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  1. So i saw the some numbers post has losts of old non-working numbers. Lets start a new one. ************************* * Numbers * ************************* 1 (630) 485-2995 -This is Project MF, a simulation of sf/mf signalling with cool extensions to call. 1 (206) 203-6610 - Cnet Phone network inbound portal. Has cool switches to call on it, plus an ACTS test 1 (818) 506-9335 - A payphone at a gas station. ************************* * End * *************************
  2. Does anyone know when their phone systems will be working again?
  3. I figured we should start a list of countries that still use CCITT5 for international calls. It would be cool to get a list of country codes and prefixes. For testing this stuff I recommend using Blue Beep on DosBox, which is available from Text Files via the Wikipedia article. Use the one with the source code, as its more up to date. Check out this text file Blue Boxing in the Late 90s for more information on how this stuff works. The CIA World Factbook has information on the phone systems in use in every country in the world. World Factbook Numbers I have found so far that use it in some form: United States Toll Free International Direct Numbers 866-284-3437 - C5 Trunk to Malaysia (maybe) 888-647-6843 - C5 Trunk to Argentina via Sprint 877-655-0054 - C5 Trunk to Argentina via AT&T 877-278-9344 - C5 Trunk to Argenina via MCI
  4. 866-284-3437 stopped working
  5. Yes Indeed!
  6. yeah its the normal one
  7. I recommend using bluebeep for tone generation and for scanning, doing it by hand.
  8. Feel free to get on the conference call tonight. PM me or ThoughtPhreaker for the info.
  9. What?!?! What carrier where you using? I was using AT&T
  10. Scanning some numbers from the payphone directory. Sadly most of them are dead, but they have some weird recordings. (408) 425-9269 - A weird distorted CBCAD recording. The tones are messed up, and two different people talk on it. (408) 268-9961 - A really weird CBCAD where the operator seems to be on amphetamines or something (909) 683-9688 - A deep voice actor sounding CBCAD that is really fancy sounding. Not your typical one here, plus a code at the end (805) 523-9912 - High pitched CBCAD recording that sounds like helium
  11. I'm currently trying to figure out how well this still works. PM if you are interested. I have made some progress with CCITT 5 blue box tones.
  12. I know someone who has it.
  13. Carls Junior Stuff 310-230-5370 - Carls Junior Office Number 805-745-7500 - Carls Junior Corporate Phone Number Dial 3 for Directory Dial 8 for Dial By name directory Dial 0 to Leave a message ------------------- - Directory - ------------------- 1 - Asset Protection 2 - CKE Wellness 3 - Carls Junior / Hardys Guest Comment Line 4 - Human Resources -------Human Resources Numbers-------- 1 - Carls Junior 2 - Hardys Resources 3 - CKE -------------------------------------- 5 - RNM / POS Department 6 - Payroll 6 7 - Special Events 8 - Public Relations ---------------------
  14. Is this still going on, would love to talk again.
  15. So i called my local payphone (818) 506-9335 with my dial up modem and Interestingly enough it handshakes and everything. I had my terminal encoding set to IBM-850 and I got this: TC!*8185069335*93180*DD4322*2027*016*1504257225303*90245* I know that payphones have a remote management mode, and I'm thinking that this might be it. Anyone have any ideas?
  16. Haven't posted in a while. How is everyone?
  17. I haven't the faintest idea...
  18. Any updates on this? Also what about the voicemail system?
  19. Can i get a copy expressnet from you?
  20. Been a while since i have been on here. Will look at those docs for sure!!
  21. What for? Its a good, productive post.
  22. What is route verification? Also you are the king of finding juicy numbers.
  23. Thanks i'm rather new to dialup.