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  1. I'm going to troll. FREEBSD > *
  2. I second that. I have a ridiculous amount of books and can provide a list if anyone is interested... then just email/dcc/send it.
  3. Freesbie!
  4. FreeBSD
  5. Also take note of all the settings, you can make it so the service does not start at boot in the same menu, as well as a few other options that can be useful
  6. OUCH Nice if you can get your work to pay for it >.<
  7. Wanna buy me a ticket + airfare ? I'll settle for just a ticket...
  8. Word on the street is the english version has a font vuln... Not that it has anything to do with pirating windows.
  9. I think I'm going to do that next time I go to StarBucks. (just kidding...I would never go to StarBucks). It goes without saying - or at least it should - that this is not something you want to do on a public network now owned by you. They would probably notice and take it back...
  10. I was whining specifically about the exploit version Not sure why it was relevant for everyone to bring up warez.
  11. It sounds like youre doing something wrong... hit the windows key + r and type CMD hit enter type (without the quotes) "ping -t www.yoursitehere.com" the -t will make it run until you kill the program, ctrl+c works for that The windows key looks something like ::: . . . . . . ._____ '.'.'.'.'.'.'.':....|...| '.'.'.'.'.'.'.':__|__| '.'.'.'.'.'.'.':....|...| '.'.'.'.'.'.'.':__|__| But I suck at ascii art =P
  12. Whats with this new miss-use of the term Zero day? I dont know how many other people get the Rootsecure Daily Newsletter, but in it recently were two articles. eWeek: Microsoft Issues Word Zero-Day Attack Alert and eEye Research: Zero-Day Tracker Launch Now, where I come from "Zero day" refers to exploits that have JUST been found, so youre in on the "Zero day" of their use. AKA "A zero-day exploit is one that takes advantage of a security vulnerability on the same day that the vulnerability becomes generally known." from TechTarget. When was it transmuted into this term that means "Uberleetz0r shit thats been around and the public is just now becoming aware of"?
  13. Man.... OBSD back in 2000.... Some dude haxed the console so i had twelve terms... one on each of the f's.
  14. Haha you forgot about the Fingerprint and Retina scan thats alway required for entry I guess mr anonymous wont be going?