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  1. It definitely goes off-hook, like it should to start... But you're right, the SS7 trunks probably make the rest of the test obsolete. I'm trying to think of a test number that would definitely be indicative of an electromechanical (or whatever you want to consider a 1A) switch, but wouldn't be present on whatever crap is there now.
  2. I have to wonder if the 0+ is significant in this case, as you're essentially asking for an operator assisted call to... An operator? An area code that is blocked off save for one number? I'd be curious about a 0+ to the actual GETS number, and see if it goes through (preferably from a payphone).
  3. Context for those that might not be familiar with the significance of the 710 area code: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_code_710
  4. So if you've followed the new Some Numbers thread, I managed to get through all 359 LERG-listed 0xx codes. Out of those, I've found a total of 18 that very consistently went to an Operator of some sort on a 1211 last 4. While that 5% success rate is impressive in 2017, I'm not convinced that the 18 I found are all that is. This is why I'm working on an Excel spreadsheet to figure out any patterns to focus on. The LERG has a lot of columns of information, but I want to narrow them down to things that would be important to possible patterns. Here's an example of an entry on the LERG list, narrowed down to data that might help: NPA NXX LATA LATA NAME AOCN OCN OCN_NAME ABBRE_OCN_NAME LOC STATE SWITCH EQP TYPE T-SWITCH T-TANDEM T-EQUIP TYPE H-EQUIP TYPE 201 007 224 NORTH JERSEY NJ 7228 7229 MCIMETRO, ATS, INC. MCIMETRO ATS INC NJ NBWKNJ17DS1 NT5 ABRDMD9277W 238 STP NT5 Obviously NPA and NXX are being kept to be the headers of the rows... But the other ones, I'm not sure what would be relevant. I would think Switch Type for sure, maybe OCNs... Or would the tandems be more important, because maybe I'm hitting the tandems instead of the switch I'm dialing into? Any help would be awesome!
  5. Right. On top of Evan's recordings, I found a list of old 1xx codes (and noted that quite a few were inwards). So I might wind up revisiting the list with those 2 additional sources, and see how many more consistently pop up.
  6. I don't think it is... But I think I can find more. I'm going to look at the switches that were due to cut over this year, and mine for test numbers. Not sure when this'll start (it'll have to be soon), but I'll consider it my next project.
  7. I want to say Odessa is still alive and kicking... And I also want to say I found an old 103-type test on it, but I can't quite get it to work. 432-333-8180
  8. So, I'm wondering if anyone is currently using CenturyLink non-digital POTS? I'm looking to reduce costs for my play line... Windstream service has been alright, but I find myself not using the unlimited LD enough to justify the $75ish per month. So I'm probably going to drop down to 100 minutes a month (which means I have to hit the conference with GV or Verizon, but I digress...). But this could give me an opportunity to change my provider. I think the pricing would be about the same, but... With CenturyLink, I'm looking at a 3 mile straightline distance from the CO (AVONOHXBRS1) I think I'd be served by to my house (as opposed to a 1.3 mile straightline with Windstream's CO - NRVLOHXA35G). Plus, CenturyLink would (I suppose) technically be an FX line, as Windstream is the standard LEC for my city. Also, I'm comparing the COs... The CenturyLink CO is actually an RSC that homes on a DMS 100 Host further away, as opposed to the Windstream CO being a DMS 100 Host itself. A peek at info for the wirecenters themselves is interesting, too. I know the information might be deprecated, but here's the feature set for the CenturyLink wirecenter where my CO would likely be (http://www.dslreports.com/coinfo/clli/AVONOHXB) versus the Windstream wirecenter (http://www.dslreports.com/coinfo/clli/NRVLOHXA). I think overall I could have more fun (phun?) with the CenturyLink line... But I could be totally reading into it wrong. Help? Heh.
  9. Well, it turns out that everything I was told previously was wrong. Through several different agents. Over several different months. Somehow. Was told definitively by two different folks at Centurylink today that I definitely could not get service, as Windstream is the incumbent. Soooo... There's the end of that.
  10. I have yet to find a third party that offers services in our area of any kind... Do you know who you go through, and are you at liberty to tell me, so I could take a look for equivalent in my area? My city looks like a largely old Ameritech / current Windstream area, but we're close enough to the service border that they've probably hopped C-Link services over it before. As for the house itself, it's POTS accessible easily enough (Windstream had no problems hooking in). Not really sure, but I can only go by what I've been told. I will say that the installation fees were a bit on the high side ($35) and they weren't able to immediately tell me what my NPA-NXX would be... So that really leads me to believe there's an FX-like setup involved.
  11. I've actually already called... Heh. Once within the last week, and once several months ago. Each time I was told that I could have a POTS (non-digital) line run to my house, even though the site states that I couldn't. I was very specific about the questions I asked, because it seemed odd to meas well that they could jump the border... But everything I've been told says that's possible, seeming without the T1 consideration. I don't have DSL. And yeah, the bundles are usually cheaper... But I also don't want to be paying for services I don't use. Also, I just looked. Essentially bundling the phone and 10Mbps internet gets me... 10 Mbps Internet for $10 a month. Sooooo... Heh.
  12. Major edits happened... The post above was modified appropriately. Next task: Enter the numbers I found in an Excel to break down OCNs, Switch Types, etc. to look for patterns or tendencies!
  13. If you call one of those generic CBCAD messages 'still working', then sure, I suppose a lot of these 'still work'! Heh. Unless you're getting something different dialing from your provider? If so, I'd be real curious! Hoping to have the 400 block up sometime in the area of tonight / tomorrow.
  14. MAJOR EDIT: Decided to forego a full results list, and instead focus on things that actually work on a largely consistent basis. Interestingly, in my dialing, I've found that NPA-0xx-1211 works ridiculously well, getting through where NPA-0xx-0000 wouldn't... This means there's still some validity to the old Inward code (and perhaps other 1xx codes?), which is probably one of the few remaining holdovers from the old network. It's amazing, and I'm so glad I'm doing this! Working on a jan of the 0xx and 1xx codes (about 374 at last count). I'm using Google Hangouts Dialer because: 1) Anyone should be able to replicate this with Hangouts. 2) My Verizon (cell), Windstream (home POTS), and WOW! (home VoIP) phones don't seem to allow 0xx / 1xx dials. CIC / CACs seem largely useless, but still trying some. So here we go, jan of the 0xx codes completed on 3/30/17: NPA-0XX-1211 1-205-029-1211 1-208-038-1211 (Confirmed Frontier DA) 1-251-037-1211 1-256-052-1211 1-307-025-1211 (Recorded message: "Due to heavy calling / abnormal conditions, Op Assistance Call CBCATT" "Due to" reason flips every now and again, but seems to primarily be "heavy calling") 1-334-029-1211 1-334-041-1211 1-501-024-1211 1-502-033-1211 1-507-058-1211 (Recorded message that states "Inward Op Assistance is now 800-755-6543"; that number is no longer valid as any sort of Inward) 1-517-051-1211 1-561-036-1211 (This answers, but there seems to be no op?) 1-612-076-1211 1-706-067-1211 1-717-032-1211 1-803-061-1211 1-812-021-1211 1-814-028-1211 (Recorded message: "Due to heavy calling, CCYCATT") 1-816-018-1211 (No op, but the CBCAD actually supes the line) 1-843-037-1211 1-864-023-1211 1-901-026-1211 1-904-045-1211 (No op, but an interesting recording: "The phone you are calling from is NIS") 1xx jan to follow
  15. 40 is the new 21, right? Then how come it feels like 100?

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  16. The info I got was from a few different sites, because I decided to start doing the research. Was actually planning on doing some more, to see if there's a way around the 0 restrictions. I don't think I have international dialing on my POTS line, or I'd be peeking at freephone numbers to explore networks. I think the key would be finding some sort of non-zero dialable number that gets international... A tie-line for an international company that gets back to the States (with a 9-line or equivalent)... Not sure.
  17. I think that it might have something to do with the switching it's going through, as it's really trying to reach out internationally; there are a lot of country codes that begin with 5, several being in South America... So I'm thinking that might be where you went as opposed to Spain. If you were wanting to try to 'route' the call through the NANP international trunks back to the States (can't tell if that was your original intent or not), you could try 011 + 1 + your number (as the country code 1 hits the NANP). If you actually wanted to go THROUGH international trunkage... I think you'd have to go 011 + a country code + however that country dials international back to the States... So: 011 + 44 + 00 + 1 + number for taking a call US to UK back to the US. Not sure if that'd work, though, because I don't think an international call to the UK can have the destination number start with a 0 (which this one technically would).
  18. Oh, I certainly do still! I get the notifications of posts, and I'll plug an interesting number or three into the cell if I have a moment. My lack of any posting (and calls) lately is due to a re-enrollment into school, a new work project, and the continuing adventures of being a husband / father. Lucky me... Heh.
  19. I think all of the grunt work of 'translating' rotary / dial pulse to MF (or whatever TF digital channel crap is used in CCIS / SS7) to send via VoIP would be done within the adapter box. What it does with the data that comes out of the box... Well, this is purely guesswork... But I'd think that whoever your ISP is has an exchange (or several) reserved at a switch (which may or may not be local), that's basically a forwarding address. VoIP traffic acts like Internet traffic til it gets to the switch, the switch recognizes is as 'telco' data, shunts it to the proper connector for the phone number, and then shunts it to the data pipe that feeds your house. Please by all means correct me if I'm wrong, you other experts.
  20. I know there was 3 tapes that Evan had in total: 1 he recorded from Long Island, one Ben did local in LA, and I think one from Barry in Baltimore. Then the follow-up he did about the Z jingle, but that was more "gee-whiz" stuff.
  21. I want to say I saw that DMSes supported RP in some way, shape, or form. I'm trying to remember where, and if I can find it again, I'll post it.
  22. So I've got my new Windstream service. I'm connecting to a DMS-100 Host, and I actually know where the CO is (1.36 miles straight-line distance, 1.7 by road)! I haven't gotten a decent vintage phone yet (though I've got a call in on a 70's Northern Telecom 12-button touch tone), so I'm using a cordless. Bleh. It's been interesting so far. It doesn't look like I have normal access to dial 1-NPA-0XX numbers; I get dropped to a CBCAD message after 8 digits, but I can confirm I have long distance (normal 1+ calls go through). Haven't tried 1XX yet, but I anticipate the same 'difficulties'. I've tried various CIC / CAC codes, even with normal numbers (like my own)... Most get a CBCAD, buuuuut... A couple (AT&T and Sprint) give me an error revolving around not being able to reach the number with the carrier access code. So I probably have a restriction on my line? Probably a wrong feature group? Not sure. Meanwhile, I was wondering if anyone knew of any 'interesting' things to try, specifically with DMS-100 Hosts, or maybe Windstream quirks in general?
  23. So NXX-#NXX in my particular exchange... All of the numbers went to my local switch's CBCAD. Makes me wonder if they were active at some point. There's another exchange on my switch. Tried that too. Same results. Sooooo... Who knows. Heh.
  24. http://afiler.com/switches/siemens/esc/ That first line has to be a shout-out to Evan Doorbell...
  25. Oddly enough, I've had my line do both, but this was with me toying with the flash lengths. So it's one of those thing TBD. That's a cool little sound... And inband signalling implies phreakability, somehow someway. Heh. Never late to the party. Glad you're chiming in! Not sure. I'm surrounded by Frontier, CenturyTel, more Windstream, and AT&T Ohio. So I'm not sure -what- standard would be followed. I know that my particular area -was- a former Alltel territory, so... More below. I might try that with my local switch, just to see. Nice! Gives me a direction. Thanks so much for that! I'm definitely in former Alltel territory, so I might go sign-scouting, just to see what's what, and see if I can catch anything.