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  1. "I spent three hours last year convincing the AT&T call center that they needed to get their line back on a replaced pole. They refused to believe that a line labeled Western Electric was theirs. Kept saying it was the electric company's line." (jackalope48;

    1. tekio


      I spent one year telling an ex boss we needed to secure RDP WAN access.  Then explaining why accounts like his kept getting locked out, "This is a flaw in Windows Domains with RDP on the WAN". We can: - get a VPN - give separate RDP accounts for remote access and take the RDP server off the corp. domain, or get a Gateway UTM device, or even change the port to stop the script kiddies scanning comcast business ranges".


      After I finally got frustrated and quit he paid a highly priced security person to do EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD WE NEEDED to DO!