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  1. I figured we should start a list of countries that still use CCITT5 for international calls. It would be cool to get a list of country codes and prefixes.

    For testing this stuff I recommend using Blue Beep on DosBox, which is available from Text Files via the Wikipedia article. Use the one with the source code, as its more up to date.

    Check out this text file Blue Boxing in the Late 90s for more information on how this stuff works.
    The CIA World Factbook has information on the phone systems in use in every country in the world. World Factbook


    Numbers I have found so far that use it in some form:


    United States Toll Free International Direct Numbers

    866-284-3437 - C5 Trunk to Malaysia (maybe)

    888-647-6843 - C5 Trunk to Argentina via Sprint
    877-655-0054 - C5 Trunk to Argentina via AT&T
    877-278-9344 - C5 Trunk to Argenina via MCI


  2. 8 hours ago, JCSwishMan33 said:


    If it's the 'new normal' conf, I've got the info... If not, I'll ping you guys tonight.


    Got roped into shopping and stuff last night, so I was unable to run my checks. I'll re-confirm my Verizon Wireless call during the course of today, then check the rest when I get home.

    yeah its the normal one


  3. 8 hours ago, JCSwishMan33 said:


    Verizon Wireless. Dialed it on my cell phone, and actually got someone live. Heh.


    When I get home from work today, I'll try it from GV and my WOW! service, just to see if the results are different.

    Feel free to get on the conference call tonight. PM me or ThoughtPhreaker for the info.


  4. Scanning some numbers from the payphone directory. Sadly most of them are dead, but they have some weird recordings.

    (408) 425-9269 - A weird distorted CBCAD recording. The tones are messed up, and two different people talk on it.

    (408) 268-9961 - A really weird CBCAD where the operator seems to be on amphetamines or something

    (909) 683-9688 - A deep voice actor sounding CBCAD that is really fancy sounding. Not your typical one here, plus a code at the end

    (805) 523-9912   - High pitched CBCAD recording that sounds like helium


  5. Carls Junior Stuff


    310-230-5370 - Carls Junior Office Number


    805-745-7500 - Carls Junior Corporate Phone Number

    Dial 3 for Directory
    Dial 8 for Dial By name directory
    Dial 0 to  Leave a message

    -    Directory    -
    1 - Asset Protection
    2 - CKE Wellness
    3 - Carls Junior / Hardys Guest Comment Line
    4 - Human Resources
    -------Human Resources Numbers--------
    1 - Carls Junior
    2 - Hardys Resources
    3 - CKE
    5 - RNM / POS Department
    6 - Payroll 6
    7 - Special Events
    8 - Public Relations


  6. On 07/07/2017 at 5:22 PM, ThoughtPhreaker said:

    So I think I found a bridge that should work great; 510-940-0102. It's a ringout like all the rest, in an urban area so least cost routing won't be an issue, unused, and isn't going through any extra garbage. Barring any problems, this should be the last change.

    Is this still going on, would love to talk again.


  7. So i called my local payphone (818) 506-9335 with my dial up modem and Interestingly enough it handshakes and everything. I had my terminal encoding set to IBM-850 and I got this:   TC!*8185069335*93180*DD4322*2027*016*1504257225303*90245*


    I know that payphones have a remote management mode, and I'm thinking that this might be it. Anyone have any ideas?



  8. So to get this topic rolling again...


    252-964-9248 - CO test phone in middle of nowhere office, rings out to AP VMB

    402-544-5001 - Windows 9x chime + busy signal via Avaya PBX

    888-999-0112 - Windstream Service Delivery Hotline

    415-381-0003 - Weird buzzy thingie

    510-524-0000 - "You have reached the route verification for Albany 11 DMS. Codes 524, 525, 526, 527, 528, 558, and 559."

    510-643-0004 - Thingie on POTS line, answers with *298 in DTMF + Room monitor? Street noise audible + power hum, heavy noise gating. Responds to DTMF

    What is route verification? Also you are the king of finding juicy numbers.


  9. Your modem is printing that; it just means that a connection is established to the distant modem. 115200 is the baud rate to your local modem. Sometimes you can get more detailed result codes by giving the modem a command like ATX4. Though this'll also turn on dial, ring and busy tone detection, which depending on what you're using your modem for, can be kind of annoying.


    If it isn't responding, try pressing enter or one of the arrow keys.

    Thanks i'm rather new to dialup.


  10. So i dialed 101-0555 and it says "No routes found". What is the deal with that?

    Hey Samo! Good to hear from you again. Sorry to give you a wall of text here, there's really no concise way to explain this.

    In short, if you want to explore a long distance tandem, your best bet is to use a PIC code. There's a very simple trick that lets you push any destination you want directly into the tandem. We'll use Worldcom as an example, since it works from basically anywhere in the United States.
    Ready? Dial 101-0555. That's it; no zero, nothing. What you get next is a dialtone straight from the tandem. In the case of the ex-Worldcom tandems, it's not quite as fun as it could be; it wants an authorization code a-la 950 calling card.