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  1. I think all of the grunt work of 'translating' rotary / dial pulse to MF (or whatever TF digital channel crap is used in CCIS / SS7) to send via VoIP would be done within the adapter box. What it does with the data that comes out of the box... Well, this is purely guesswork... But I'd think that whoever your ISP is has an exchange (or several) reserved at a switch (which may or may not be local), that's basically a forwarding address. VoIP traffic acts like Internet traffic til it gets to the switch, the switch recognizes is as 'telco' data, shunts it to the proper connector for the phone number, and then shunts it to the data pipe that feeds your house. Please by all means correct me if I'm wrong, you other experts.
  2. I know there was 3 tapes that Evan had in total: 1 he recorded from Long Island, one Ben did local in LA, and I think one from Barry in Baltimore. Then the follow-up he did about the Z jingle, but that was more "gee-whiz" stuff.
  3. I want to say I saw that DMSes supported RP in some way, shape, or form. I'm trying to remember where, and if I can find it again, I'll post it.
  4. So NXX-#NXX in my particular exchange... All of the numbers went to my local switch's CBCAD. Makes me wonder if they were active at some point. There's another exchange on my switch. Tried that too. Same results. Sooooo... Who knows. Heh.
  5. http://afiler.com/switches/siemens/esc/ That first line has to be a shout-out to Evan Doorbell...
  6. Oddly enough, I've had my line do both, but this was with me toying with the flash lengths. So it's one of those thing TBD. That's a cool little sound... And inband signalling implies phreakability, somehow someway. Heh. Never late to the party. Glad you're chiming in! Not sure. I'm surrounded by Frontier, CenturyTel, more Windstream, and AT&T Ohio. So I'm not sure -what- standard would be followed. I know that my particular area -was- a former Alltel territory, so... More below. I might try that with my local switch, just to see. Nice! Gives me a direction. Thanks so much for that! I'm definitely in former Alltel territory, so I might go sign-scouting, just to see what's what, and see if I can catch anything.
  7. Please tell me it still does this in some obscure part of the system...
  8. Not sure how often that one's updated. Still lists 81 1AESS switches on the front page for example, but it doesn't look like 81 when you click it. Also still lists White Plains (WHPLNYWP08T) as a #5 XBar with ETS. Heh.
  9. Of course it's not, because that'd be too simple for AT&T to do. Heh.
  10. So is it basically a 950-xxxx, and it gives you a second dial tone to dial off of (if they're not restricted)? Yeah, it's not something I intend on messing with much. It was more of a 'gee-whiz' thing I found. I was disappointed that the DISAs just wouldn't stack by themselves... But I think I might just start poking around at the local switches, keep in mind the loop detection, and see what I can find. The degradation with what I was doing wasn't massive, but it was enough to tell me I was doing things. Hmmm... Now I hadn't thought of the 3-way idea. It might do for a 'quick and dirty til I can get something better' idea... Just have to see if my Windstream line is set for 3-way calling. I don't -think- it is, but I got some indications when I was doing some testing with flashing that it might be. To be determined. I'll accept the goofs I make. It's more research in my cap, so I can refine my techniques. Plus, it may or may not have been a DA call... I have to look at the bill again. Heh. The thing I have to figure out is how Windstream counts their time, since I'm on a 100-minute LD plan. From the bill, it was hard to tell if it was timed on supe, or timed on placing the call... Because I swear some numbers -didn't- supe, but I still got a 1 minute ding on them. So we'll see.
  11. While this is awesome, I couldn't get it to do much. Does this guy have a phone directory, so I know how to dial on the network?
  12. Also added to the list, as more of a "Stupid Phone Trick": Stacking DISAs. Just because I can (likely?) do it. EDIT: And... DMS-100 DISAs don't seem to stack. Dialing one from another just results in a busy signal. HOWEVER... I found that my switch's DISA allows 1010288# ... Which allows me to dial... My switch's DISA! That also allows 1010288#... And I can dial my DISA again, but on this one it drops to reorder after just a few seconds. From the noise on the line (or lack thereof) when it cuts back to reorder, it seems like it's the local switch. So... That's interesting. And the more interesting thing is that other DISAs (like the ones TP just posted) will NOT allow 1010288#... I either get a reorder, or the "Not" Lady.
  13. Well, I managed to get a small service credit for the time I was without dial tone, and an explanation of why my next month was higher (I did technically make a directory assistance call... And don't complete an actual call with 1010288... Almost $3 for a suped call). So I'm counting it as a win, and will try to make arrangements to keep the line active. Care to explain the 950s to me? I have a vague recollection of them, but not good enough to completely grasp. Last I knew, 208-038 (Frontier Directory Assistance) still worked... So I figure if I can get through to that on someone's LD network (I have yet to try Frontier's own CIC through Windstream...), there's a chance to try others through it. Yes. UFINs would be my preferred option. Heh. If you've got a few for a few different locales, I'd love to hear them 'live'. Seem to have found an official UIFN DB? Not sure how to read it just yet, but this might be useful: http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/inr/unum/Pages/uifndb.aspx So to my ear, I'd rather have the ISDN. You seem to get more fidelity, especially in the higher frequencies. The supe seems to have more clarity, and you can hear more on the trunk. Both let the tone come through WAY too loud; much cringe when it plays. Heh. The first thing I'll probably do is scratchy's suggestion of a line tap (once I get the upstairs jack working), just to get something set. If I find myself needing something more robust (which I could see, if I find interesting things), I'll be pinging you more.
  14. Hah. That's cute. So is that like a 'main switchboard', and each 'extension' is a store? Wouldn't be surprised if they're not NX-2s anymore. It's more me looking at LERGs and such, seeing, "Oh, that's still allegedly an old switch... And oh, it still has dialable exchanges listed!", and trying to find out.
  15. So if I wanted to be so bold and check the wiring up to the wall jack that doesn't work, what all will I need (besides the obvious screwdriver to get the wall plate off)?