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  1. Wouldn't be -too- surprising, I suppose. The things I was hearing yesterday had some electronics-knowledgeable folks... Lots of Microsoft and EMC mentions.
  2. Something like AUTOJAN? How is is coming? I'd sign up for a Sound Cloud just to get on and ask Evan if he still has his AUTOJAN disk or even a source code listing that he can post copies of but I imagine he probably has neither after this long.     I'm wanting to go the next step and figure out an AUTOJAN-style process usable for Google Voice and what-not. I would figure that it'd be possible through some sort of API, to allow for a different dialing mechanism? Not sure. Still researching. :D
  3.   Sounds like something the pharmacists dial to check and see if there's calls waiting. I've heard those words waiting for scripts at the CVS. Dialing 8605 for my local CVS gives the same response from the IVR, so I think that's a standard.
  4. So somewhat related, I'm wondering if anyone's managed to flag one of these NPA-0XX live-op numbers down that's accessible from the Time Warner 'network'? It's for a recording for the guy shown above. Thanks!
  5. Maybe SS8 should hybrid all the good thigs about the modern network with all the good things and redundancy of the old network... -.-
  6. T-Mobile? That doesn't make too much sense, T-Mobile (and its predecessors VoiceStream and Omnipoint) never operated analog networks. Matter of fact, neither did Sprint. T-Mo and Sprint were all digital from their inceptions.     I leave this for your consideration: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Wireless_Corporation
  7. What... the... hell...     Very bizarre... Seems to 'scan' for conversations, because I heard a few different rings before it locked into something.   Also seems like an international sort of company?    http://www.npanxxsource.com reports the whole 4xxx block as being established in early 2014, as part of Bandwidth.com, so it's some sort of virtual... Conference? PBX? Not sure. But interesting nonetheless!
  8. Have we seen an announcement for the Savannah, GA 1A? Switch is SVNHGADE35C, one of the NPA-NXXs is 912-353
  9. Seems like a lot of the 208-038-XXXX are the same. This is a little disappointing, because I believe this was the first old-school 0xx code I found that still had a live op (Frontier Information Directory Assistance‚Äč Whichever-You-Want-To-Call-It, I believe). If these start dropping off the lines, that'll be sad.
  10. Y'know... That CVS on the corner is always pretty quiet. And I have new cell phone service to try out...
  11. So... I'm back, for one. Heh. Big reason I've been off-the-grid here (besides life) was I was working through a small, on-going project. I've been dialing through the old 0xx codes, and finding that in some cases they're still being used for live operators and the like. Some also seem to be homes to possible switch recordings, older intercepts, and the like. So find attached a PDF file with things I found while dialing through Google Voice... Yes, I know it's not preferred. I'll eventually be trying things out like Sprint Mobile, TWC, and maybe a payphone or two. A few notes: These were things that I found on a consistent basis, as in I made 3-5 calls to each one, to make sure they happened each time.When I refer to older intercept messages, I'm thinking about either the text (references to operator assistance) or the voice (Pat Trumbull-Fleet, or unknowns that might be 'old-school')I believe (but don't have proof) that other VoIP services beyond Google Voice might be able to get these; I think anything that routes through Bandwidth.com might have a good chance to get these. But YMMV.If anyone wants me to catch recordings for any of the items I found, let me know! 0xx List.pdf
  12. This needs a little research into accuracy of information, and it's limited to 10 searches in a 24 hour period, but... If you go here, and you put a phone number into the search box on the left, the right side will populate with a ridiculous amount of information... Wire / Rate centers, switch name and type, LATA, etc. Working to do a little confirmation of the viability of the information, but I wanted to post it up for people that might know for sure what their local switch, or some other switches, are. Also could be useful because it apparently includes Canada and Caribbean switches. ‚Äč
  13. I'm assuming there's details about this somewhere on the boards here? Heh.
  14. Here's an interesting thing I stumbled upon looking for ways to play around with the 1A in Savannah... *cheesy grin* And here's the site I got it from, in case there's any question about authenticity. Seems the CLLI Code # entry can be blank there... And I translated it from Excel to PDF format so I could actually upload it. Heh. Enjoy! Copy of TestlineReport.pdf
  15. That's a fine thing right there...
  16. These like that one phone number up in Canada?
  17. I'm sure there is, but I do get a lot of the unsupervised audio. They don't even do the fake superimposed ring anymore. The routings pretty well suck, but I do get a little fun out of it.
  18. I have a Time Warner VoIP line I use occasionally. Mostly I use Google Hangouts and my Sprint cell service. Still pondering getting C-Link / Windstream POTS service. Oh, and the random payphone I still happen to find here and there.
  19. .. This physically hurt me for some reason...
  20. 800-437-9606 Very bizarre ringing tone (Japanese, maybe?) followed by solid tone... Foreign milliwatt equivalent?
  21. Would a spoofed or null CID work? Or is that too simple an idea?
  22. So I decided to dial this one up to try out the Google Hangout Dialer functionality. Works pretty well, as I can hear the messages well, with only a slight cutoff at the beginning because of the goofy Google ring. I also decided to test out the dialpad functionality, and tapped out a quick 0... Lo and behold, it worked. Aaaaand, I got a very interesting menu (some sort of programming). Definitely an alarm system of some sort.
  23. Probably won't hit the news (at least it hasn't yet), but apparently there was a fiber cut between 2 AT&T COs somewhere around Westlake, OH. Mostly Internet affected here at the office, however I know I can't reach 800-245-8411 (Int'l CBCAD from 4E), which I believe I could before. It's a reorder right now. Also, 800-466-3728 gives me an ID of 216-9L, which I think is different than it was before. I'll have to try it once the fiber is fixed, just to see. Dialing from 440-788-4xxx exchange.
  24. Alright, going to post on that lower half. May take a little time, so I'll edit the post as I work through. 402-331-00xx scan, 00-49 Dialed through Sprint mobile network (until POTS comes, this is the easiest way for me) 0000 - Reorder (Sprint hangs up on reorder after 30 seconds) 0001 - Ringout (Sprint has a standard recording after 2 minutes of no answer) 0002 - Reorder 0003 - Reorder after about 15 seconds of silence 0004 - MW, 9 on, 1 off, ad infinitum (word of advice: be careful if you have earbuds in if dialing in a test zone... That is all) 0005 - MW, 10 on, 15 seconds of silence before Sprint hangs up 0006 - Reorder 0007 - MW, 10 on, then a very soft ticking, once every 1.5 seconds approximately until you disconnect 0008-9 - Ringout 0010 - This sounds like a silent termination, but acts like a non-answer (Get Sprint standard recording after 2 minutes) Makes me wonder if the recording is a sign of a non-supe... Which might suck for bridges / conferences 0011 - Ringout 0012 - Ringout, but this one seems to have the same ticking as on 0007. Don't think it's a Sprint network "artifact", due to not being on other numbers and cutting off on the Sprint recording coming on. Confirmation needed 0013 - "Your call has successfully completed to the new Nebraska 531 area code test number." plays twice. 0014 - Ringout 0015 - Like 0010, HOWEVER it apparently supes, because I get no Sprint standard recording after 2 minutes. I stayed on for about 8.5 minutes total. Doesn't seem to respond to dialing or speech. Maybe a loop? 0016 - Reorder 0017 - Ringout 0018 - Ringout, same as 0012 with the ticking 0019 - Ringout 0020 - Pat Fleet "Blocked Call Not Accepted" message, low-quality... This is only with *67 active, so it's a live line. Don't know what's on it, because I only let it ring long enough to see if it was just a recording on the line or not 0021 - Ringout, same as 0012 0022-3 - Holstein's Harley-Davidson 0024 - "Number or code you dialed is incorrect", Message 7 from Sprint switch 0025 - Fax 0026 - Ringout, same as 0012 0027 - Same as 0024 0028 - Busy (Sprint hangs up on busy signals after 30 seconds) 0029 - Same as 0024 0030 - 8 seconds silence, reorder for 25 seconds. Pattern repeats until Sprint 2-minute recording (does not supe?) 0031 - Ring trips quickly, ticking like the other lines for 18 seconds, reorder til phone hangs itself up 0032 - Same as 0030 0033 - Ring into reorder? Ring trips after about a second into a reorder 0034-6 - Same as 0024 0037 - Ringout 0038 - CenturyLink Call-Identification Service message (call trace): "The last call to your telephone cannot be traced, and no charge will be added to your bill. Please hang up and call the CenturyLink Call Identification Center at 1-800-582-0655 if you need further assistance." Plays twice, then goes to reorder for 30 seconds, then tripped ring, then everything repeats. This oddly breaks through the 2-minute non-supe barrier, but will hit the Sprint recording shortly after the 3-minute mark (3:08 by the phone timer) 0039 - "We're sorry... Due to network difficulties, your long-distance call cannot be completed at this time. Please try your call later." Plays twice, then goes to reorder for 30 seconds, then tripped ring (which you can sometimes hear faint / obscured SIT under), then everything repeats. The third time around, the recording actually plays 3 times. Sprint recording comes up at around 2:56 in the call. 0040 - Busy 0041 - "Your call has been completed. However the party you are calling is not receiving calls at this time." Low-quality Pat Fleet. Plays twice. 0042 - "Must first dial a 1" message. Sounds like Pat Fleet. Low-quality, with obscured SIT. Plays twice. 0043-4 - Ringout 0045 - Same as 0024 0046 - Ringout 0047 - Same as 0024 0048 - "Call trace cannot be activated at this time. Please try again in a few minutes if you have not received another call." Pat Fleet, somewhat low quality. Recording / reorder pattern similar to 0038, though at about the 2 minute mark, the recording resets. Sprint recording at 2:56 0049 - Reorder
  25. I saw a bunch of those on Telcodata as well, but passed them by as they didn't have exchanges listed, meaning (to me at least) they'd be inaccessible from the outside. Maybe I'm wrong? Also saw some Canadian switches listed... Didn't look at those.