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  3. Could you please send me a recording of what the ringing sounds like on your ORCHWA01DS0 Line?


    I read posts a while back that your switch apparently still has an old ringing plant from the step-by-step days.


    I would *LOVE* to have a high quality recording of 60 seconds or so of what it sounds like!


    The recording that was posted a while back the link is broken and waybackmachine has no luck on it.


    Could you pretty please email me a recording to please? :)

  4. I look forward to hearing the recording of Steve's seminar when he shows up in 2020!
  5. 510-940-0102 as of a couple weeks ago, last time I was on.
  6. Pinned! This is definitely of interest to many people and shouldn't be buried over time.
  7. Guys, you need to start posting conf number changes in here since there's no more IRC...
  8. I didn't go (couldn't make it). If the current issue is to be believed, looks like there were some real shenanigans going on and I guess this is the one time in the past 20 years I DO wish I could have been there, to sit back, grab a Clubmate and popcorn and take it all in as the shit hit the fan. That's all I'm going to say because it gets political, though apparently politics was what caused Steve Rombaum to flake. Figures.
  9. It's definitely worth scanning, once I find some time to get going on it. In fact I started doing one 4-5 years ago or so (think it was 696-9xxx) but stopped after a couple dozen lines for some unknown reason. I did post a few from that scan in one of the "some numbers" threads. My main focus back in the day was on BBSes just because that's what I was into at the time, I don't think I was really aware of infrastructure and SCADA on the open PSTN then. Fax machines, don't know about today but as I remember they were all over the place a couple decades ago. Probably aren't nearly as many as there were but there's guaranteed to be a bunch -- VANCWA01DS0 services the downtown area where several law firms, insurance offices and a hospital are based (as well as the Clark County courthouse and all the area's administrative services), and a fax of a document is still legally considered admissible in court. It would really be a trip to find a working telautograph in the wild and on the network, assuming there are still any of those left.
  10. I remember scanning out then 206-694 and -696 on a metal-geared WE 500 rotary fone in the early 90s, looking for carrier tones (this was during the heyday of BBSes and the emerging commercial ISP industry and I was sort of into BBSing back then). I also remember my right index finger getting quite sore after about 75 numbers or so. What I would have given to have had an operator's dialing tool back then. I think I only did about 200 numbers or so on either, but gave up when I found that some phreak in GTE land (probably Camas) had already done the work for me and posted a full scan of VANCWA01CG0 to a local BBS. To this day I have no idea if they did it manually or by computer and I wish I had thought to ask. I think I may still have that half a ream of tractor-fed printout somewhere even though I probably haven't looked at it in 25 years. Hmmm, I still have that fone and 360-694/6 haven't gone anywhere. There are no more dialup BBSes around here that I'm aware of but I know there are a bunch of test lines and recordings on there... Of course back then we didn't have fancy things like electricity or indoor plumbing, the train brought us our mail once every two weeks and we walked 5 miles every day in waist-deep snow to get to school.
  11. I think what they do is submit a "prototype" with full RF filter complement to the F¢¢ for approval then actually manufacture them without, to cut cost. Supposedly that's been done a lot with compact fluorescent lights. I have Cree BA19-08027OMF LEDs in use and the ballasts in those things are effectively little solid-state wideband jammers below about 350 MHz, including airband (AM). An Energizer NiMH charger I have, when it's charging I can hear pulses of static over any transmission on VHF. Really makes it a pain in the ass when I'm monitoring Gifford Pinchot dispatch on 172.225. Those LEDs aren't nearly as noisy as fluoros were (nor do they put out as much UV to discolor plastic telephone housings in the vicinity!) but they're still far from silent. I was on a 58-mile bike ride today that took me into the Van Mall area and I went by the local Comcast headend. The building looks like it hasn't had any real maintenence since TCI was in there 20 years ago. They have an antenna tower out back and there's actually a small satellite dish (looks like a 1-meter unit (a.k.a. a "Muzak dish")) hanging off it by the coax! It's really and truly Comcastic.
  13. Apparently WBAI had that in the early 2000s. Eric demonstrated it in this Off the Hook program about 11 minutes in:
  14. New users SHOULD go to the "Welcome New People" thread in Nubie HQ at some point within your first few posts or so and introduce yourself to the world (handles only; never post your real name). You don't HAVE to if you don't want to, but it builds goodwill and helps others to know you better. Seriously. Linxz0rz:
  15. Apparently you can also do KP-NPA-xxx-yyyy-ST to outdial to the PSTN from Project MF. (God, how many decades since I've last talked about actually boxing a call?) Reading through that list it's amazing how much "improvement" it could use. For example, I should send them some of my intercept recordings I've collected over the years to put on their own codes. There's also a very good DOS program, "Phreakmaster", that doesn't need NET framework at all though these days it would require somethinglike DOS Box; that could go in the description of software blue boxes. // not actually complaining there, but...