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    "It's not Drexel, it's Drake. Drexel's my address." -Evan

  2. Except passwords are not file names. Mixed-case is a necessity in passwords for security. Comparing the two concepts is like comparing bananas to coconuts just because both grow in Hawai'i. In the real world, file.txt, File.txt, FILE.TXT, FiLe.TxT etc. are all the same single file in a directory. There is only one file in any given directory with that file name and that's that. When somebody calls you on the fone and tells you "send me file.txt" and you see several different files withthat same name, only different capitalization, which one are you going to send them? "file.txt" which contains your personal E-mail cache or "File.Txt" which contains the details for the Hoigy & Spymler Amalgamated Widgets account? File system case sensitivity is a disease. Unix-like platforms in general have made tremendous advances in the way people operate computers but in some ways is still has its head stuck so far up its ass with stubborn traditionalism (cough cough ESR cough cough) that there are severe limitations that have yet to be overcome, yet could be overcome easily. @Avaya - you do know it's possible to run Winshits software on Linsux, right? Don't know if anybody's gotten OS suX compatibility going yet. I guess it probably falls into the "why even bother" category.
  3. The 3-octothorpe sticky posts in Nubie HQ are required reading for all new accounts.

  4. The number you have dialed is a party on your line. Please hang up for a moment to allow sufficient time for the called party to answer, then lift your receiver. This is a recording.

  5. 7zip (in WINE, makes it basically a Linux program all the same) Firefox GFTP Konsole Konversation Kwrite Open Office ssh Pcmanfm Wireshark (duh) WINSCP (because fuck GFTP and all its 10-year old bugs) VLC I use it as mainly a desktop system, don't have much use for development/programming tools since I'm mainly a hardware hacker. ...and sol.exe (NT 5.1.2600) in WINE, can't live without sol, right?
  6. "I spent three hours last year convincing the AT&T call center that they needed to get their line back on a replaced pole. They refused to believe that a line labeled Western Electric was theirs. Kept saying it was the electric company's line." (jackalope48;

    1. tekio


      I spent one year telling an ex boss we needed to secure RDP WAN access.  Then explaining why accounts like his kept getting locked out, "This is a flaw in Windows Domains with RDP on the WAN". We can: - get a VPN - give separate RDP accounts for remote access and take the RDP server off the corp. domain, or get a Gateway UTM device, or even change the port to stop the script kiddies scanning comcast business ranges".


      After I finally got frustrated and quit he paid a highly priced security person to do EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD WE NEEDED to DO!

  7. A few years ago I was discussing with some other people on IRC (don't remember if it was Binrev or some other system, probably not important) the USPS network and how similar it is, structurally, to the phone company. Both serve customers through routing/sorting centers (COs) connected through intermediate points (tandem offices), they both have trunks (wire/road; air/radio), they interconnect with third-party long distance companies (UPS, FE, DHL etc.) along with their own, your mailbox (phone) is connected to your local routing center (CO) which may home on another larger sectional and regional center for inter-local routing (like my office in Vancouver which homes on the big postal center in Portland since Vancouver is a tributary of Portland) et cetera, et cetera. Postal COs were once all manual switching (hand sorting) then evolved into semi-manual exchanges (LSM) and eventually a fully automated network (MLOCR, BCS and whatever's replaced those by now). You do still deal with local and rate & route operators (postal clerks) occasionally. We concluded the networks are so similar it's possible to describe each CO, tandem, business office and such in the postal network with a standardized common language similar if not identical to that used by the phone company. Suddenly the idea of lamp posts having CLLI codes doesn't seem so CLLI.
  8. This one plays the recording you described plus gives an MCI CBCAD (2BM) afterward that sounds like it was done by their own "noht lady" imitator. Her accent isn't as strong as NT's lady but you can hear it.
  9. Anybody on here have and use one of these things? (Hopefully doesn't have a ROM that's too badly deteriorated) What can be done with them nowdays, besides various demo/emulation and test modes, since Weather Channel discontinued their Videocipher feed a couple years ago, and (I assume) no longer stream data in the VBI on local cable systems? I want to try and get my hands on a WS3 or 4000 someday (these are the type of system I remember seeing a lot of around here) but wonder if there's some way of streaming data off of NOAA's site and getting them into a format the Weatherstar would understand. There *is* the Taiganet WS4000 simulator, but in its present form I don't have a machine powerful or compatible enough to run it. (From what i understand it has some pretty specific hardware and software demands.) This may change soon as they procede to overhaul the code base like they apparently are doing now.
  10. Not a phone number, but I believe the only CO in the nation that had a singing group named after one of its exchanges: 360-35x - FLeetwood 2 & 7 The Fleetwoods are a popular doo-wop group of the late 50s that formed in Olympia. Originally called "Two Girls and a Guy" but changed to their current name after their agent's exchange because he figured it would be more memorable and quicker for DJs to say on the air. You may have heard them if you listen to oldies or "nostalgia" stations, especially their biggest hits "Come Softly To Me" and "Mr. Blue". They also supposedly recorded a cover of The Browns' "Old Lamplighter" but it didn't chart and I don't believe it was ever released as a single. "The call you made requires a 25 cent deposit. Please consult your instruction card [*toilet flushes*] and... now I told you I was gonna be recording in here!"
  11. Please tell me they run these VOIP links over their existing physical trunk network and not the greater public Internet... Why "N4E"/"New 4ESS"? Wouldn't "4AESS" have better followed convention?
  12. "Filler" noise to jam the trunk so kids can't make a party line on it by yelling through the crosstalk? "Dig this timely announcement for the 2010s!" I duno. Something about these modern-sounding announcers doing old-fashioned announcements like that just seems.... really wrong.
  13. Maybe. Got time and CPU cycles for 360-25x (ORCHWA01) and 69x (VANCWA01DS0)? All I know is now this stupid mandatory "having to dial the NPA code locally" bullshit just adds an unnecessary number of repetitive keystrokes and layer of complexity in scanning. I still say the phone company completely blew it with the area codes. I wonder if there were ever scans of my COs in Bell's Mind. I regrettably found out about that site too late as it had just gone ttys up by the time I first had heard about it. (and the ones stored on Wayback Machine don't seem to actually do anything useful.)
  14. I remember turning in my final 286 assembly program to my high school programming teacher on a single 360KB 5 1/4" floppy, with a tag containing my name and a description of the program stapled (gasp!) to the upper-left corner (arrrrgh!) of the disk jacket (A BIG FUCKING NO-NO ANYPLACE ELSE!!!!!!). That was around 1993 or 1994 (it was when Workgroups 3.11 and MessyDOS 6.22 were the latest things) and the last time I ever touched any form of assembly language. I think I might actually still have it somewhere but Allah only knows if it's still readable (probably not). I also remember they had an XT in the corner of th lab with external 8" drive that nobody ever used. You could tell the computer hadn't been switched on in at least a decade from the layer of dust. I wonder what ever happened to that machine. I still have a Teac 1.2MB 5 1/4" drive. The motor in that bad boy is rated at 1/4 peak horsepower! It really makes a statement when you can measure computer performance in units like horsepower. When high-density 3 1/2" flopies came out they were cool. You could actually clamp them into your 3-ring binder (remember the little disk-type detector hole in the upper-left corner of the cartridge?) without worrying about ruining the disk. Remember when you got your first 1.44 MB 3 1/2" drive and drilling out holes in the corners of your old 720KB disks to make them work like high-density ones?
  15. Well. That was fun.

  16. Recently seen on Quora:
    "Why are DVDs nostalgic?...(2017)"

    Jerome Jackson
    Answered 6w ago
    I dont believe that this question would occur to anyone but someone that has gone all the way to ?streaming? or ?smallscreenin? for their movie watching needs.

    Nostagia is (my description) a way to fondly remember a good time. At times placed on material things like cars, vcrs or dvd?s. Although ?I? dont see optical discs as ready for the nostalgia bin, if you do so its because you remember how it was when they served a bigger part in your life. Maybe every Friday you went out and bought a few discs but no longer do. Now years later, you remember the good times when you did so, maybe having a conversation with the cute cashier with the crooked smile. Or when on the way back, you drove a few blocks with the headlights off - dumb but its what you did. Or it became a part of a ritual where you got a 2 litre pepsi, 2 slices of pizza and always played the horror movie first.

    DVD?s can become nostalgic because now that you have put them down and gone the way of the ?stream?, there is no longer the cute cashier with the crooked smile, the headlights off, the 2 litre pepsi or the first horror movie. You miss the good times.


    I don't miss CDs much, because I still regularly use them, but I do miss popping the headlights off on the way home from the Sam Goody's after work (out of business), the 2-liter pepsi, the large Hawaiian from Round Table and stacks of them blaring on the changer with the christmas lights strung across the ceiling on, or the lava lamp (or both).

    But then there's nothing saying you can't be 19 again and relive those times. Goody got it years ago but there are others around if you look for them, cute cashiers with crooked smiles still exist (though maybe they're too young for you now (but what the fuck man, 40's the new 20)) Pepsi and large Hawaiian takeaway pizzas from Round Table aren't going anywhere either.

    "There's no point to growing up if you can't be childish sometimes." -Doctor Who

    1. tekio


      All I know is that I can pick up some decent movies at WalMart on DVD or now even 1080p for 5.99 - 9.99. Recently got all three Matrix releases for 9.99 on 1080p blueray. Maybe the best 9.99 I've ever spent. 

  17. I've heard about these things a small few times on the Doorbell tapes and Alan's tape apparently even has him calling through one on his BT line in England. I know he's explained them but I barely understand what he's talking about. Maybe somebody can dumb it down for a braindead phreak show like me? And why are they called that anyways? For some reason when Evan mentions fiddles I always seem to envision this weird electromechanical device at the CO shaped like a string instrument with a bunch of wires coming out of it.
  18. 9936 doesn't seem to respond to 3-column DTMF. Maybe A/B/C/D or MF might do something? I would try it but I don't have access to a silver box. I get the impression this is probably a dialtone into some test machine or a backdoor into a PBX of some sort and needs some sort of alternate method to break the tone and give access. It also just repeats for me and doesn't time out. Pauses for a couple seconds then repeats the cycle indefinitely.
  19. Anybody caught spamming for "dumps", "fullz", credit card lists, phone number lists, pay proxies, password lists or anything of that sort, for free or for profit, will meet their creator in /dev/null if they are found anywhere on this site! Such sercvices are not only 100% illegal but they have absolutely nothing to do with hacking. This site is not the place to be advertising for-profit illicit services. If you post these you can expect to have your ass permabanned. I really hope we're clear on this. Note that this warning does NOT extend to the legitimate research exchange scans/"jans" posted in Old Skool Phreaking. Here is an example of the type of material that will get you in deep shit if you post it here (typos left unedited, for perspective): And if one does get through and they have provided contact information, and I haven't removed the post yet, I encourage everybody able to do so to mailbomb them in the mean time with "hi, hello, how r u, dude, man etc etc etc". Why not, they're wasting our time and disk space, it's your duty to waste theirs. Turnabout is fair play.
  20. trojan

    Ahh AOHell Those were the good old days. Not hacking but just stupid harmless phun. (misty-eyed with nostalgia)
  21. First of all, virtually all of these involve illegal services and have absolutely nothing to do with hacking. Second, virtually all of these are one-offs by clueless n00blet SPAMmerz, typically in foreign lands, posting in blatant violation of the TOS. These are practically always adverts for illegal commercial computer intrusion services for for-profit sale, etc. This ban extends to spammers hawking lists of credit card, phone, social security etc. numbers and similar "doxxing" services. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON EVEN THINK ABOUT POSTING SHIT LIKE THAT TO THIS SITE. Got it? Binrev is a site to discuss computer security issues, technological and scientific developments and promote the advancement of hacking as a science and an art. THIS IS NOT A CLEARING HOUSE FOR YOU TO SELL YOUR ILLEGAL SERVICES. If I or any of the other mods find you have been misusing it as such your post will be removed and I WILL BAN YOUR SORRY CRIMINAL ASS IN A HEART BEAT! I really hope we're clear on this.
  22. Firefox 55:

    "Look ma! No back button! No forward button! No legacy/unsigned plugins support! No getting rid of that stupid tab bar! No status line! No throbber! No way at all of judging its state! No usefulness!"

    1. tekio


      No throbber? Now that is an issue.

    2. scratchytcarrier


      Evan: "Bleh! What is THAT?!"

  23. I'm currently on Firefox 17 and mostly happy with it. I had the misfortune of seeing a "modern" Firefox tonight. If FF17 were a drum Audichron then 55.0.3 is like Cognitronics's early 80s digital units.

    Firefox 55: "Bleh! What is THAT?!?" -Evan

  24. In order to be a "real hacker" (whatever the fuck that means) you need to have more than knowledge of how computers work, you need to have the will to experiment, make mistakes, learn from them, try things and work them out, first and foremost. The rest will eventually fall into place on its own.
  25. What is it with all these television sets I've suddenly been finding dumped along roadsides lately? Most of them still seem to work and some are pretty nice for what they are. Just hauled a really nice working $2000 1997-model 50" Sony 3-CRT projection set out of a road stub by an apartment complex in Vancouver a couple Mondays ago. (The red tube is a little bit misaligned but can probably be adjusted. That I got to it before the vandals did is even more surprising.) With the dozen or so TVs now in my possession I'm almost starting to feel a little bit like Rodalco-two-sowzand-und-sevvun must. (Hmm,. I'm thinking... maybe some potassium nitrate and one or two smoke flares?)