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  1. So the title says a lot... I broke down and am getting POTS service to my house via Windstream for funsies. Well, not just for funsies, there's some influence in the name of 'research'. *snicker snicker* So I want to get some software to jan hundred groups with audio (for sure) and call progress detection (would be nice), and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Yes, I will accept "Don't use Win10" as advice if someone can give me a better solution. Also, I'll need a good modem solution for a laptop so I can do this.
  2. Well, now that I have the line at least... Heh. For smaller chunks of numbers, I absolutely plan on hand-scanning. Obviously you get so much more out of it (both in 'pride' and in info). Being able to record directly is kind of a big deal, because I'm not good with switch identification just yet. I can pick up on obvious things, but not everything; I'd love to be able to record so I can bounce things off people here. I was planning on setting up autojanning for things like 0xx and 1xx codes, but since those don't seem to work, my need for it is reduced. Definitely looking at that modem when I have a spare $20 or whatever the total would wind up being. My first Windstream bill is sitting at nearly $90 (!!! Fuck your initial fees and shit, man...), I have an outlet not working (which is where I'd have a computer plugged in), and still want to get an older carbon-mic'd phone... I'd love to get a rotary AND a touch-tone... This is an expensive hobby... Ah well. EDIT: Also, I was thinking about the detection and identification aspect... Would the voltage crossings technique that Evan explored for his autojanner still work? If we're looking for basic detection, maybe we can digitally detect the crossings and identify patterns?
  3. We're sorry, but the number you've dialed was lost in the 70's. Please figure out time travel, then try your call again.

  4. Something tells me that the Warner-Robins switch (478-926 among others) will be the last to go, seeing as the switch gives dial tone to the whole of Robins Air Force Base. That's my guess. EDIT: Actually, scratch that. Looks like 478-926 might have already been pulled onto a NuVox POI.
  5. Think I'll keep this topic updated with odd things I find. I remembered that 700-555-4141 could be used to find out your InterLATA carrier... Definitely Windstream. But is it normal to get a dial tone back after the message? Seems to be the one from the switch, so.
  6. I'd be happy to poke around on this... If I can figure out how to send PCI (and RP for that matter) down my line...
  7. 325-675-9831 ... It sounds like... Some sort of test number? It's on that HLE 1AE out of Abeline, TX, so... It's got to be something interesting. Responds to touch tone, not pulse dialing. 440-353-9999 ... A second dial tone? It breaks on the first digit, but doesn't seem to respond to anything else (touch tone or pulse). Eventually times out to a busy signal.
  8. A presidential candidate was a fancy 'experiment' for ShadyTel to take control of the country's entire telecom infrastructure. Hackers must either: Ensure ShadyTel's secrets never come to the light of day, and push their candidate into office. Make sure ShadyTel gets exposed as the shady shadsters they are... Or at least make people question WTF ShadyTel was thinking? Voila. Relevant, timely, and absolutely absurd.
  9. Time to start some new research... Yay!

  10. ... Sounds like I should be glad I switched over to Verizon. Even though that means I'll have to re-do my mobile 0xx and 1xx calls. Heh.
  11. Perfect! See, I knew I'd get good opinions. Heh. Now I never thought of the "old laptop" route... Frankly I'm trying to not spend a ton, as the phone line itself will be enough of a cost. But I'll look into it. Software wise, it sounds like old Win or a flavor of -us, kind of like I figured.
  12. http://www.verizon.com/about/news/verizon-customers-connect-friends-and-family-haiti-free-following-hurricane-matthew
  13. Heh... Started poking around and saw the switch TP was talking about. Dug a little deeper, and found this beaut.
  14. I want to say that one (at the very least) is a "broken" recording. CBCAD or YCDNGT, something of the sort. There's a pattern to the noise, it repeats 3 times with brief pauses in between, and it dumps the line after the last repetition. I might research further.
  15. Heh. You're not alone, for sure. Why I try to keep my calls to a minimum, or I try to keep my dialing out of the area of effect (i.e., I won't be calling Istanbul directly more than once or twice).
  16. Confirmed today that Google Voice is on the free list. It's always interesting hearing a single-frequency ringtone... Edit for a topical side note: GV seems to still have calls to Japan free from the earthquakes there recently.
  17. So a few questions: - Any particular Palm / Palm setup that works best? I.e. what would be the best equipment to hunt for to make this work best? - Does TBA have ability to differentiate non-modem responses? I.e. Can it break out "Voice", "Ringout / No Answer", "SIT" at a minimum? - Could the proper Palm setup be used as a tethered modem? I.e. Can I hook it to my laptop, and use a more comprehensive wardialer (if needed) on my computer? I'd really love to get a set-up like this to scan through a few of those 1As before they disappear.
  18. Okay, now my curiosity is piqued. What's all this then? Something that could make hand-scanning a breeze? Heh.
  19. Found some test numbers on that St. Louis 1AE going away in June... Might be worth seeing if there's a loop around involved. TL-100: 314-831-1369 TL-102: 314-831-1900
  20. Since it was over the weekend, other Telcos / providers will probably roll it out and announce their plans starting today, then retro the free period to over the weekend.
  21. So I was picking around some the switches up in Olney, IL (look into Evan Doorbell's recent recordings as to why that place is of particular interest), and I found something... Odd... That I need a little more exploration with. 618-879-9979, which I figured would be either a test number, or some sort of Telco item (believe it's a GTD-5 switch?)... So I've got it to ring out, then read as an 'Invalid Number' on a subsequent call, then reorder on the next... And this is all with one originating phone company. It's probably just a routing thing, but I'd like to get a little more data from my phellow phreaks. I'll try to capture some audio, because one of the ringouts I got was weird... About 30 seconds of standard ring, then about 10 seconds of a ring of a slightly higher frequency, like it connected to another circuit.
  22.   That 562 number actually has milliwatt as well. It's after about 10-15 seconds of the busy signal.
  23.   I'm surprised to hear anything related to rate & route these days... Though it doesn't seem to do anything more than say ‚Äčit's for R&R... No op, no options... Wondering if it responds to some special SS7 sequence or something.
  24. Well, at least these are telling us where the 1As actually are. Heh.   We have a few months on most of these... Looks like some hardcore janning is going to be happening!
  25. What... the... hell...     So let's go weirder... Dialing in today, it takes near 30 seconds to supe. When it does, there's a beep... Then what SOUNDS like a busy signal from the distant end (staticy). Now... Tap a key. BEEP, and the busy signal is gone. Definitely seems to connected to -something-, but it's quite a clear connection at that point. Any other touch tones seem to have no effect.   ThoughtPhreaker, the BEEP sounds suspiciously like the one from Evan's recording of the 052 Conference.   So I really want to say there's a way to possibly -start- a conference on here (and not just -listen-), but I'm not sure how yet.