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  1. Well, you know Cognitronics machines were also known to have been used at number stations...
  2. Wow, that thing to me screams "Digital" (the brand) since it kind of sounds like one of the old DEC Talker voices from way back. Notice the loud click when it cuts in and the faint carrier (?) white noise in the background, if it's a PBX (gotta be from that blastingly loud busy signal) it must be analog equipment. Ghosts of the 1ESS? Throw a 9-9-9 at it if you really want to piss it off.
  3. Number One Electronic Switching System

    May 1965 - June 3, 2017

    R. I. P.

    52 years, 1 month old

    "It took a lickin'
    But kept on tickin'."
  4. NTS Is this the same NTS company that operated the COCOTs that Evan and Les played with in the 80s?
  5. I can see where he would have been confused. The "16" at the end of the slide rule with the kHz at the very end, never mind the frequently-ignored "x10" in fine print ---just gotta be "16 kHz" right?. Some extremely old cordless (wireline) telephones did operate just above the mediumwave band, which at the time ended around 1620 kHz IIRC. But I think the mediumwave/lower shortwave cordless fonez used FM like the later VHF and UHF ones did, which would sound extremely distorted on an AM receiver. I think the few of those that were ever in use were probably all gone by the start of the 80s once those cool state-of-the-art 26/29 MHz fones became available.
  6. It was 70 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play. They've been going in and out of style but they're guaranteed to raise a smile. Having been some days in preparation, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

    Initial UK (Parlophone) release = 1967 May 26
    First US (Capitol) release = 1967 June 2

  7. Swinging the banhammer again.

  8. Wow! Betcha she's probably long since retired by now.
  9. Hmm, no official downloadable ISO file of the repository you need and you need a local copy for offline machines, what to do, what to do? Simple, grab the whole 2 1/2 GB online repo with WGET in one fell swoop, edit the /Releases file as needed and build your own ISO.

  11. (From Mistman) Hearthwood Elementary in Vancouver, circa 1993 Cinderella hair of yella Went upstairs to bang her fella Got in bed, the guy was dead Took an aspirin for her head Found a guy, don't know why They dropped acid and got high F'rold time sake she fucked his snake How many orgasms did she fake 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
  12. "Nipper's revenge".
  13. Really big props to Debian for thoroughly decrufting or at least optimizing their disk-based repo. 8.7.1 I386 is only 8 CDs long (11 if you also download the XFCE install, live and netinstall CDs for completeness' sake) versus a ridiculous 40+ IIRC for the last version 5 distro. The whole distro fits very nicely in an old Laserline box (or a 6-disk jewel box if you double some of them up) as opposed to an unwieldly trapper keeper.

  14. Yes, I sometimes merge subsequent posts together if they're from the same user, especially if it's a bunch of short ones posted within a short time of each other. It helps keep the threads neater and better organized. Sometimes people do abuse the forum that way to increase their post count, not like post counts really mean anything on here anyways (not saying you were doing that, but other people have.). Can't blame NSAppleT&T this time, unfortunately.
  15. Probably getting scanned repeatedly by all the NSA (read: Screwgle/Farcebook/M$) search bots.