise me, but... One can only hope at times. I want to say this number is something, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's not the switch recording I've been looking for, but broken.
  24. Negatory. 7/O/1 is the error correction / compression settings (I forget the actual terminology) for properly connecting to the modem being dialed. And when he said the modem answers with "PASSWORD ?", he means that after the handshaking and all is done, that phrase is the first thing that appears on the screen of whatever terminal program you used to dial out.
  25. Ok, i want to know why that happens... http://evolution.voxeo.com/forums/main.jsp?&bb-cid=10&bb-tid=30350&bb-name=support So it seems to be some sort of virtual IVR system, perhaps?