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  1. Yes - and they are quite good prices too! If you are lucky, you can get two for under 100$... To bad, you have to pick them up directly there - that pretty much kills the deal for me. But please don't get too excited. Sending the time to the phone has already been done by someone else in this forum (iirc, armeniki). The real challenge is to populate the configuration-tables. So don't hold your breath ;-)
  2. OK, not exactly "demo-mode" but a first step on the long way to having our own fake Millennium-Manager The source is not yet public - it would be quite useless right now... The thing can only set the current time ;-) But it will be published as soon as it is useful. And as soon as I cleaned the code up - I feel like I had to shoot myself multiple times in the foot to get anything done - so the code is quite messy... ;-)
  3. Adding another video of one of my two phones in demo-mode... Nothing exciting, everyone move along... ;-)
  4. Once you are in a call, they can decode TTY-text, so they should be able to also decode DTMF. That is correct - it is fake. That is correct, too. Between you punching in the number and the phone dialing, a lot can actually happen: For example the phone making a modem-connection to the NCC to get the rate, etc. You can programm the phones to do pretty much every thing you want... Besides 0, almost all N11-numbers for (except 911) are just "aliases" to local phone numbers... And sometimes, they even alias local phone numbers (think of 411 -> 555-1212 -> XXX-555-1212 to treat every "request for information"-call at the same point of contact).