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  1. Recently seen on Quora:
    "Why are DVDs nostalgic?...(2017)"

    Jerome Jackson
    Answered 6w ago
    I dont believe that this question would occur to anyone but someone that has gone all the way to ?streaming? or ?smallscreenin? for their movie watching needs.

    Nostagia is (my description) a way to fondly remember a good time. At times placed on material things like cars, vcrs or dvd?s. Although ?I? dont see optical discs as ready for the nostalgia bin, if you do so its because you remember how it was when they served a bigger part in your life. Maybe every Friday you went out and bought a few discs but no longer do. Now years later, you remember the good times when you did so, maybe having a conversation with the cute cashier with the crooked smile. Or when on the way back, you drove a few blocks with the headlights off - dumb but its what you did. Or it became a part of a ritual where you got a 2 litre pepsi, 2 slices of pizza and always played the horror movie first.

    DVD?s can become nostalgic because now that you have put them down and gone the way of the ?stream?, there is no longer the cute cashier with the crooked smile, the headlights off, the 2 litre pepsi or the first horror movie. You miss the good times.


    I don't miss CDs much, because I still regularly use them, but I do miss popping the headlights off on the way home from the Sam Goody's after work (out of business), the 2-liter pepsi, the large Hawaiian from Round Table and stacks of them blaring on the changer with the christmas lights strung across the ceiling on, or the lava lamp (or both).

    But then there's nothing saying you can't be 19 again and relive those times. Goody got it years ago but there are others around if you look for them, cute cashiers with crooked smiles still exist (though maybe they're too young for you now (but what the fuck man, 40's the new 20)) Pepsi and large Hawaiian takeaway pizzas from Round Table aren't going anywhere either.

    "There's no point to growing up if you can't be childish sometimes." -Doctor Who

    1. tekio


      All I know is that I can pick up some decent movies at WalMart on DVD or now even 1080p for 5.99 - 9.99. Recently got all three Matrix releases for 9.99 on 1080p blueray. Maybe the best 9.99 I've ever spent. 

  2. I've heard about these things a small few times on the Doorbell tapes and Alan's tape apparently even has him calling through one on his BT line in England. I know he's explained them but I barely understand what he's talking about. Maybe somebody can dumb it down for a braindead phreak show like me? And why are they called that anyways? For some reason when Evan mentions fiddles I always seem to envision this weird electromechanical device at the CO shaped like a string instrument with a bunch of wires coming out of it.
  3. 9936 doesn't seem to respond to 3-column DTMF. Maybe A/B/C/D or MF might do something? I would try it but I don't have access to a silver box. I get the impression this is probably a dialtone into some test machine or a backdoor into a PBX of some sort and needs some sort of alternate method to break the tone and give access. It also just repeats for me and doesn't time out. Pauses for a couple seconds then repeats the cycle indefinitely.
  4. Anybody caught spamming for "dumps", "fullz", credit card lists, phone number lists, password lists or anything of that sort, for free or for profit, will meet their creator in /dev/null if they are found anywhere on this site! Such sercvices are not only 100% illegal but they have absolutely nothing to do with hacking. This site is not the place to be advertising for-profit illicit services. If you post these you can expect to have your ass permabanned. I really hope we're clear on this. Note that this warning does NOT extend to the legitimate exchange scans/"jans" posted for research purposes in Old Skool Phreaking. Here is an example of the type of material that will get you in deep shit if you post it here (typos left unedited, for perspective):
  5. trojan

    Ahh AOHell Those were the good old days. Not hacking but just stupid harmless phun. (misty-eyed with nostalgia)
  6. First of all, virtually all of these involve illegal services and have absolutely nothing to do with hacking. Second, virtually all of these are one-offs by clueless n00blet SPAMmerz, typically in foreign lands, posting in violation of the TOS. These are practically always adverts for illegal commercial computer intrusion services for for-profit sale, etc. This ban extends to spammers hawking lists of credit card, phone, social security etc. numbers and similar "doxxing" services. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON EVEN THINK ABOUT POSTING SHIT LIKE THAT TO THIS SITE. Got it? Binrev is a site to discuss computer security issues, technological and scientific developments and promote the advancement of hacking as a science and an art. THIS IS NOT A CLEARING HOUSE FOR YOU TO SELL YOUR ILLEGAL SERVICES. If I or any of the other mods find you have been misusing it as such your post will be removed and I WILL BAN YOUR SORRY CRIMINAL ASS IN A HEART BEAT! I really hope we're clear on this.
  7. Firefox 55:

    "Look ma! No back button! No forward button! No legacy/unsigned plugins support! No getting rid of that stupid tab bar! No status line! No throbber! No way at all of judging its state! No usefulness!"

    1. tekio


      No throbber? Now that is an issue.

  8. I'm currently on Firefox 17 and mostly happy with it. I had the misfortune of seeing a "modern" Firefox tonight. If FF17 were a drum Audichron then 55.0.3 is like Cognitronics's early 80s digital units.

    Firefox 55: "Bleh! What is THAT?!?" -Evan

  9. In order to be a "real hacker" (whatever the fuck that means) you need to have more than knowledge of how computers work, you need to have the will to experiment, make mistakes, learn from them, try things and work them out, first and foremost. The rest will eventually fall into place on its own.
  10. Based on a post from a certain popular scanner mods site, without the author's or site's permission. This is all public knowledge anyways. Have phun. FM discriminator tap access Radio type: Rat Shack (GRE) PRO-97 1. Prepare a 1/8" or 3/32" stereo headphone jack or an RCA jack by soldering a piece of wire (signal) to a 10K ohm 1/4 watt (brown-black-orange-gold) resistor. Solder the resistor to the "tip" terminal of the jack (as shown in the picture below). The article's original author used a Radio Shack part number 274-249 1/8" jack here and used blue and black wires for the signal and ground lines respectively. I (scratchytcarrier) used a RCA jack which provides a little more leeway with placement inside the radio housing. Solder another piege of wire (ground) to the "sleeve" terminal of the jack as shown above. After soldering, wrap all the terminals with electrical tape or pot them in epoxy or silicone sealer. Attach a small crimp fitting to the end of the signal wire if you don't feel comfortable soldering to the inside of your radio. 2. Remove the battery cover and battery holder. 3. Remove the four screws and lift the back cover off of the scanner. 4. Locate "TP4", which is a small wire pin. This is connected to pin 9 of the 3361 chip (this is the discriminator output). It's shown in the picture below with the blue wire attached. CAREFULLY solder a wire to TP4 or crimp it on if you can get a small enough pressure fitting like I did. 5. Now you'll need a place to connect the ground wire. I tinned the end of my ground wire and slipped it under a prong on one of the metal shields. Easy peasy. 6. Next, run the two wires through a hole in the chassis. The author ran his through the lower right screw hole. For a more permanent connection, you could drill a hole through the plastic case to mount the phone jack. 7. Replace the battery pack and the battery cover. 8. Secure the chassis with 3 screws (or all 4 if you drilled a new hole). 9. The original writeup specifies using the belt clip to hold the stereo jack as shown in the photo below: This is not only ugly and unprofessional but also negates usage of the belt clip, so forget true portable operation if you do it this way. I drilled a hole in the housing just a little bit southeast of the PC/IF jack when the radio is stood upright (shown near the bottom left in this photograph) and mounted mine there. This positions it just above the 24-pin header shown in the middle picture. 10. You're done. Plug one end of a 1/8" stereo cable, with an appropriate adapter if necessary, into the jack and the other end to the line or microphone input of that old dedicated XP box in the corner's sound blaster. Now go find a nice hot packet/DMR/P25 frequency, fire up your decoder software and go nutz. If you've only used the headphone jack for monitoring before then you will immediately notice the increase in performance, since you're getting nice undistorted, wideband audio straight off the demodulator IC (in other words, without the audio preamp, filtering, AGC and all that crap getting in the way. Yuck). You will also be able to use a data slicer if you have one (cough cough L0PHT cough cough).
  11. Came across an otherwise really nice one last saturday in the same place I found the answering machine. 1986 solid-state, cable-ready 36" stereo Mitsubishi (likely a Diamondtron). The huge-ass boxy remote had a "TEXT" button, so it must have had either a NABTS or WST-525 decoder (or closed captioned?). 3 stereo composite inputs in the back and mighta had an S-video on one. So obviously it was a top of the line set for its day. I didn't grab it. I have enough TVs now that I need another one about as much as I need to get testicular cancer. The grille on the back-top was smashed in (the set was still in too good of shape to have been vandalized, probably somebody dropped something heavy on it) and somebody had pillaged the AC cord. The latter isn't hard to fix but the smashed in grille is suspect since the back of the CRT may have gotten damaged/broken.
  12. Found in a box last saturday alongside NE 117th in Orchards with yet another television set. This one's in better shape than the one I found a couple months ago (same model). I also grabbed another GRE PRO-97 police radio from the box. Gonna discriminator tap it for 900 MHz pager snoo.., um, "packet radio monitoring". Yeah that's it. <g>
  13. Three minutes with a search engine. This site is bizarre enough that I will not take responsibility if you end up being committed or feel like shooting yourself in the head after going there. This guy's level of insanity cannot be described in words.
  14. Was it a real honest-to-god ACTS fone or was it a COCOTized telco phortress that was programmed to operate in semi-post mode for whatever reason? (like compatibility with old switching or billing equipment that was still in place when it was COCOTized?) When you put the coin in, did you hear the red box trip? I do like the idea of the phone booth being a little closet in the back of the CO. I've only seen that one other time in my life and it was somewhere in eastern Washington or it might have even been Idaho. I think that's probably an independent-telco thing that you never would have seen Ma Bell doing if she had anything to say about it. The christmas lights are a nice nostalgic touch too. I don't think ORCHWA01DS0 has had xmas lights on it since probably U.S. West days!