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  1. Due to the political crisis in the area you are calling, your call could not be completed at this time. Please wait until the regime has had sufficient time to consolidate its power and try your call again. 095T

  2. The contents of the "Rules, Guidelines and Announcenents" section are required reading for all new users before signing up.

  3. Never reply to spammers. Moderators are highly effective at capturation and bannination of spammers. The most effective thing you as a user can do is select "Report post" next to the time/date stamp in the post header. 99% of spam posts are generated by automated means anyways so replying to them accomplishes nothing.

  4. We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check your instruction manual or call the business office for assistance.

  5. THEE ... NUMBER ... DIALED ... COULDNOT ... BECOMPLETED - - - PLEASE ... CHECK ... THE ... NUMBER ... AND ... REDIAL ... YOUR ... CALL - - - doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doo-doot doot doot...

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    2. scratchytcarrier


      Did Audichron ever use film in their very early machines or did they always use drums?

    3. JCSwishMan33


      Near as I can tell from quick research, their machines were always drum-based.

    4. scratchytcarrier


      What about Cog? Didn't they have at least one drum system between the film and solid-state eras?


    "It's not Drexel, it's Drake. Drexel's my address." -Evan

  7. The number you have dialed is a party on your line. Please hang up for a moment to allow sufficient time for the called party to answer, then lift your receiver. This is a recording.

  8. "I spent three hours last year convincing the AT&T call center that they needed to get their line back on a replaced pole. They refused to believe that a line labeled Western Electric was theirs. Kept saying it was the electric company's line." (jackalope48;

    1. tekio


      I spent one year telling an ex boss we needed to secure RDP WAN access.  Then explaining why accounts like his kept getting locked out, "This is a flaw in Windows Domains with RDP on the WAN". We can: - get a VPN - give separate RDP accounts for remote access and take the RDP server off the corp. domain, or get a Gateway UTM device, or even change the port to stop the script kiddies scanning comcast business ranges".


      After I finally got frustrated and quit he paid a highly priced security person to do EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD WE NEEDED to DO!

  9. Recently seen on Quora:
    "Why are DVDs nostalgic?...(2017)"

    Jerome Jackson
    Answered 6w ago
    I dont believe that this question would occur to anyone but someone that has gone all the way to ?streaming? or ?smallscreenin? for their movie watching needs.

    Nostagia is (my description) a way to fondly remember a good time. At times placed on material things like cars, vcrs or dvd?s. Although ?I? dont see optical discs as ready for the nostalgia bin, if you do so its because you remember how it was when they served a bigger part in your life. Maybe every Friday you went out and bought a few discs but no longer do. Now years later, you remember the good times when you did so, maybe having a conversation with the cute cashier with the crooked smile. Or when on the way back, you drove a few blocks with the headlights off - dumb but its what you did. Or it became a part of a ritual where you got a 2 litre pepsi, 2 slices of pizza and always played the horror movie first.

    DVD?s can become nostalgic because now that you have put them down and gone the way of the ?stream?, there is no longer the cute cashier with the crooked smile, the headlights off, the 2 litre pepsi or the first horror movie. You miss the good times.


    I don't miss CDs much, because I still regularly use them, but I do miss popping the headlights off on the way home from the Sam Goody's after work (out of business), the 2-liter pepsi, the large Hawaiian from Round Table and stacks of them blaring on the changer with the christmas lights strung across the ceiling on, or the lava lamp (or both).

    But then there's nothing saying you can't be 19 again and relive those times. Goody got it years ago but there are others around if you look for them, cute cashiers with crooked smiles still exist (though maybe they're too young for you now (but what the fuck man, 40's the new 20)) Pepsi and large Hawaiian takeaway pizzas from Round Table aren't going anywhere either.

    "There's no point to growing up if you can't be childish sometimes." -Doctor Who

    1. tekio


      All I know is that I can pick up some decent movies at WalMart on DVD or now even 1080p for 5.99 - 9.99. Recently got all three Matrix releases for 9.99 on 1080p blueray. Maybe the best 9.99 I've ever spent. 

  10. I'm currently on Firefox 17 and mostly happy with it. I had the misfortune of seeing a "modern" Firefox tonight. If FF17 were a drum Audichron then 55.0.3 is like Cognitronics's early 80s digital units.

    Firefox 55: "Bleh! What is THAT?!?" -Evan

  11. "That customeh sure sounds like he's diallin' a lotta digits. How many digits are ya phone numbahs?"

    "Well, our phone numbers are 7 digits but to call 'em you first have to dial "1" plus "3-6-0" then the seven digit number".

    "At 25 cents a digit that ain't bad."

  12. Even in a T-carrier world the Wichita Lineman will forever hear you singing in the wire and through the whine. (1936-2017 R.I.P.)

  13. Number One Electronic Switching System

    May 1965 - June 3, 2017

    R. I. P.

    52 years, 1 month old

    "It took a lickin'
    But kept on tickin'."
  14. It was 70 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play. They've been going in and out of style but they're guaranteed to raise a smile. Having been some days in preparation, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

    Initial UK (Parlophone) release = 1967 May 26
    First US (Capitol) release = 1967 June 2

  15. Hmm, no official downloadable ISO file of the repository you need and you need a local copy for offline machines, what to do, what to do? Simple, grab the whole 2 1/2 GB online repo with WGET in one fell swoop, edit the /Releases file as needed and build your own ISO.

  16. Really big props to Debian for thoroughly decrufting or at least optimizing their disk-based repo. 8.7.1 I386 is only 8 CDs long (11 if you also download the XFCE install, live and netinstall CDs for completeness' sake) versus a ridiculous 40+ IIRC for the last version 5 distro. The whole distro fits very nicely in an old Laserline box (or a 6-disk jewel box if you double some of them up) as opposed to an unwieldly trapper keeper.


    1. JCSwishMan33


      Edit to say "snow", and we're alike in thinking.

    2. scratchytcarrier



  18. Hackers exchange stories of mysterious "missing day". "I swear, we were in suspended animation" cried one Binrev user while being escorted to local mental hospital.

    Film at 11.

    1. tekio


      They're coming to take me away... Hah ha -  they're coming to take me away..... Haha, heh, hehe...

  19. "Murder She Wrote" isn't an incredibly old series, yet it's shocking how faded some of the films they're running on COZI have gotten. Gotta love dye coupler prints on acetate stock.

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    2. scratchytcarrier


      Yeah but the episodes from 1993 aren't as old as say the ones from a decade earlier. When the reds are washed out and the greens are practically nonexsistent, it's probably more than a just bad transfer or remaster. After only 23 years a print shouldn't look like it's been sitting unwound under fluorescent light for the past decade.

    3. tekio


      Didn't know there were episodes from 1993. Dang that had a long running. SD really bothers me now.... Even watching old X-Files on Netflix... Except for The Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone  could never be the same at anything higher than 480i 4:3 (i think that is what correct). It adds to the Twlighlty Zoness (or something like that) of it.. Hahahaha

    4. scratchytcarrier


      Depends what sort of film it was shot on and the condition. Even 16mm can be more or less nicely scanned at 1080+, though for a show like "Twilight Zone" would probably get some nasty croppage if they do it wrong (which they probably would) and scan it for 16x9 (1920x1080). 1620x1080 on the other hand (720x480 * 2.25) could produce a usable higher-definition scan from even very old prints.