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  1. I think this is what's happening with Google Voice. I happen to use it quite a bit myself and notice the same thing as you do.
  2. *spit take* I could hardly believe it... When I get some time, I'm going to call back and check the local calling area, get it on a recording.
  3. Now that we're approaching the 6-month anniversary of the last (known) electromechanical switch leaving the North American PSTN, I have some questions... - What now is the oldest switch type out there of actual phreaking interest? Are we going to be looking at 4Es now for anything "ancient" and interesting? - What is the status of CCITT5? Is it out there in enough abundance to be research-worthy? And is it only in foreign-reachable areas? Or do we have domestic access to reach those places? - Do we have any hope of doing anything anywhere the old-phashioned way these days? Or have we been relegated to the bin of historical times, and the only way we find anything now is completely moving into the 21st century? It seems to be a depressing time to me for phreaking "as it was"... Maybe I just need to be reminded that we are still relevant. Heh.
  4. If it's the 'new normal' conf, I've got the info... If not, I'll ping you guys tonight. Got roped into shopping and stuff last night, so I was unable to run my checks. I'll re-confirm my Verizon Wireless call during the course of today, then check the rest when I get home.
  5. Verizon Wireless. Dialed it on my cell phone, and actually got someone live. Heh. When I get home from work today, I'll try it from GV and my WOW! service, just to see if the results are different.
  6. I... Got an answer from this one. Heh.
  7. I want to say that's AT&T Wireless in some way, shape, or form... Sounds like a recording I've heard before.
  8. I can tell you for 100% certainty that you can use 10-10-288 (10-10-ATT) to dial and complete numbers on WOW!... But if you complete them, you will get blocked off of it after a time, as they'll look to bill and won't have an account on file for the number. Heh. Otherwise, it's largely a mixed bag; usually the larger players (AT&T, Sprint, MCI) won't be restricted as much, but that's not 100%. Even mid-tier (Global Crossing, etc.) are usually restricted. But I think because your VoIP providers are considered telecom, they're required by some older law / governance to have Feature Group D (10-10XXX) support... I could be wrong, but I believe that's why it's still possible.
  9. Some just deny dial pulse exists and do nothing (like my WOW! service)... Some (like TWC / Spectrum) still have the ability to translate dial pulse / hook-switch dialing. YMMV.
  10. I think someone's noticed us. Conf number now gets a CBCAD from the Portland switch.
  11. 1-800-401-9574 - Toll-free number has been disconnected message from 074-T (via WOW!) / 061-T (via Verizon Wireless) First time I've heard a message for a toll-free disconnect. The 074-T was consistent on WOW!, so I thought it might've been a message from the distant end, but... Obviously not.
  12. Info I have says it was removed from the network June 3rd, and due to be powered down on June 7th.
  13. I believe we've come to the end. Sounds like Odessa finally cut over. And with the shuttering of the last 1AESS in the North American PSTN, there are (to the best of our knowledge and scanning) no remaining mechanical nor electromechanical switches left in the NANP.
  14. Interesting to see a negative rep point on a post... Wish I knew why. Heh.

    1. tekio


      Just speak your mind and let the haters hate.  This is why I don't like likes. makes people worry too much about what other's "like" or don't like. 

  15. NTS

    Don't think so... Their "About Us" page says they started business in '87, which I think was a year after the Compliant COCOT tapes. Plus they're based in California. However, there is this one: https://www.ntscom.com/about-nts If their "over 35 years ago" assessment is accurate, that'd be '82 timeframe... Plus they're a southern-based company, which would lead me to believe that they could've penetrated the GA market easily. And there's this: http://www.ntscom.com/images/files/customerservices-060116.pdf Operator Services is the last thing mentioned.