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  1. Its a music video by a band called Data Rock, They are from Norway! How I hope its not to nerdy for you to watch. ENjoy!
  2. He did studder over his words a lil bit, But when I look at the other vids there is'nt that much info, its usually shown as some kind of night operation. Can anyone point to some better beige box vids?
  3. This Vid is pretty descriptive on explaining this box.
  4. I just purchased a Cingular GoPhone with the pay as you go plan. Cingular charges me $1.00 per day each time I use the phone and on top of that they charge $.10 per minute. With this plan I am not charged when I call Cingular wireless customers. It does'nt seem like a bad deal to me. Well after owning my phone for lil over a week I began to notice that I was being charge for checking my own voicemail. Why would Cingular Wireless charge me for check my own voice messages? I thought mobile to mobile calling was free. I checked the number that said "Voicemail" that was preput on my phone, and to my suprise the number was'nt my own. It was some weird number, +14083075049 . I think that number is deliberately put into new phones just to rip customers off by $.10 each time they check their voice mail using that number listed under voicemail. I wonder what other tricks cingular has up their sleeves.
  5. I agree Geek, a lil black hat but you know its all about the sharing of the information if you know I feel. I am grateful of what you do IronGeek. :-)
  6. Yes! is probally the best UNIX shell provider there is im a member myself, they have very helpful people, and the community is always lively. Its very good for learning and experimenting with UNIX. I havent found any other UNIX shell account better than (regularly recognized as SDF).
  7. As a freshman in highschool I enrolled into Cisco Networking , I was the only freshman in the class lol , but I earn my CCNA 1 and 2 that year. You will feel so proud of your self when you complete the whole course. I got allot of hands on expierence in that class.
  8. I am impressed of how those pages are written, but I think phishing is hella low. More of a scam than a hack lol We live in the last dayz....
  9. Thanks for all that Seekone . And I know that Red Boxing is illegal tao_of_pi
  10. How would I know the difference between an ACTS payphone and other the other payphones you can't redbox? It would be kool if some one could give me a site thats not to outdated that can help me . I would like to learn more before I start using my MP3 player on random pay phones lol. We live in the last days guys!
  11. I always thought of Strom Carlson more of a Phreak than an Hacker. Correct me if im wrong
  12. Now that you just said it Fod, I just remembered that I have an apple 2 in my garage lol.
  13. I am always impressed with your teachings geek. How are you able to figure out things like this? Im starting to think you are a machine by your self. lol Nice Work! :voteyes:
  14. Fix the Images. can anyone make out the words?
  15. As I was comming home to school one day I noticed that the train station was running Red Hat linux on the train scheduling screen. It had all the directories displayed and stuff. I happen to have my disposebal camrea and took a picture of it. If you live in the Bay Area you my have notice that BART uses Red Hat to do all their scheduling. Even though the black shit is in the way you can still see the content on the screen.