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  1. "That customeh sure sounds like he's diallin' a lotta digits. How many digits are ya phone numbahs?"

    "Well, our phone numbers are 7 digits but to call 'em you first have to dial "1" plus "3-6-0" then the seven digit number".

    "At 25 cents a digit that ain't bad."

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  3. The Big Thing, which was their original original name (not a typo) before they recorded that. My dad had the SQ (fake quad) version of their greatest hits album (which predictably the song also appeared on) which came out a few months or so before I was born.
  4. Even in a T-carrier world the Wichita Lineman will forever hear you singing in the wire and through the whine. (1936-2017 R.I.P.)

  5. Ooh! A spindaly-doo! Somebody gave me a Red Ranger fone like that 20+ years ago. I think I may still have it. Incoming audio quality is awful but the condenser microphone in it is so clear that my mother once told me it sounded like I was sitting there next to her, and this was long distance over narrowband T-carrier yet. Did they have any switching equipment there or was it all subscriber terminals? Thanks for the pictures dude.
  6. Somewhere in 300 MHz as I recall. There are also long-range cordless (home) telephones that operate between 250 and 390 MHz. This thread speaks of them: Brands are "Senao" and "Alcon". No doubt those also get picked up by the satellites and relayed. I just monitor with a HT and a BNC telescoping whip. Nothing really special. I'm sure a yagi would work better but a whip is all I have right now.
  7. Strange telephone systems (from a westerner's viewpoint anyways) are pretty usual for Russia. The Soviet-era 300 MHz analog cellular system in eastern Russia and Siberia is still sometimes known to get relayed across the Pacific by the aging FLTSATCOM (maybe also UFO?) birds (essentially just open FM repeaters using carrier squelch) along with the Brazilians on 250 MHz.
  8. Wuzzup d00dz0rz. Welcome back. FYI, some of the links in your sigblock now go to foreign parking sites of questionable integrity. Might want to change them to the most recent wayback machine capture or something. At least OSP still exists. RIP Bellsmind! :cry:
  9. It was, I just merged the two together. No worries. I wonder what happened to df99 anyways? He hasn't been on here in almost 2 years! His Ardunio "mighty wurlitzer" is a really cool idea but I couldn't get one because he only provided them in kit form (don't have time or patience to assemble and configure it myself) and the one person I know locally who is adept at that stuff is a geriatric ham radio cranktard and we're not really on speaking terms with right now. Oh well, life's like that sometimes I guess.
  10. "Yes! I got Siggy going on THEIR line! (*3-3-3* *ka-chunk*) What a way to reset a trunk."
  11. Also try
  12. tl,dr: {propaganda alert} Opencaching is the ultimate free and open international geocache site that will not only change the way you think about and approach caching, but will be the replacement for commercial and closed for nearly all uses, because fuck Groundspeak. Like geocaching, opencaching maintains a database of geocaches. Unlike geocaching, opencaching does not have so-called "premium" caches (meaning: unfairly restricted to all but a specific audience of "paying customers", which runs 100% contrary to the philosophy and intentions of the hobby) thus all may participate. If anybody reading this has a so-called "premium" (read: overpriced) account on groundsneak I STRONGLY advise that you look up all the so-called "premium" (read: closed) caches for your area and repost them to opencaching so all may find them, as was the intention before the bourgeoisie elite at groundsmack got hold of Garmin's original free site and turned it into the commercial payware racket we have to put up with today. This keeps the hobby fair and free (lunch and freedom) and will ultimately render GroundSLAPP unable to profit from a traditionally not-for-profit sport, rendering them completely useless (which they pretty much are already). Oh yeah and unlike Groundsnake, Opencache also has a parameter for dead drops.
  13. Yes, I had one of those in the mid or late 90s that I used as a line monitor connected to a tape recorder on my line (recording memos and such like Steve used to do with GEORGE). I got it at a yard sale somewhere for really cheap. I'd dial the number, start the tape recorder then start the monitor by throwing a "C" at it while the other end was ringing and it'd remain up until I hung my fone up. I doubt if it still works. The line it was on got hit by lightning many years ago that took out service to the entire neighborhood for 3-4 days and smoked a fairly expensive Sony answering machine/900 MHz full-duplex cordless thingy and royally screwed up a 2500. Besides I have real inter boxes and computers to do fone recording with these days but it's still a phun toy.
  14. Several years ago there were a couple I found in the Vancouver area. By the time I got to them the plugs were smashed and unusable so I wasn't able to do anything with them, because people have to destroy stuff. They're still there. Opencaches: I'm proud to admit I'm in that show-no-mercy subculture of cachers that "plays for keeps". :evil:
  15. Well, you know Cognitronics machines were also known to have been used at number stations...