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  1. "Nipper's revenge".
  2. Really big props to Debian for thoroughly decrufting or at least optimizing their disk-based repo. 8.7.1 I386 is only 8 CDs long (11 if you also download the XFCE install, live and netinstall CDs for completeness' sake) versus a ridiculous 40+ IIRC for the last version 5 distro. The whole distro fits very nicely in an old Laserline box (or a 6-disk jewel box if you double some of them up) as opposed to an unwieldly trapper keeper.

  3. Yes, I sometimes merge subsequent posts together if they're from the same user, especially if it's a bunch of short ones posted within a short time of each other. It helps keep the threads neater and better organized. Sometimes people do abuse the forum that way to increase their post count, not like post counts really mean anything on here anyways (not saying you were doing that, but other people have.). Can't blame NSAppleT&T this time, unfortunately.
  4. Probably getting scanned repeatedly by all the NSA (read: Screwgle/Farcebook/M$) search bots.
  5. I can't do it myself since I don't have access to the database (I can ban problem users, edit and clean up posts and profiles and such but I can't change usernames or add newgroups). I've filed trouble reports for the other administrative mods who are able to do anything about it but they seem to be kind of out to lunch lately. So at the moment I really don't know what to say other than continue logging in as you've been doing lately until they fix it.
  6. You know I never even thought about railroads, Strange because there are two major national ones operating yards within very short driving distance from me (one's a local call too). BN and UP even both operated some sort of direct-dial telephone patch devices into their PBX (?) on 160/161 MHz until maybe the last 10 years or so (probably retired because of cell phones I would imagine). Just sitting on there out in the open. The field guys used to mainly reach the dispatcher over it but at least the UP one could dial out. You know I never did get around to figuring out how to access those thing. I did get to play with that railroad weather dialup you posted a couple years ago. Interesting stuff and a bit nostalgic actually. Now that I no longer have a laptop or a serial modem for this linux box, damn, I really need to get a modem! "What the hell's happenin' ta all'a mah DID traffic?"
  7. I see your entire post and your user picture but only the handle "jp3a75bm", not "resistor X". Very odd. I'll report your opening post to the rest of the mods, this will in effect drop a trouble card and bring it to Stank's or glitch's attention, it might be a problem with the database or something. I really don't know. There was a software update either last year or 2015 and it was kind of problematic so something may have gotten messed up. They should be able to fix it. Hopefully you should see your normal handle before long. Are you actually logging in as resistor X and it's just showing up as the string of garbage text when you post? What's the handle you see in the upper right corner of the screen when you log in? EDIT: Report generated; this should hopefully be fixed soon.
  8. Two Seattle boys are playing soccer in a park when one of them is attacked by a stray dog. Thinking quickly, his friend rips a plank of wood from a fence, forces it into the dog's collar and twists it, breaking the dog's neck. All the while, a newspaperman who was taking a stroll through the park is watching. He rushes over, introduces himself and takes out his pad and pencil to start his story for the next edition. He writes, "Sounders fan saves friend from vicious dog". The boy interrupts: "But I'm not a Sounders fan". The reporter starts again: "Reign fan saves friend from horrific attack". The boy interrupts again: "I'm not a Reign fan either". The reporter asks: "Who do you support, then?" "The Timbers", replies the boy. The next day's headline: "Portland bastard murders beloved family pet".
  9. FM pilot is 19 or 20 kHz and the BTSC pilot is somewhere around 15 kHz. The BTSC subcarriers IIRC are harmonics of the 15.something NTSC sync frequency which it used as a reference frequency and to avoid interfering with the picture signal. There are a few radios out there with adjustable pilot detectors and I had one a bunch of years ago, a Panasonic RX5030 boombox (1981-2011), which had a potentiometer buried inside near the cassette drive. I had set it to 15.something to pick up KOIN in stereo, which sounded very strange and out of phase on that rig. It did make a very effective "virtual surround" effect when external speakers were connected. JVC also had a little-known CED-like system that I think they had wanted to market in the US but it never got too far out of Japan. They were also busy marketing VHS in the North American market and probably knew better than to get into another video format war, having already won one a couple years earlier. And there are still others in shortwave (the "T" channels) and overlapping FM broadcast. I think it's also still possible to find cable monopolies here and there with FM service though ours was cutover to QAM simulcasts once Crapcast assimilated it.
  10. Another bit of weirdness, I had a RCA "home theatre" VCR in the mid-late 90s that still had a full 82-channel broadcast tuner. You could only access the lower 68 (channels 2-69) via the channel up-down keys and it would only blind-scan that range, yet you could manually enter 70 through 83 and it would happily tune them. I suppose this is because it also had a 139-channel cable TV tuner (although advertised as only 125 channels!) since the cable ultra- and jumbo bands (channels 65-139) are mapped to UHF channels 14-83. RCA (by that time a brand of Thomson (a.k.a. Technicolor), no thanks to the CED fiasco) was known for doing some weird shit with tuners back then anyways. For example most of their TV sets, especially the Proscan line, mapped the line inputs to pseudo-channels in the upper 90s.
  11. Well us kids used to recite "eeny meanie miney mow" with its original line of "catch a nigger by the toe", like our grandparents taught us, and practically nobody gave it a second thought (or probably even noticed, and yes there were at least two black kids in my predominantly-white class who did it as well). But that was also in AUTOJAN's heyday and most people back then weren't as thin-skinned and hung up on themselves as they are now. From sunday school (okay, my parents favored a more "progressive" church in Hood River): Jesus loves me cuz I'm cool I smoke weed in sunday school Mary Jane and LSD Jesus loves me 'cuz I'm me Circa 1992 or 1993, on the men's room wall at my high school: Some come here to sit and think Others come to shit and stink I come here to rub my balls And poke my dick through the walls
  12. PG13/R (pick one) (WARNING: IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED PLEASE LEAVE THIS THREAD NOW!) Red red wine makes me feel so fine Monkey jacked Chewbacca on the streetcar line The line broke, the monkey got choked Chewy-bacca smoked bad ganja on a little tug boat Circa '84 or so, I don't know its exact origin but I think somebody at Whitson School had just gotten that new UV40 album. Heard on the playground this afternoon at my little cousin's school (these were all 3rd/4th grade kids): Donald Trump was a dirty old man Ran out of the White House with his dick in his hand Saw excuse me ladies I'm just doing my duty So drop your pants and gimmee some booty ...and who says millennials (the first and last time I will ever use that word on this site) are out of touch?
  13. Yes and no, AMPS was narrowband (+-30 kHz (15 kHz deviation)) FM when TV audio was wideband FM (~200 kHz IIRC) (mono baseband was around 20 kHz BW/10 kHz dev, then stereo difference and SAP was above that, similar to an FM radio station except the subcarrier offsets were different). The frequencies were in former TV channels 70-83 but those were reassigned for telephone and 2-way radio usage back in the mid or late 1980s. This is why many older TV sets and VCRs could monitor AMPS transmissions by playing with the fine-tuning controls when on those channels. (Somebody please feel free to correct me on those bandwidths and deviations!)

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  15. Hackers exchange stories of mysterious "missing day". "I swear, we were in suspended animation" cried one Binrev user while being escorted to local mental hospital.

    Film at 11.

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